Watch The Trailer For Jason Bognacki's Giallo Infused ANOTHER

After a string of giallo influenced short films writer-director Jason Bognacki is now wrapping up work on his debut feature Another. And while the classic influences are very certainly present the trailer promises that this is no mere string of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Cult Hit Short FIST OF JESUS Feature Expansion Lands A Producer, Gunning For Production In 2014

The Messiah is coming and he brings a bloody fist with him. David Munoz and Adrian Cardona's short film Fist Of Jesus has proven to be something of a sensation online - where it's been viewed more than three million... More »
By Todd Brown   

Giveaway: WILD STYLE 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Sets

No history of hip-hop is complete without mention of Wild Style, which marks its 30th Anniversary via a two-disc deluxe DVD release from Music Box Films. The film combines break dancing, the tagging of Lee Quinones, and the musical exploits... More »

TADFF 2013 Short Film, Short Review: MY FATHER IS A BIRD

Out of Jerusalem comes this 13-minute examination of life and death and puberty. Young Benny is quickly discovering boners and what to do with them in his private moments. This would all be pretty normal, if not for his father... More »

Magnolia Snags U.S. Rights To Richard Ayoade's THE DOUBLE

A favorite of Todd's at TIFF, and sporting one of the niftiest little teasers of the year, comedian turned director Richard Ayoade's sophomore effort is coming to U.S. theaters sometime in 2014 thanks to the folks at Magnolia. Sounds the... More »

Watch TRICK, The First Of Shock's Halloween Night Short Films.

Okay. You have two weeks left to get into the mood for Halloween. So why not take a moment for a Halloween quickie and watch the short Trick from Ritual director Mickey Keating. Shock Til You Drop begins this year's... More »

Trailer: ARCHER Feels "The Need...The Need For Speed"

Behold - characters from what is perhaps the finest comedy in the history of artistic expression riffing on the best F16 F-14 Tomcat training school Tony Scott movie ever made. For those too young to remember when MTV played music... More »

Check Out An Exclusive Teaser And Character Posters For Indie Weirdness TOAD ROAD

Jason Banker's Toad Road is the sort of film that defies easy categorization, a deliberately raw and naturalistic indie that veers off down unexpected trails whilst dabbling in psychoactive drugs and elements of horror. It is, in other words, the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Hey, LA! Experience 13 Nights Of Horror And Music At The Inaugural SpectreFest!

Where are you going to find screenings of An American Werewolf In London, Cheap Thrills, and Grand Piano- among others - along with indie rocker Ariel Pink providing live score to a curated selection of short films? Get yourself to... More »
By Todd Brown   


I mean... would you like to win tickets to see Sono Sion's latest Why Don't You Play In Hell? The LA premiere is this Sunday, October 13th as part of Beyond Fest at The American Cinematheque at The Egyptian. To... More »

Giveaway: Win Yerself 100 BLOODY ACRES, Y'all!! On DVD.

This movie -- 100 Bloody Acres -- is simply outstanding in it's field. Very simply. Rednecks? check. Gore? Check. Meat Grinder? Check. Flying nuns? Sorry. Sally Field could not be reached for comment. But I have no doubt she would... More »

Get To Beyond Fest For The L.A. Premieres Of WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL, A FIELD IN ENGLAND & More

While Los Angeles routinely receives a healthy dose of genre fare from such institutions as The Cinefamily and The New Beverley, it's pretty rare to get a full-on, honest-to-goodness festival to exclusively present us with the more subversive, grotesque and... More »

Watch The All Singing, All Dancing, Cardboard Cutout TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE In 60 Seconds!

Welcome to your daily slice of weird, kids, coming today in the form of a singing, dancing (as much as cardboard can dance, which is not very much at all, really), cardboard cutout animated version of The Texas Chain Saw... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer Alert: Check The New Red Band Trailer For Argento's DRACULA 3D!

"...In All Its Awfulness", I easily could have added. Because oh boy... does this look bad in places. Basically this trailer takes the fun bits of the old industry screener we saw years ago, it adds a few more fun... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Guillermo del Toro Opens Up His Private CABINET OF CURIOSITIES

Oh for joy! If I had one single Halloween wish, it would be to hang out with one of my favorite living directors, Guillermo del Toro, and be given free reign to run around his creative headquarters, known as Bleak... More »

Adam Mason's JUNKIE Out On Blu-ray / DVD / VOD On November 12

With the impending release of Adam Mason's dark comedy Junkie next month, a new trailer has been cut by distribution house Indiecan Entertainment. Indiecan also gave us a never seen before image of Tomas Boykin as Otto, who is clearly... More »

Exclusive: New SAVAGED Trailer Gives 'Em Hell!

I had not realized that the lads behind revenge horror flick Savaged were so close to completion, yet here we are on the eve of the film's unveiling at some premium international festivals. You can see Savaged at its Asian... More »

Hey, NYC Tri-State Area! You Could Win CURSE OF CHUCKY On Blu-Ray

Yes, that's right, you could.So do you? Well then, all you have to do is send me your name and mailing address under the subject "Good Luck Chuck" by October 8, Midnight EST.Not in the Tri-state area but still keen... More »

Donut Cat Is Itchy.

Yes, the apocalypse has come and gone and Donyatsu - the part cat / part donut - is itchy. Don't even try to make logical sense of anything here, just roll with it.... More »
By Todd Brown   

EXCLUSIVE: "In High School No One Can Hear You Scream" -- A Closer Look At THE DIRTIES

Ahead of its North American release tomorrow, October 4 (and just before my remixed review of the film here at Twitch this very morning), we've got another look at The Dirties and the inner world of the film's troubled subjects,... More »
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