Interview: Director Rodrigo Ordoñez On DEPOSITARIES, Mexican Science Fiction, And The Possibility Of A Remake

Rodrigo Ordoñez's first feature film Depositaries (Depositarios) opened in Mexican cinemas last Friday after three years of struggle for proper distribution, a delay that's not unusual when it comes to Mexican movies. The film had its festival run back in... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: HIJO DE TRAUCO (Trauco's Son) Is Admirable, Yet Hollow

Chiloé is an island in the territory of Chile, and it's maybe the most interesting place in my country that I've yet to visit for myself. It's plagued with myths and legends, creatures and magicians, stories about ghosts and witches... More »

Peru Chooses Sci-Fi Drama THE CLEANER As Its 2014 Oscar Hopeful

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture announced today the country's official submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2014 Academy Awards; the honor goes to The Cleaner ("El Limpiador"), from first-time director Adrián Saba, A drama with science fiction overtones,... More »

Hey, Mexico City! Win Tickets To See The Documentary EL PACIENTE INTERNO (THE CONVICT PATIENT)!

Alejandro Solar's El Paciente Interno (The Convict Patient) is one of the best Mexican films I have seen this year. A documentary telling the little-known story of the man (Carlos Castañeda) who tried to kill former Mexico president Gustavo Díaz... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: MAKNUM GONZALEZ Plays It Safe And Wins

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza is a beloved figure on Twitch. He even wrote a review here (while extremely drunk) of his own film Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, which was the first of what he labelled LatinXploitation. That... More »

Opening In Mexico: Adam Wingard's YOU'RE NEXT

Adam Wingard's You're Next is opening in Mexican cinemas on Friday, September 13, only three weeks after its North American release (and two years after its premiere at TIFF!). You're Next was previously screened in Mexico at the Guanajuato International... More »

Hey, Mexico City! Win Tickets For The Premiere Of Ariel Winner DEPOSITARIOS!

Rodrigo Ordoñez's Depositarios, a Mexican science fiction movie, has been around since 2010, going through such film festivals as Sci-Fi London, Fantastic Planet, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Morbido and Macabro. This is the official synopsis from the press kit: "In... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: VER Y ESCUCHAR (SEE AND LISTEN) Makes You Warm On The Inside

José Luis Torres Leiva has managed to make a name for himself in the reflective-contemplative advocates among those who study the new trends of modern cinema. Among his film projects are festival winners like The Sky, the Earth and the... More »

Morelia 2013: Cuarón's GRAVITY Is The Opening Film

After confirming its official Mexican selection, as well as the visit of Alejandro Jodorowsy, the Morelia Film Festival (FICM) 2013 has ready the third big announment: Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity will be the opening film. Many people predicted this to happen,... More »

Let's See If You Love The Quirky Trailer For Peruvian Comedy THAT THING YOU LOVE

Back in 2003, director Alvaro Velarde debuted Destiny Has No Favorites, a comedy riddled with social commentary about a housewife who rents her house for the filming of a soap opera, getting caught up in the fictional world being created... More »

Feel The Cold And Loneliness of THE QUISPE GIRLS In First Clips

The Chilean film Las niñas Quispe (The Quispe Girls) had its world premiere at the International Critics Week at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. The independent section of the festival groups together seven debut feature films from all over... More »

CICHONGA: Thou Shalt Not Take His Beer

It was May in Buenos Aires and a one week long blackout happened. This was the scenery for Esteban Rojas to start working on Cichonga, his latest film.In the urban jungle of Buenos Aires, Cichonga is the toughest badass around,... More »

Morelia 2013: Jodorowsky To Present THE DANCE OF REALITY

After announcing its official selection, the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) 2013 has really exciting news for the Mexican fans of Alejandro Jodorowsky. The 84-year-old Jodorowsky returned to filmmaking after 23 years with The Dance of Reality (aka La Danza de... More »


Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park turned 20 on June 11, 2013. To commemorate the 20th anniversary, it was converted to 3D and released theatrically in the US back in April. Jurassic Park 3D finally opens in Mexico on August 23. Jason... More »

Pick Up Your Guns And Prepare For A BRAZILIAN WESTERN

Just announced as part of the Contemporary World Cinema program at the Toronto International Film Festival, Rene Sampaio's Brazilian Western (Faroeste Caboclo) looks to be a stylish bit of cultural appropriation with American western elements fused to a very local... More »
By Todd Brown   

Chinese Triads And Mutant Bunnies Invade Argentina In RABBIT WOMAN (MUJER CONEJO)

You want a weird one? How about a live action / animation hybrid from Argentina involving Chinese gangsters and mutant rabbits? It's titled Rabbit Woman (Mujer Conejo) from director Veronica Chen and is due to take a bow in San... More »
By Todd Brown   

Opening In Mexico: Terrence Malick's TO THE WONDER

The legendary Terrence Malick is currently working on two films - Knight of Cups and a still untitled effort - but in Mexico his Tree of Life follow-up film, To the Wonder, has been only exhibited in the Riviera Maya... More »

Review: HELI, Unforgettable Images Drawn From A Flawed Script

In Mexico there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Amat Escalante's third feature Heli. Yes, Steven Spielberg loved it at Cannes and Danny Boyle praised it at the Guanajuato Film Festival, but there's a large group of Mexican critics... More »

Review: LAS COSAS COMO SON (Things The Way They Are), The Best Chilean Film Of The Year So Far

The latest film by Chilean director Fernando Lavanderos, Las cosas como son (Things the way they are), is maybe one of the best fiction films that has come out of Chile in a long time, even better than the Italian... More »

Teacups Are Invading! Bizarre, Wacky Trailer For Sci-Fi QUEST FOR THE POWER SPHERE (Buscando La Esfera Del Poder)

"They came to destroy our world. But we will destroy it first." After watching the bizarre, wacky, lovable teaser trailer for Argentine filmmaker Tetsuo Lumiere's Quest for the Power Sphere (Buscando la Esfera del Poder), I must conclude that it's... More »
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