Trailer: Ram Gopal Varma Returns To Form In KILLING VEERAPPAN

Ram Gopal Varma is one of India's most prominent independent filmmakers over the last two decades. From his start with films like the Telugu crime classic Shiva through his Hindi gangster epic Company in the early part of the 21st... More »
By J Hurtado   

MIRUTHAN Trailer: The Zombie Apocalypse Hits South India

Horror films in India are largely a niche market, unless, of course, you're talking about Tamil Nadu's Kollywood film industry. Over the last four years, Kollywood has had an explosion of popular horror films that have made big bucks at the... More »
By J Hurtado   

The Mo Brothers Announce MACABRE 2 Is Coming

Details? We aint got no details. But what we do have is that image above, freshly posted to Instagram and Facebook by Timo Tjahjanto, one half of Indonesian directing duo The Mo Brothers. And for those unfamiliar with the face,... More »
By Todd Brown   

RIP, Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy. Oh, Lemmy. We'll miss you. The larger-than-life personality that fronted Motorhead --- and amazingly, even headlined the annual "Motorboat" Bahamas cruise --- sadly passed away today. Born as Ian Fraser Kilmister, the man was once a roadie for Jimi... More »

Listen To Radiohead's Rejected Bond Theme SPECTRE

Thom Yorke, frontman of British rock outfit Radiohead, shared a Christmas treat via Twitter yesterday. Confirming rumours that the Oxford-based band had indeed been working on their own theme song to Sam Mendes' latest James Bond film, Spectre, Yorke shared... More »
By James Marsh   

First Teaser For Slick Vietnamese Thriller NU DAI GIA

It was just a few years ago that director Le Van Kiet made waves with his sophomore feature The House In The Alley, one of the first true horror films ever produced in the nation. Le followed that with the... More »
By Todd Brown   

A VIOLENT PROSECUTOR: Watch The Trailer For The Hwang Jung-min Starring Prison Thriller

Hangdog Korean character actor Hwang Jung-min has made his career playing an assortment of cops, lawyers and blue collar style antiheroes, constantly finding new variations to play on his natural strengths and it appears he has done so again with... More »
By Todd Brown   

DESIERTO: Watch The Trailer For Jonas Cuaron's Thriller With Gael Garcia Bernal

To say expectations were high for Jonas Cuaron's Desierto is a drastic understatement. Cuaron already had the weight of family ties on him, being the son of hugely acclaimed director Alfonso Cuaron and those pressures were only intensified thanks to... More »
By Todd Brown   

'Tis The Season For Little People ...

There are, from time to time, moments of weird synchronicity in the international film world, times when the film gods appear to think that doing something odd once just isn't sufficient and so they lay it down a few times.... More »
By Todd Brown   


One of the nicer surprises of this year was Assassination Classroom, Hasumi Eiichirô's live-action adaptation of the hugely popular manga and anime about an indestructable alien schoolteacher who will destroy the Earth unless his students manage to off him within... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Acclaimed Chinese Crime Flick MR. SIX Rolls Out This Weekend, Check Out The Latest Fabulous Trailer!

Widely praised on the festival circuit - having hit both Venice and Toronto on its successful run - Guan Hu's slick Chinese crime film Mr. Six hits Chinese screens on December 24th with China Lion releasing the picture day and... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sakaguchi Tak Throws Down In First RE:BORN Teaser

After an announcement video and a follow up teaser showing some behind the scenes work, we finally have some proper footage of Versus star Sakaguchi Tak's reunion with his Death Trance director Shimomura Yuji in the form of the first... More »
By Todd Brown   

Yamaguchi Yudai Poops On The Grave Of Good Taste With Live Action CHINYUKI Teaser

Twitch-fave director Yamaguchi Yudai - he of gonzo comedy oddities Cromartie High, Battlefield Baseball and Yakuza Weapon among others - is coming back to the big screen with a live action adaptation of cult favorite manga and anime Chinyuki: Taro... More »
By Todd Brown   

Terry The Shark Says Hello To The First WIZARDS OF AUS Trailer

So, you're a wizard in a fantasy land and you want to leave your life of magical adventure and settle someplace a little bit more stable. What happens next? Well, you end up in Melbourne with an anthropomorphic shark-man as... More »
By Todd Brown   

Russia's DUELIST Trailer Arrives With Guns Blazing

Russian writer-director Alex Mizgiryov appears to have delivered a rip roaring period adventure with his upcoming Duelist (Дуэлянт), an 1800's set piece following the exploits of a traveling duelist-for-hire. Though there are no subtitles on the trailer there is also... More »
By Todd Brown   

Review: SON OF SAUL, A Unique Holocaust Horror Story

Son of Saul has two obvious strikes against it. It's a handheld, close POV movie, usually the sign of filmmakers too austere to pick up a tripod, eschewing good framing in favour of shakycam "grit." Then there's the subject... More »
By Jason Gorber   

Exclusive Clip: MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND Kicks Some Kung Fu Zombie Ass

Releasing in North American theaters this weekend is Mojin: The Lost Legend, the latest film from Wuershan, director of Painted Skin: The Resurrection. While the Painted Skin sequel was a bit overwrought and tragic for its own good, it looked pretty great on... More »
By J Hurtado   

Trailer: BHOOLOHAM, Nathan Jones & The Worst On-Screen Boxing Ever

Australian giant, and TwitchFilm favorite, Nathan Jones (Tom Yum Goong, Fearless, Muay Thai Giant, Troy, Mad Max: Fury Road) continues his conquest of every Asian regional cinema industry with his latest appearance in upcoming Tamil language boxing action/drama Bhooloham.While Nathan... More »
By J Hurtado   

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM Trailer Debut: Creatures Run Amok In New York

In other franchise news, the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them debuted today. David Yeats, who directed the last four of the Harry Potter films, is back in the main chair, and he is joined in... More »

Don't Get In The Haunted Car! But Do Check Out The Trailer For Russian Horror THE ROUTE IS BUILT (Маршрут построен)

Cinema likes haunting things. We've had haunted houses. We've had haunted dolls. We've had haunted spouses, haunted children, haunted boxes, haunted schools, haunted roads. But I don't believe that I've ever before seen a film about a haunted car. [Please... More »
By Todd Brown   
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