Review: LONE SURVIVOR Offers An Intense, Visceral Depiction Of The War Experience

Samuel Fuller, who directed some of the best war movies ever made, and who was a combat veteran himself, famously stated, "To make a real war movie would be to fire at the audience from behind a screen." Peter Berg's... More »

Review: COMMUNITY S5 EP01 & 02, REPILOT Proves You Can Go Home Again

There's probably a good three to five paragraphs I could spend clumsily wading through the history of Community, with it's ups and downs, successes and pitfalls. But if you're reading this review that means you're most likely a fan; a... More »

Review: Amnesia Thriller OPEN GRAVE Doesn't Forget About Character

Sharlto Copely is the secret weapon of the amnesia thriller Open Grave. The District 9 actor easily flits between monster, savior, and victim in a role that demands that he  not know whether he's any of the above. His work... More »

Review: 47 RONIN Is A Classic Display Of Hollywood Ignorance

Keanu Reeves can do little more than observe from the sidelines as first-time director Carl Rinsch desecrates one of Japan's most revered historical epics with an inexplicable parade of sorcery and monsters..and other, you know...Asian stuff.The revenge of the 47... More »

Review: Indie Darling BREAKFAST WITH CURTIS Will Leave You Hungry For More

Seeing Hook for the first time as a child, I remember being enamored with Spielberg's vision of Never Never Land. For days and days after leaving the theater, I was fixated on the idea of living in that magical... More »

Review: DIAMOND ON VINYL Strikes A Provocative Groove

Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation and Brian de Palma's Blow Out are two films in the American cinematic canon that present to their audiences worlds of conspiracy and voyeurism through the provocative role of the audiophile. No less important or... More »

Review: HOMEFRONT, Jason Statham Squares Off Against Meth Dealers

Some higher profile names than you might expect grace Jason Statham's latest outing as a lead. Produced and written (some time ago) by none other than Expendables stablemate Sylvester Stallone, Homefront is bolstered by an eclectic supporting cast that... More »

Mórbido Fest 2013 Review: HOUSE OF LAST THINGS, A Different Kind Of Ghost Story

A small boy clutches a yellow balloon as if it's a security blanket. A young woman cuts open an apple only to find a golf ball inside. Her teenage brother watches in fright as a photo of a loving couple... More »

Now on DVD: THE TWILIGHT ZONE The Complete Series (Episodes Only)

I find myself, now and again, looking back at old syndicated shows and wondering why I was ever not a fan of them. During my formative years, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone was already in syndication and I cannot recall why... More »

Lisbon & Estoril 2013 Review: STOP THE POUNDING HEART Digs Deep Into Religious Fanatism Through Beauty

The third and final chapter of a trilogy by US-based Italian director Roberto Minervini entirely dedicated to the study of rural Texas, Stop the Pounding Heart tenuously walks the line between documentary and fiction. It follows the day-to-day life of... More »

Review: SUSHI: THE GLOBAL CATCH Tells Us Why We Should Eat Sushi Responsibly

The title of Mark Hall's first feature documentary might be somewhat misleading to all the viewers who got so accustomed to watching artistic, eye-pleasing but not entirely memorable foodie pictures. Sushi: The Global Catch is not as much about sushi in... More »

Review: THOR: THE DARK WORLD Is A Balanced, Loki Success

Thor's second solo outing strikes a far better balance between the Earth-bound action and the dramas on his home world of Asgard, but beyond the strong set pieces and knowing humour, the plot and central romance fail to hit home.Marvel... More »

Review: In WHEN I WALK, A Filmmaker Chronicles His Own Illness With Heart, Humor And Inspiring Resiliency

In 2006, 25 year-old Jason DaSilva experienced a moment that once and for all indicated that his life had irrevocably changed. While on the beach during a family vacation, he suddenly fell down and was unable to get up. As... More »

TADFF 2013: MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH Defies And Surprises

And the winner for Best Q&A at Toronto After Dark 2013 is... envelope please... (rip tear rip)... DON THACKER from MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH!!! Ian Folivor, a depressed and reclusive 30-something, finds himself taking advice from a growth in his bathroom after a... More »

TADFF 2013: SOLO Left Me Feeling... Stranded.

[Solo screens tonight at 9:30pm at the Scotiabank Cinema as part of Toronto After Dark's lineup. Tonight is Double Scene Points Night so if you buy your ticket you earn... double... your Scene points. Odd Thomas also screens at 7:00pm.... More »

New York Film Fest 2013 Review: Spike Jonze's HER Is The New Anthem Of The Millennial Generation

It's hard to believe that Her is only Spike Jonze's fourth feature film since he has been in our pop-culture consciousness for a long time. With his innovative music videos and films, he's always been creating worlds that are both... More »

Review: DIANA Is A Minefield Of Poor Decisions And Missed Opportunities

From its risible dialogue to its strangely affected central performance, Oliver Hirschbiegel's dramatisation of Diana's final years is an uncomfortable and mostly tedious affair that feels perpetually in fear of revealing anything even remotely interesting about the ill-fated People's Princess.... More »

New York Film Fest 2013 Review: AT BERKELEY, A Fascinating, Immersive Examination of the Famed Educational Institution

For 46 years now and counting, the 83-year old filmmaker Frederick Wiseman has carved out an endlessly fruitful niche within his chosen genre: the examination and function of various institutions. His methodology has remained unchanged since his first films in... More »

Review: In INEQUALITY FOR ALL Robert Reich Takes His Economics Class On The Road

Depending on your own political perceptions, Jacob Kornbluth's documentary about Robert Reich, the former U.S. Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton's first term, and his quest to right the wrongs of the failing economy by educating the people might float... More »


There are only a few actors I can think of whose faces alone speak volumes without uttering a word. Harry Dean Stanton possesses one of those. He always looks like hell. Having appeared in more than 200 feature films, even... More »
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