Indie Beat: Matt Johnson And The Unbearable Lightness Of Movies -- THE DIRTIES Director On Media And Obsession

Matt Johnson is the director, co-writer, co-editor and co-producer of The Dirties. That's a fair number of hats, to be sure, but in the world of micro-budget filmmaking this is more often than not the norm. What makes these roles... More »
By Ben Umstead   

Japan Cuts 2013 Interview: Toyoda Toshiaki Talks I'M FLASH!

A surefire favorite around these here parts, Toyoda Toshiaki is now also a bonafide staple of NYAFF and Japan Cuts, as he's screened his last three films there. And it all seems a sure thing that he'll be returning every... More »
By Diva Vélez   

"Ask Not What Art Is, But What It Is Not": Nicolas Winding Refn And Cliff Martinez On ONLY GOD FORGIVES

It's a little past 11 at night and I'm sitting in the bar adjacent to the Slaughter Lane Alamo Drafthouse in South Austin, Texas. Amidst the din of diners and drinkers I'm reading and rereading then rewriting my own scibblly... More »
By Ben Umstead   

Interview: Shane Carruth Talks UPSTREAM COLOR

Interviewing Shane Carruth is just as complex as watching his movies, and rightfully so. After his feature film Primer released, he gained all kinds of buzz and had movie geeks (and large studios) foaming at the mouth. Instead of giving... More »
By Chase Whale   

Exclusive Interview: Horror Pundit and Acclaimed Artist Julian Hoeber

Visual artist Julian Hoeber has a flair for the dramatic. His busy hands range from painting, sculpturing (see the terrifyingly awesome image above), photography, installations, a "freestanding structure based on the architecture of 'gravitational mystery spots," filmmaker, and now, horror... More »
By Chase Whale   

Sundance 2013 Interview: WRONG COPS with Quentin Dupieux, Mark Burnham, Steve Litte, Arden Myrin and Eric Wareheim

The day after Quentin Dupieux unveiled the first half of Wrong Cops, his follow up to Wrong, I had the opportunity to sit down with Quentin and the cast to discuss this wonderfully wacky work in progress. The cast... More »
By Alex Koehne   

One WRONG TURN Deserves Another! Horror Icon Doug Bradley Speaks About WT5!

Doug Bradley really needs no introduction to horror fans. After many a turn as Pinhead in the venerable Hellraiser series in which he took center stage as the stalwart villain, Mr. Bradley jumps over to the "folksier" side of the... More »
By Sean Smithson   

FrightFest 2012 Interview: [VIDEO] Eoin Macken & Brian Fortune On THE INSIDE

This year's Film4 FrightFest boasted more movies and more guests than any year in the festival's history, with someone in attendence to represent and discuss almost every film being screened throughout the 5-day horror extravaganza. Besides the in-theatre Q&As, and... More »
By James Marsh   

Ya Gotta Love A Lady With A Chainsaw: [REC]3 Star Leticia Dolera Speaks!

Full disclosure: I am a fanatic of the [REC] franchise. Since I first saw the team of Paco Plaza and Juame Balaguero's initial installment, I've been a huge fan. When [REC]2 dropped I then became halfway obsessed with the story... More »
By Sean Smithson   

NYAFF 2012 Interview: VULGARIA Director Pang Ho-Cheung is Serious About Playing it Raunchy

A near full five days into the madness that is the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival and we've got an interview for you. It comes from our correspondent The Lady Miz Diva. She was fortunate enough to sit down... More »
By Diva Vélez   

Tribeca 2012 Interview: Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead of RESOLUTION

I'll tell you what kind of guys Messrs. Benson and Moorhead are, in addition, of course, to being the co-directors of one of Tribeca's breakout hits this year, Resolution. When I met them a couple of days ago in the... More »
By Peter Gutierrez   


(...and blood and sperm of course, because he is Shinya Tsukamoto after all.) Last year Tsukamoto Shinya visited the International Film Festival Rotterdam as part of a group of directors promoting the excellent "Kaidan: Horror Classics" and Twitch put up... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Wolves in Sheep Clothing (Genre as Sartorial Satire): Robin Hardy talks the Legacy of The Wicker Man the Timing of The Wicker Tree, and 40 years of History

It has indeed been nearly 40 years since the release of the British cult film about cults: The Wicker Man.  Director Robin Hardy has a fairly sparse resume in the ensuing years, only a single film, and a single... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

A Brief Chat with the One and Only Roger Corman

Chances are that if you love movies you know who Roger Corman is. If you're not sure, however, about all the things that he's accomplished in his nearly sixty-year career, you may want to check out his page at IMDb--but... More »
By Peter Gutierrez   

Exploring CORMAN'S WORLD with Documentarian Alex Stapleton

In an awards season awash with nostalgia for the movie culture of yore, it's nice to see a bit of living history up on the screen in the form of Alex Stapleton's Corman's World. No question that Hugo and The... More »
By Peter Gutierrez   

Curating Corman's Cult Classics With Shout! Factory's Cliff MacMillan

After watching the Lethal Ladies Collection DVD recently, I got curious about the line of 70's and 80's exploitation fare from publisher Shout! Factory and what has gone into developing this line. Why these titles? How were they going about... More »
By Charles Webb   

VIDEO: THE NIGHT CREW Interview Tom Savini Live At ZomBcon 2011

Tom Savini should need no introduction. He IS The Master Of Splatter, the legendary and twisted visionary behind so many iconic moments in horror cinema they are too many to recount.This last October, Twitch contributors and Night Crew hosts Thom... More »
By Sean Smithson   


[This interview initially ran leading up to SXSW 2010. With the film now nearing a domestic DVD release - it is now available for order here - we take the opportunity to present it again.]Of the documentary selections for the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Writer-Director Todd Rohal Talks THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM

Todd Rohal's The Catechism Cataclysm is one wondrously strange animal, a drily absurd road comedy set in a canoe. Eastbound And Down's Steve Little stars as quite possibly the world's worst Catholic priest on a trip to find himself, a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Ron Perlman Talks BUNRAKU And...PACIFIC RIM?

Ron Perlman is an actor whose face is immediately recognizable by even the most casual cinema fan. His performances in a wide range of films such as QUEST FOR FIRE, CRONOS, THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, ALIEN: RESURRECTION, BLADE 2,... More »
By Sean Smithson   
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