IN THE BLOOD: Win A Poster Signed By Gina Carano And Amaury Nolasco

Gina Carano's latest action film, In The Blood, will come out on DVD/BluRay combo pack next Tuesday, June 3. We have a poster, signed by Carano and her co-star Amaury Nolasco, to give away before then.All you have to do... More »

Giveaway: Win A DVD Of Action Flick BEYOND THE TROPHY

We have five DVDs of Daniel Gillin's action flick Beyond the Trophy to give away. ARC Entertainment is releasing the film on DVD on June 3.Beyond the Trophy tells the story of men's obsession with power and how far they... More »


ARC Entertainment will be releasing Michael Maren's family drama A Short History of Decay on DVD on June 10. And you can get your hands on a copy of your own simply by entering our giveaway right here! We have... More »

EXCLUSIVE: Find Out What Is In The Box In Your First Look At COHERENCE

We have kept pretty mum on James Ward Byrkit's sci-fi drama Coherence. We do not want to give away too much about his award winning film (Fantastic Fest 2013). But then Oscilloscope came to us with the first exclusive clip from... More »


After assigning a new showrunner, Steven DeKnight, over the American holiday weekend, Netflix announced today that they have found their Daredevil. THR reported that Charlie Cox, recently on Boardwalk Empire until he found himself in a box, has landed the titular... More »

Hey Canada! Win Double Passes For Sinister Cinema Presentation CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO.

Our friends at Raven Banner Entertainment and Cineplex Entertainment will present Cabin Fever: Patient Zero this Thursday, May 29th, as part of their Sinister Cinema series. And Raven Banner wants to give five lucky winners across Canada one of five... More »

Get A Taste Of The Summer Movie Season With Our Video Mashup

For those of us not blessed with living in a year-round summer climate, I think we can all agree that this last winter has been a merciless horror show of sub-zero doom. But though there seemed to be no end... More »
By Zach Gayne   

The Teaser For Disney's BIG HERO 6 Cannot Contain Itself

Disney appears to be on a roll when it comes to animated feature films these days. With the unprecedented successes of Tangled and Frozen Disney animation is back on the map. The studio is taking a leave from musical centered... More »

SKIPTRACE: Harlin, Chan, And A Little Bingbing Come Together In Action Comedy

I was just thinking the other day, "Man. It has been some time since I saw Jackie Chan get paired up with a wise-cracking Gweilo". And then it got me to thinking, "Man. It has been a while since I... More »

Chick Tracts Come To Life In Anti-RPG Flick DARK DUNGEONS

If you have spent enough time in the Christian church, then you have comes across Chick Tracts. They are small, booklet-sized comics written and illustrated by Jack Chick. They are about as fundamentalist, right wing and white pinko as the... More »

The Title Of The New BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Film Is...

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of JusticeTHR says that the tile acts as a lead-in to the launch of the Justice League film, expected (perhaps) in 2017. Between this and all those Sad Batman memes the other week, is this a rocky start?Talk... More »

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: New Trailer, More Fun, And "I Am Groot"

This Guardians of the Galaxy. It could be the dark horse of the summer. And this new trailer is pretty darned fun. And you get to hear Groot for the first time, too. I am sold. All the teasers and trailers... More »

Cinecoup Greenlights WOLFCOP Sequel

Well. That was fast. Wolfcop is set to open in Canadian cinemas on June 6th. THR is reporting that the sequel to Lowell Dean's hairy horror comedy has just been greenlit by Canadian indie producer Cinecoup! Dean will return to direct... More »

Mexican Sci-Fi Flick MULTIPLIER Goes Ahead With Canadian Support

ScreenDaily is reporting that Mexican and Canadian production companies have inked a deal to co-produce the Mexican science fiction film Multiplier. Velarium Arts, EMAfilms and Filmoption International are teaming up to make Rodrigo Hernandez's short film Protocolo into a feature film. The image... More »

GODZILLA Sequel Gets The Go Ahead After Monster Opening Weekend

There is no arguing with success (read - "numbers"). Godzilla has scored the second biggest weekend of 2014 so far at US$93 million domestically. Add to that an additional US$103 million globally and it is no surprise that Warner Bros. and... More »

OCULUS` Mike Flanagan Adapting Stephen King`s GERALD`S GAME

Deadline is reporting that Mike Flanagan, the director of the creepy films Absentia, Oculus and the upcoming Somina, will be adapting Stephen King`s novel Gerald`s Game for the big screen. Gerald's Game revolves around a seemingly harmless contest between a married... More »

Watch A Clip From THE WELL, Thomas S. Hammock's PA Thriller

Thomas S. Hammock's feature film debut, the post-apocalyptic thriller The Well, will make it's World Premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 12th. Hammock has been a production designer for Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard on You're Next, their... More »

Hey Canada! GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Live Q&A This Monday!

First of all, check out this nifty new poster for Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy! Second, If ever a Canadian needed a reason to sober up before the May 2-4 (pronounced TwoFour) long weekend ends the following news might just be... More »

THE MASTER CLEANSE: Johnny Galecki And Chloë Sevigny To Star In Fantasy Horror

Screen Daily is reporting that Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Chloë Sevigny (Those Who Kill) and Anjelica Huston will star in The Master Cleanse, the debut feature film from director Bobby Miller.  The film is promising to be a... More »

Hey Canada! Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST Hits iTunes, DVD, Blu And VOD This Month

Attention, fans of Stephen Chow here in Canada. VSC has announced their plans for Chow's latest directorial effort Journey To The West. The film first hit iTunes this past Tuesday, May 13. Two weeks from now (May 27) you will be... More »
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