Twitch's Best of 2012: Hidden Gems

In 2012, the Twitch family has grown even more global. With a line-up of contributors that stretches right around the planet, we've had the means to see a huge proportion of the new films that have emerged in the past... More »

Halloween Horror Primers: Giant Monsters!

Sometimes bigger IS better. One of my favorite fantastic flick sub-genres is that of the "ginormous monster." I don't know a single kid who hasn't gone through some kind of dinosaur phase in school. Coupled with growing up on the local... More »

Halloween Horror Primers: The Werewolves Attack

Probably my favorite of all "classic creatures" is the werewolf. Notoriously difficult to pull off FX-wise is surely part of the reason the Lycanthrope isn't as proliferate in the horror genre as it's cousins the vampire and the zombie. Cursed... More »

Fear & Loathing @ the 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival Part III: Boozie Movies sees things that can't be unseen, and then it sees ABCs OF DEATH

Disclaimer: I am not interested in things as they are but how they seem, how the feel, how they could be, how they should be, and most importantly, how I damn well want them to be. To read previous installments... More »

Preview: Scary Movies At The Film Society Of Lincoln Center

If Laura Kern and Gavin Smith of the Film Society of Lincoln Center have their way this Halloween week, all their audiences will be sitting petrified in terror much like one Mr. Gianni Garko, pictured above in Night Of The... More »

Video Home Invasion: Hindi Horror Hits Home At Mondo Macabro! (And Some Urdu, Too)

Earlier today, we posted a review for the Hindi independent film, Miss Lovely. While the film isn't a horror picture itself, it very much lives in the world of the cheap creature feature that was a staple of late '80s-early... More »
By J Hurtado   

Fear & Loathing @ the 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival Part II: Boozie Movies Tries to Review Silver Linings Playbook but Gets Stoned with a Demon and has a Three Way with a Stripper Instead!

Dear readers, What follows below is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the subjects' identities. If you've missed the prologue, you can read it here. I warn you, this is not for the faint of the heart.CHAPTER... More »


My second day at Sitges was the day of the slasher movie. Besides watching the Irish comedy/slasher, Stitches, and a blood-soaked documentary on the evolution of the genre, I once again contemplated the Maniac remake, which I found inspired and... More »

Fantastic Fest 2012 Dispatch: House of Psychotic Women

"Crazy people never look their age," says a character in Joseph Losey's Secret Ceremony, which screened at Fantastic Fest as part of the "House of Psychotic Women" retrospective sidebar. The same could be said for the older films playing in... More »

NYFF 2012 Preview: Twitch Raises The Curtain With 14 Capsule Reviews

Boys and girls, here we are, the opening day of the 50th New York Film Festival. If you venture out to Lincoln Center tonight, expect bedlam as Ang Lee's 3D adaptation for the Life Of Pi has its world premiere,... More »

FrightFest 2012: The Whole Bloody Affair - Part Two

And so continues my blow-by-blow account of Film4 FrightFest the 13th at the Empire Leicester Square (23-27 August, 2012). Click here to read Part One.Day 3 - Saturday, 25th August Eurocrime! The Italian Cop And Gangster Films That Ruled The... More »

Check, Please! AKA When Good Actors Happen To Bad Movies

As a film fan, there is very little more depressing than watching an actor in a film or a role that is beneath them. Over the years, as I explore more and more of the catalogs of my favorite performers,... More »
By J Hurtado   

Master of Dreams

A week ago on Monday the 23rd of August, the famous anime director Satoshi Kon died of pancreatic cancer, aged 46. This news was the most startling item for me that day. I think it hit me harder than usual... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Cinema Slap Party! 5 Short Films from Guy Maddin

It has been online since January, tucked in the relatively hidden confines of Vimeo, but what better way to have a coming out party for Guy Maddin's most recent short, The Little White Cloud That Cried, a tribute to American... More »

Grace Zabriskie is ready for her extreme close-up, Mr. deMille!

Prolific, creepy, and just plain delightful character actress Grace Zabriskie is perhaps best known as the emotionally estranged mother of Laura Palmer on the iconic television show Twin Peaks.  She remains a collaborator with director David Lynch and is sure... More »

Five For The Future!

With this being my last shot at writing a Twitch-o-Meter in 2009 I've decided that rather than looking back - as I normally do with these things - I'm going to look forward. This column is dedicated to five young,... More »
By Todd Brown   

The blissful insanity of "THE SEVENTH CURSE"... (warning: saucy bits included)

Sometimes you come across a film so weird, so bafflingly over-the-top in execution, that you can't help but love it no matter how bad it is.  ... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Fourth Time's the Charm

With the impending release of the fourth film in what’s become one of my all-time go-to guilty pleasures, the Final Destination series, I thought it might be fun with this ToM to look at a relatively rare species of film... More »

Go To Your Happy Place

I’ve been a little blue lately. Reason being, we’ve recently wrapped production on a short film that had rattled around the back of my mind from January to April and occupied all of it from May up until about a... More »

Remakes Done Wrong

A little while back, yours truly posted a ToM dealing with remakes that I felt, at the very least, equaled their inspiration for one reason or another. It shouldn’t surprise that reader response was pretty divided, with some people decrying... More »
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