St Kilda 2013 Preview: SXSW Sidebar to Showcase the Best of Texas

In this first preview of the St Kilda Film Festival which is held in St Kilda, Melbourne in May, I'm going to highlight the four SXSW sidebars that have been incorporated into the broader program this year. Known by its... More »

Learning from the Masters of Cinema: Kawashima Yuzo's BAKUMATSU TAIYO-DEN (THE SUN IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE SHOGUNATE)

When highly respected Japanese film magazine, Kinema Junpo, published its list of the Best Japanese Films of the 20th Century back in 1999, it featured many undisputed classics from the likes of Kurosawa Akira, Mizoguchi Kenji, Naruse Mikio and Ozu... More »

Aussie Filmmaker Andrew Morgan Uses Indiegogo In Reverse To Distribute Debut Feature

Andrew Morgan is an experimental filmmaker, with his feature debut Yes No Yes Yes Go a sort of documentary-fiction hybrid, so it's fitting that he's also decided to release the film in an experimental way. It's a variation of what... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - April (Part 2)

Continued from hereOn the Waterfront (dir. Elia Kazan, 1954 USA)Winner of 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Screenplay, winner of 4 Golden Globes, including Best Picture - Drama and Best Actor - DramaJ Hurtado,... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - April (Part 1)

We carry on apace with this epic undertaking - finally each tackling a classic from our individual Lists of Shame, and sharing our thoughts with you the readers. This month sees the work of such cinematic luminaries as Ozu, Bergman... More »

Learning from the Masters of Cinema: Claude Chabrol's LE BEAU SERGE and LES COUSINS

Welcome to a new regular feature looking at the new releases from Eureka Entertainment's Masters of Cinema series. It will publish on release day, whenever a new title (or titles) hits the shelves, taking in the film(s) in question and... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - March (Part 1)

It is confession time once again, and this month is a special Easter edition of Full Disclosure. In our monthly efforts to catch up with revered classics and widely-considered must-sees that have thus far passed us by, not only are... More »

Euro Beat: France Campaigns To 'Free John McTiernan,' Plus Abel Ferrara Finds His Anne Sinclair

Die Hard and Predator director John McTiernan has been ordered to begin a one year prison sentence by April 3 (eight days from now) ... but not if the French have anything to say about it. Citizens of the country... More »

Books to be Scene: Eowyn Ivey's THE SNOW CHILD

Those first boot prints in the snow - they began at the vanished [snowman] and ran from there into the woods. No tracks came into the yard.Then there was the frost that crystallised on the window as she and Jack... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - February (Part 2)

Continued from here...Cinderella (dir. Clyde Geronimi/Wilfred Jackson/Hamilton Luske, 1950 USA)Winner of Golden Bear for Best Musical at Berlin International Film Festival, Nominated for 3 Academy Awards, including Best Original Score Charles Webb, Contributing Writer:First, a brief bit of personal biography before... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - February (Part 1)

The intention for February's edition of Full Disclosure was to acknowledge Valentine's Day and, where possible, have our team of writers tackle a romance from their respective Lists of Shame. Whether that means an epic melodrama like Gone With The... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - January (Part 2)

January's List of Shame entries continue on apace.You can find the first part of this month's list here, and the project's formal introduction right here.Easy Rider (dir. Dennis Hopper, 1969, USA)Winner of "Best First Work" at Cannes Film Festival, nominated for... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists of Shame - January (Part 1)

And so it begins...While there are certainly wrong ways to approach this feature - either as a contributor or a reader - there are many different right ways to do so. For a full debriefing on exactly what we are... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch Tackles Its Lists Of Shame (A New Year's Resolution)

Just like opinions and arseholes, everyone's got their List of Shame. Their dirty little secret that they've been hiding from the world, that they fear will ruin their credibility if anyone ever found out, that has haunted them so long... More »

Euro Beat: British Censors Vow to Get Tougher, Plus Roman Polanski's Editor Speaks

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has already made waves over the last several years by heavily censoring A Serbian Film and The Human Centipede 2, and calling for an all-out ban on The Bunny Game. Now, according to... More »

Twitch In Bondage: Why THE SPY WHO LOVED ME is the Perfect Bond Film

The Internet, and media platforms across the board, have been ablaze the last few weeks in the run-up to the release of Skyfall, the 23rd official installment in the James Bond series of spy movies. The film has received incredibly... More »

Twitch In Bondage: Our Favorite Bonds

The task: to reveal your favorite among the 22 Bond films. The rules: keep it to two sentences. That was the challenge set before my fellow Twitch writers recently and they seized it with gusto. Curating this list, I noted... More »

Twitch in Bondage: 7 Intense, Unfilmed Action Scenes from Ian Fleming's 007 Books

It's tough to watch many of the James Bond movies after reading the novels. Rather than simply a suave killing machine, Ian Fleming's Bond was a more troubled, complex character, capable of genuine fear, stubborn determination and surprising humor, and... More »


My second day at Sitges was the day of the slasher movie. Besides watching the Irish comedy/slasher, Stitches, and a blood-soaked documentary on the evolution of the genre, I once again contemplated the Maniac remake, which I found inspired and... More »

Fantastic Fest 2012 Preview: Australia & NZ Attack Austin

There are many reasons to be fired up about Fantastic Fest this year, and my biggest reason is the awesome selection of Australian (and New Zealand) genre films playing the festival - after yet another year of these countries churning... More »
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