Valdivia 2013 Review: NAOMI CAMPBEL, An Experience Of Intercultural And Transsexual Life

It's common practice in the Valdivia Film Festival to have at least one Chilean film in the International Film Competition that they have, as opposed to the Chilean Film Competition. But this year it was different, it wasn't only two Chilean... More »

Review: FOOSBALL (METEGOL), An Unpolished Adventure With Remarkable Animation

Film history dictates that when it comes to sports movies the quintessential story is that of an underdog team or athlete going through all kinds of adversities to finally learn a lesson or win a trophy. It can be about... More »

Lisbon & Estoril 2013 Review: PELO MALO Goes For Sweet And Harsh And Succeeds

The main attraction at this year's San Sebastián, where it took home the top award, Mariana Rondón's Pelo Malo smartly draws from Italian neorealism to create an intimate, sparely successful depiction of hardship during childhood and sexual identity. Its first... More »

Lisbon & Estoril 2013 Review: VIOLA Is A Strange, Audacious Little Film From Argentina

The always interesting and exciting Argentinean cinema has been known for its very gritty realism and tight grip on the country's social and economic issues. Filmmakers like Fabián Bielinsky, Juan José Campanella and Lucía Puenzo lead with polished, socially invested... More »


Although it's been called a "pitch perfect tribute" to the titular real life Mexican B-movie maker, the fevered and free wheeling biopic The Fantastic World of Juan Orol (original title: El fantástico mundo de Juan Orol) leaves one with little... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Morelia 2013 Review: THE NAKED ROOM (EL CUARTO DESNUDO), A Powerful Display Of Sadness And Insanity

Nuria Ibáñez's documentary The Naked Room (El Cuarto Desnudo) has a very powerful moment in which a little boy is questioned by a psychiatrist about his biggest wishes. The answers are simple and concise but, at the same time, lack... More »

Morelia 2013 Review: WE ARE MARI PEPA (SOMOS MARI PEPA), The Fun, Punk Rock Times Of Adolescence Fading Away

Mari Pepa is the name of a punk rock band in We Are Mari Pepa (original title: Somos Mari Pepa), Samuel Isamu Kishi Leopo's extension of his own 18-minute short film Mari Pepa (presented as well at the Morelia Film... More »

Valdivia 2013 Review: CICHONGA, Classic Grindhouse Imitation Going Slightly Wrong

In the first days of the Valdivia film festival here in Chile, the talk of the town was the world premiere of Cichonga, which is weird for a festival where the main focus is art house cinema from around the... More »

Morelia 2013 Review: Life Reflections From Inside An ELEVATOR (ELEVADOR)

The Mexican 70-minute documentary Elevator (original title: Elevador) shows right from the beginning a powerful way to contrast and distinguish a dream from reality. This is a film about losing hope, joy and youth, about broken dreams in modern Mexico... More »

Morelia 2013 Review: MANTO ACUÍFERO (THE WELL) Sees The World Through The Eyes Of A Misunderstood Girl

Director Michael Rowe is a man who talks slowly. He met the press after the Morelia Film Festival screening of his second feature film Manto Acuífero (aka The Well), telling us that it's a very personal effort. And, indeed, Rowe's... More »

Morelia 2013 Review: How To Lose Weight And The Love Of Your Life In The Bittersweet But Formulaic PARAÍSO (PARADISE)

Paraíso (Paradise) is an unconventional love story, at least on paper. This because the protagonists are far from a typical big screen plastic, pretty couple, the movie instead following an overweight Mexican couple. One can accept and even appreciate Mariana... More »

Sitges 2013 Review: THE GREEN INFERNO Runs Red With Blood

Eli Roth has been an audience favorite here in Sitges for a long time. It's been more than ten years since Cabin Fever left Sitges fans wanting for more, with some claiming Roth to be the new Raimi. Fortunately Hostel... More »

Feratum 2013 Review: APIO VERDE, A Serious And Striking Pro-Choice Effort

Considering I watched Apio Verde at the International Festival of Fantastic, Terror and Science Fiction Films (Feratum), I expected something a bit different from what we got. I expected, yes, a brutal film about the abortion issue but with some... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: EL ALCALDE (The Mayor) Is The Perfect Portrait Of Fascism

Mauricio Fernández Garza is the mayor of the municipal territory of San Pedro Garza García, one of the richest in Mexico, where the wealthiest people of the country come to live, not only because other people like them live there,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: HIJO DE TRAUCO (Trauco's Son) Is Admirable, Yet Hollow

Chiloé is an island in the territory of Chile, and it's maybe the most interesting place in my country that I've yet to visit for myself. It's plagued with myths and legends, creatures and magicians, stories about ghosts and witches... More »

Review: Eugenio Derbez's INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED Recalls The Laziest And Sappiest Adam Sandler Movies

Eugenio Derbez was once an irreverent television comedian. At least that's how I recall him from the time I was growing up (the nineties), watching stuff like Televisa's coverage of the 1998 FIFA World Cup with Derbez mocking the serious... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013: Tamae Garateguy Drunkenly Reviews Tamae Garateguy's SHE WOLF

My movie is the World's most innovative film, I like sex. And my movie has the hottest scenes and funny Anios the last 30, first Was the empire of the senses, I remember that movie was hot, I liked the... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: SHE WOLF Walks Among Us

Bursting with feral energy, Tamae Garateguy's She Wolf (original title: Mujer Lobo) is a fever dream about sex and love and sex and then a little more sex. And then the screaming starts. Sceenwriter Diego Fleischer, working from Garateguy's idea,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: MAKNUM GONZALEZ Plays It Safe And Wins

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza is a beloved figure on Twitch. He even wrote a review here (while extremely drunk) of his own film Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, which was the first of what he labelled LatinXploitation. That... More »

L'étrange 2013 Review: MAN FROM THE FUTURE, Time Travel That's A Little Too Predictable

We all have moments from our past that we would like to change. Whether it was something we did or something someone did to us, there is a moment that we think, if I could only change that one point,... More »
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