GOTHIC LOLITA BATTLE BEAR: Check The Full Trailer For Iguchi's Latest Oddity

Nobody does weird quite like Japanese cult director Iguchi Noboru. First rocketing to international attention with titles such as Machine Girl and Robo Geisha, and though he's been featured in some of the world's most prestigious festivals since - Karate... More »
By Todd Brown   

Anthology Horror Reaches Perverse Extremes In NSFW Trailer for GERMAN ANGST

So, how do you up the ante in the current anthology horror movement? Getting Jörg Buttgereit, the director of the infamous Nekromantic to contribute is a hell of a start. But from the looks of this very NSFW trailer for... More »


I took a week off to prep the Gift Guide, which is shaping up to be a doozy. So is this week's reminder episode of recent home entertainment releases, featuring The Beauty of the Devil (1950) from Rene Clair and (finally)... More »

Jason Schwartzman Crashes His Car In Wes Anderson's New 8-Minute Short CASTELLO CAVALCANTI

Wes Anderson regular Jason Schwatrzman is race car driver Jed Cavalcanti in Anderson's latest short Castello Cavalcanti. Jed finds himself in a spot of trouble when he crashes his race car in a small Italian town while participating in the... More »

AFM 2013: Indiecan Gets Some MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH For Canada

The Mold knows, Canada. The Mold knows. As Don Thacker's Motivational Growth continues to pick up awards on the festival circuit, it certainly caught the eye of Indican Entertainment when it played here in Toronto at After Dark. So much so,... More »

Spike Lee's OLDBOY: Get In Shape With Josh Brolin In This New Featurette

It just dawned on me that Spike Lee's version of Oldboy is set for release in the United States on November 27th, a day before Thanksgiving. Which I find to be kind of hilarious. And so I will say this... More »

Real Star Upendra Returns In BRAHMA, Expect The Unexpected

You've probably never heard of Real Star Upendra. This man is one of the most popular film stars in Karnataka, India, and puts out some of the most insane and outlandish features in mainstream Indian cinema, the latest being the... More »
By J Hurtado   

Review: THE VISITOR Defies Logic With Excitement, Awe, And Mystery

Holy cow, what a weird movie. Instantly earning a place in my personal "WTF Hall of Fame," The Visitor is a work of cracked genius. Or, it's a very bad motion picture with flashes of accidental inspiration. Either way, it's... More »

Camera Japan 2013 Review: BURNING BUDDHA MAN Puts Paper On Fire

(Just when you thought Japanese films couldn't get any crazier...) This year, the Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam had a particularly nice anime section, and the film Burning Buddha Man was part of it. However, a case can be made... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Fear The Horrors Of Lee Hardcastle's GHOST BURGER

Feeling hungry, kids? Because stop motion animator Lee Hardcastle has got a scary - and tasty - tale to tell with Ghost Burger. A sequel to Hardcastle's ABCs Of Death entry T Is For Toilet set twelve years later this... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch The Trailer For Jason Bognacki's Giallo Infused ANOTHER

After a string of giallo influenced short films writer-director Jason Bognacki is now wrapping up work on his debut feature Another. And while the classic influences are very certainly present the trailer promises that this is no mere string of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Cult Hit Short FIST OF JESUS Feature Expansion Lands A Producer, Gunning For Production In 2014

The Messiah is coming and he brings a bloody fist with him. David Munoz and Adrian Cardona's short film Fist Of Jesus has proven to be something of a sensation online - where it's been viewed more than three million... More »
By Todd Brown   

Giveaway: WILD STYLE 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Sets

No history of hip-hop is complete without mention of Wild Style, which marks its 30th Anniversary via a two-disc deluxe DVD release from Music Box Films. The film combines break dancing, the tagging of Lee Quinones, and the musical exploits... More »


Welcome back to The Stack! Is anyone else thinking about anything other than Halloween at this point? I am finding it more and more difficult to plan my annual Hallow's Eve Movie Marathon. New films like Horror Stories from Artsploitation,... More »

Indie Beat: Matt Johnson And The Unbearable Lightness Of Movies -- THE DIRTIES Director On Media And Obsession

Matt Johnson is the director, co-writer, co-editor and co-producer of The Dirties. That's a fair number of hats, to be sure, but in the world of micro-budget filmmaking this is more often than not the norm. What makes these roles... More »

Watch TRICK, The First Of Shock's Halloween Night Short Films.

Okay. You have two weeks left to get into the mood for Halloween. So why not take a moment for a Halloween quickie and watch the short Trick from Ritual director Mickey Keating. Shock Til You Drop begins this year's... More »

Trailer: ARCHER Feels "The Need...The Need For Speed"

Behold - characters from what is perhaps the finest comedy in the history of artistic expression riffing on the best F16 F-14 Tomcat training school Tony Scott movie ever made. For those too young to remember when MTV played music... More »

Watch The All Singing, All Dancing, Cardboard Cutout TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE In 60 Seconds!

Welcome to your daily slice of weird, kids, coming today in the form of a singing, dancing (as much as cardboard can dance, which is not very much at all, really), cardboard cutout animated version of The Texas Chain Saw... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer Alert: Check The New Red Band Trailer For Argento's DRACULA 3D!

"...In All Its Awfulness", I easily could have added. Because oh boy... does this look bad in places. Basically this trailer takes the fun bits of the old industry screener we saw years ago, it adds a few more fun... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Adam Mason's JUNKIE Out On Blu-ray / DVD / VOD On November 12

With the impending release of Adam Mason's dark comedy Junkie next month, a new trailer has been cut by distribution house Indiecan Entertainment. Indiecan also gave us a never seen before image of Tomas Boykin as Otto, who is clearly... More »
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