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X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Trailer Teases Massive Scale Mutant Action

It's back to the past for the latest of Bryan Singer's X-Men adventures with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender et al donning the suits for X-Men: Apocalypse. And while the titular Apocalypse himself continues to look far more silly than threatening... More »
By Todd Brown   

X MEN APOCALYPSE: First Look At Jean Grey And Jubilee

As production moves along on X Men Apocalypse director Brian Singer teased our first look at Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Jubilee through his Instagram account. Game of Thrones' Turner and newcomer Lana Condor mug for a candid shot, in costume.... More »
By Andrew Mack   

[REC] 4: APOCALYPSE: Choose The Green Or Red Band U.S. Trailer

How do you like your horror franchise trailers? Safe and sound? Or bloody and gory? Because we have them both ways tonight. You can choose which way you want to watch the new trailer for the U.S. release of [REC] 4:... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Book Review: APPROACHING THE END Brings Us To A New Understanding Of Apocalyptic Cinema

We are living in a cinematic world. It seems that every day that passes it becomes more and more apparent that our experience of the world, how we see it and build our opinions based on it, is being strongly... More »

Poster Premiere For Frontieres Market Project TURBO KID

While we'll certainly be seeing many more projects successfully launched and driven through the production process via the Frontieres Co-Production Market at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal - with a second Frontieres event now also attached to the Brussels International... More »
By Todd Brown   

Are You Ready For The Apocalyptic Sounds Of NIGHTSATAN AND THE LOOPS OF DOOM?

Something strange this way comes and it comes to us via Finnish laser-metal (their term) band Nightsatan and director CHRZU, who has made this real life trio the stars of their own utterly bizarre post-apocalyptic short film.In the year 2034... More »
By Todd Brown   


Melbourne winning and Cannes selected Australian scifi film These Final Hours hits Australian screens at the end of July and to prime audiences for the events of the film the creators have just launched The Countdown, a deeply immersive online... More »
By Todd Brown   

Follow The Prophet With Trailer For Cult Indie AS IT IS IN HEAVEN

While it's hard to put a finger on the exact reason why there's been a definite surge in interest in cult groups on film in recent years, particularly of the apocalyptic, end of the world variety. And the big screen... More »
By Todd Brown   

Australian Trailer For THESE FINAL HOURS Hits Hard

Oh boy I have goosebumps after watching this trailer, and I have already seen (and reviewed) the movie!The epic crescendo of post-Zimmer music, the flashy editing, the emotions! Luckily none of this detracts from the actual content of the film... More »

The Apocalypse Reaches Denmark In DANNY'S DOOMSDAY

There's an apocalypse coming and it'll affect everyone, young and old, all around the world. Even Denmark. And even if it means you're stuck in a basement with teh brother you don't particularly like.Due to climate change a new race... More »
By Todd Brown   

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Ending The World In 2016

Bryan Singer, the reappointed mastermind behind the big screen X-Men franchise, took to Twitter this evening to announce X-Men: Apocalypse for 2016, which will, of course, feature Apocalypse, the millennial old mutant who is the X-Men's most powerful foe.   ... More »
By Ben Umstead   

THESE FINAL HOURS: First Trailer For Award Winning Aussie Thriller Ushers In The Apocalypse With A Bang

[Trailer removed at producer's request.]Australian apocalyptic drama These Final Hours was a big winner at the Melbourne International Film Festival - shortly after which it scored a big distribution deal in its homeland - and with the American Film Market... More »
By Todd Brown   

New To Netflix: Snipers! Spies! Trains! Tentacles! and The End of the World

Another lovely week in the world streaming media sees a mixture of highbrow and lowbrow, old and new, stylized and playful entries in territories around the world.  Sean Connery asks for a dead cat.  Jude Law looks for both a... More »
By Kurt Halfyard   

The Apocalypse Arrives In Brazil With SciFi Short LUNATIQUE

South America continues to prove a hotbed for young genre minded talents, today's example coming from Brazil. From writer-director Gabriel Kalim Mucci - with second unit work by Carlos Gananian, a familiar face here at Twitch - comes post apocalyptic... More »
By Todd Brown   

The WASTELANDER PANDA Emerges With A Trio Of New Episodes

The post-apocalyptic panda returns with a trio of new episodes arriving online from Victoria Cocks' Wastelander Panda. A project that began as a joke during a university lecture, Wastelander Panda first emerged into the public eye with the release of... More »
By Todd Brown   

New Poster For Balaguero's [REC]4: APOCALYPSE

With Cannes around the corner the deep thinkers at Spanish production company Filmax want to let people know that their super-popular horror franchise [REC] hasn't wrapped up just yet. Series co-creator Jaume Balaguero is hard at work on the fourth... More »
By Todd Brown   

MSPIFF 2013 Review: THE FIFTH SEASON's Apocalypse Hits Freakishly Close To Home

There is no denying that contemporary audiences are obsessed with the on-screen fantasy of all-out social breakdown. And with the exception of the poor humanoids being innocently victimized by interplanetary sadists, most cases involve our own maligned inventions retaliating and... More »
By Kathie Smith   

TTTT: Cruise at Earth's End: Watch it Spin Round to a Beautiful Oblivion

Hey, it's another TTTT column, where I, Jim Tudor, take you along on one of Tudor's Twitchin' Travel Tours! For this one, we leave the planet via bubbleship, only to return to to find it an abandoned post-apocalyptic wreck. That's... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Watch An Exclusive Clip From Todd Berger's IT'S A DISASTER

Playing like a comedic response to Chris Gorak's 2006 indie disaster fave Right At Your Door, director Todd Berger's It's A Disaster drops a regular brunch date between friends into the end of the world. With a talented cast including... More »
By Todd Brown   

Two New Images From Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END!

Two new images have shown up over at EmpireOnline for Edgar Wright's final installment of his Coronetto Trilogy The World's End. Of course this movie would not be possible without his usual partners in crime, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.... More »
By Andrew Mack   
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