BLOOD IN THE SNOW 2016: Festival Announces New Dates And A New Location

Being a film nerd - geek - connoisseur in Toronto is easy. At any given week we have an embarrassment of riches and opportunities to see some of the best that local and international cinema has to offer. From gathering... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Miklós Jancsó's PRIVATE VICES, PUBLIC VIRTUES Blu-ray On The Way From Mondo Macabro

Coming soon from our friends at cult film specialists Mondo Macabro is the wonderfully bizarre erotic odyssey Private Vices, Public Virtues from Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó. The film comes from a time when exploring eroticism onscreen in all of its... More »
By Charlie Hobbs   

Aussie Teaser FELICITY, Polanski's WHAT?, & THAT'S SEXPLOITATION! Coming To Blu-ray From Severin

Severin Films, friends of TwitchFilm and longtime champions of the seedier side of cinema, have announced a trio of exciting Blu-ray releases for the next two months in the form of Australian skin flick Felicity,  obscure Polanski weirdness, What?, and Frank Henenlotter's... More »
By Charlie Hobbs   

PSYCHOPATHS: Filming Wraps And The Full Cast Is Revealed For Mickey Keating's Next Film

Yesterday Screen Daily announced more cast members for Mickey Keating's Psychopaths, his fifth film whch just wrapped up principal photography in Los Angeles.    The first cast members already announced included Jeremy Gardner (The Battery, Spring), Helen Rogers (Body, V/H/S),... More »
By Andrew Mack   

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Why Yes, Yes I Do See A Trailer For The Short Film

My friends Justin and Serena made a Christmas themed short film called Do You See What I See? In it they have killed or scared off a lot of my other friends from here in the Toronto area. Yep, the duo... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Tristan Risk Joins Canadian Giallo Production THE VALLEY OF THE RATS

Tristan Risk's star continues to rise in cult film as the Canadian talent just keeps on working away at cinema of the weird and wonderful variety. News of another Canadian giallo-inspired flick has come our way.   Production is set... More »
By Andrew Mack   

KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE - RLJ Entertainment Puts A Choke Hold On U.S. Film Rights

What you see above is a lumpy Mr. Bautista laying a beat down on some poor sad sack. Each of those lumps would mean certain death to us mere mortals. I imagine the same is about to happen to said... More »
By Andrew Mack   

SAUSAGE PARTY: Less Sex Than Expected, Much More Violence In Trailer For Seth Rogen's Animated Feature

Call the Seth Rogen and Evan Golberg originated Sausage Party the anti-Toy Story, if you will. Like the Pixar classic, the story here revolves around a collection of consumer goods whose only goal in life has been to be chosen... More »
By Todd Brown   

Keanu Reeves Joins Peter Stormare In SWEDISH DICKS

While he does not appear to actually be a Swedish Dick, Keanu Reeves is certainly going to be spending rather a lot of time with a pair of them with word that the Canadian star has signed on to join... More »
By Todd Brown   

Boston Underground Film Festival Announces Full 2016 Lineup

Like the headline says, the Boston Underground Film Festival has announced its full lineup and as befits a festival that uses the image above in it's publicity material it's chock full of strangeness. Check out the full announcement! CAMBRIDGE, MA... More »
By Todd Brown   

Post Apocalyptic Satire HOT Now Available On VHX

If you are looking for something to add to your viewing list this weekend then consider Victor Warren's apocalyptical satirical comedy Hot. The film is an adaptation of Daniel Keleher's stage play and it stars Steven Strait (The Expanse), Zachary... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Boston Underground Film Festival 2016: First Freak Wave!

The first announcement of films playing Boston Underground Film Festival 2016 are here, and it's a boatload of freaky fun and special guests. From March 23rd through March 27th, the 18th BUFF will proudly put on the weirdest films of... More »

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Leaves SANDMAN Day After New Writer Announced

One day after it was announced that Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing writer Eric Heisserer was attached as the next writer of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Goyer's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's seminal graphic novel Sandman, JGL has left... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Trailer: Can Evrenol's BASKIN Looks Into The Eye Of Madness

Back in September of 2015, Turkish director Can Evrenol took the festival circuit by storm when his debut feature Baskin slayed audiences at both TIFF and Fantastic Fest, followed closely in October by scaring the shit out of Catalunyan fright... More »
By J Hurtado   

Astron 6 Team With Guy Maddin And Rachel Talalay For DIVORCED DAD

It's a collision of seemingly disparate but each compellingly odd and wonderful forces of the Canadian film scene with word that the madmen at Astron 6 (Father's Day, The Editor) have teamed up with Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music In... More »
By Todd Brown   

Monster Fest 2016 Opens Call For Submissions

Attention filmmaking weirdos! The Monster Fest 2016 call for submissions is now open! Now's the chance to get your film in early! The festival wants to see your features, shorts, and expanded cinema projects. Those in the know head to... More »

Watch Some Icky Sticky, Ooey Gooey Horror In BAD BLOOD: THE MOVIE Trailer!

When we first heard about Tim Reis' horror flick Bad Blood: The Movie the director was presenting his Werefrog film as a work in progress at the Frontieres Co-Production Market at Fantasia last Summer. Thankfully for fans of sloppy and... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Beware The Arrival Of THE MAN FROM DEATH

We have long been fans of filmmaker Eric Lim in these parts, with a quick search of the TwitchFilm archives pulling up stories about his work going back around a decade now. He's a bit of a hard guy to... More »
By Todd Brown   

Return Of The Nutsack! It's A Teaser For HENTAI KAMEN 2: THE ABNORMAL CRISIS!

To say that Fukuda Yuichi's 2013 effort Hentai Kamen (aka HK: Forbidden Super Hero) was a pleasant surprise is something of an understatement. Adapted from a cult manga following the adventures of a hero who derives his powers from a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Seven New Projects For Second Round Of Nordic Genre Boost Initiative

The second round of the Nordic Genre Boost Initiative was announced by Nordisk Film & TVB Fond today. Seven new projects were selected to receive grants and access to residential workshops where they will meet with industry leaders and be... More »
By Andrew Mack   
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