Sitges 2013 Review: THE GREEN INFERNO Runs Red With Blood

Eli Roth has been an audience favorite here in Sitges for a long time. It's been more than ten years since Cabin Fever left Sitges fans wanting for more, with some claiming Roth to be the new Raimi. Fortunately Hostel... More »

Feratum 2013 Review: APIO VERDE, A Serious And Striking Pro-Choice Effort

Considering I watched Apio Verde at the International Festival of Fantastic, Terror and Science Fiction Films (Feratum), I expected something a bit different from what we got. I expected, yes, a brutal film about the abortion issue but with some... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: EL ALCALDE (The Mayor) Is The Perfect Portrait Of Fascism

Mauricio Fernández Garza is the mayor of the municipal territory of San Pedro Garza García, one of the richest in Mexico, where the wealthiest people of the country come to live, not only because other people like them live there,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: HIJO DE TRAUCO (Trauco's Son) Is Admirable, Yet Hollow

Chiloé is an island in the territory of Chile, and it's maybe the most interesting place in my country that I've yet to visit for myself. It's plagued with myths and legends, creatures and magicians, stories about ghosts and witches... More »

Review: Eugenio Derbez's INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED Recalls The Laziest And Sappiest Adam Sandler Movies

Eugenio Derbez was once an irreverent television comedian. At least that's how I recall him from the time I was growing up (the nineties), watching stuff like Televisa's coverage of the 1998 FIFA World Cup with Derbez mocking the serious... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013: Tamae Garateguy Drunkenly Reviews Tamae Garateguy's SHE WOLF

My movie is the World's most innovative film, I like sex. And my movie has the hottest scenes and funny Anios the last 30, first Was the empire of the senses, I remember that movie was hot, I liked the... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: SHE WOLF Walks Among Us

Bursting with feral energy, Tamae Garateguy's She Wolf (original title: Mujer Lobo) is a fever dream about sex and love and sex and then a little more sex. And then the screaming starts. Sceenwriter Diego Fleischer, working from Garateguy's idea,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: MAKNUM GONZALEZ Plays It Safe And Wins

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza is a beloved figure on Twitch. He even wrote a review here (while extremely drunk) of his own film Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, which was the first of what he labelled LatinXploitation. That... More »

L'étrange 2013 Review: MAN FROM THE FUTURE, Time Travel That's A Little Too Predictable

We all have moments from our past that we would like to change. Whether it was something we did or something someone did to us, there is a moment that we think, if I could only change that one point,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: VER Y ESCUCHAR (SEE AND LISTEN) Makes You Warm On The Inside

José Luis Torres Leiva has managed to make a name for himself in the reflective-contemplative advocates among those who study the new trends of modern cinema. Among his film projects are festival winners like The Sky, the Earth and the... More »

Macabro 2013 Review: Puerto Rican Zombies With Almost No Makeup In The Cheap BARRICADA (BARRICADE)

Macabro 2013 offered a couple of Puerto Rican films, as part of its out-of-competition section presented by the Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest (PRHFF). Barricada (Barricade), the 2011 winner for "best local feature" at PRHFF, was the first one and... More »

Macabro 2013 Review: HERMANOS DE SANGRE (BLOOD BROTHERS), A Likeable Dark Comedy About Friendship

The Argentinean movie Hermanos de Sangre (Blood Brothers) quickly lands in familiar territory. Once we identify the kind of film this is, there aren't many surprises left. The story is very predictable indeed, but director Daniel de la Vega focuses... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: THE DESERT is an Intense Post-Apocalypse Love Story

To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre, post-zombie-apocalypse hell is other people. This is the situation that three people find themselves in Christoph Behl's fiction feature debut The Desert. But unlike most horror film, the zombies rarely make an appearance. This is about... More »

Review: OLD CATS, The Best Sebastián Silva Film Of The Year

Sebastián Silva is a Chilean director, and maybe in this time and age, the most well-known director born in Chile today -- the best-known Chilean director ever award would go to the masterful Raúl Ruiz -- and it's easy to... More »

Review: HELI, Unforgettable Images Drawn From A Flawed Script

In Mexico there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Amat Escalante's third feature Heli. Yes, Steven Spielberg loved it at Cannes and Danny Boyle praised it at the Guanajuato Film Festival, but there's a large group of Mexican critics... More »

Review: LAS COSAS COMO SON (Things The Way They Are), The Best Chilean Film Of The Year So Far

The latest film by Chilean director Fernando Lavanderos, Las cosas como son (Things the way they are), is maybe one of the best fiction films that has come out of Chile in a long time, even better than the Italian... More »

Review: BARRIO UNIVERSITARIO, Not A Good Comedy, But A Nice Try

There are many examples of what we could call a New Chilean Film Comedy in the past few years. It's clear why it's the genre that is creating the most recent 'waves' and changes coming from different directors, as usually... More »

Fantasia 2013 Review: MAGIC MAGIC Spirals Into Madness To Great Effect

We get to a point midway in Sebastián Silva's empathy endurance test, Magic Magic, where Alicia, a blonde girl in a bathing suit is standing on the edge of a cliff, alone. She goes through the motions of trying to... More »

Guanajuato 2013 Review: CASI TREINTA (ALMOST THIRTY) Is A Dull And Forgettable Romantic Comedy

The Mexican movie Casi Treinta (Almost Thirty) had its world premiere on Sunday, July 21 at the 2013 Guanajuato International Film Festival. The director and the cast were there to walk the red carpet and introduce the film. One of... More »

FIDOCS 2013 Review: PENA DE MUERTE (aka DEATH PENALTY) Mixes Experimental And Classic Documentary Styles Perfectly

The latest edition of FIDOCS (Festival Internacional Documentales Santiago Chile) has already passed and yet here we are, reviewing what was maybe the best Chilean film that I saw in the festival. I took this long because it's one of... More »
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