Winner of every horror category at Fantastic Fest 2012, Adrián García Bogliano's Here Comes the Devil (aka Ahí Va el Diablo) was filmed entirely in Mexico and its cast and crew are mostly from one particular Mexican city: Tijuana, Baja... More »

Rotterdam 2014: It's Awards Time!

This weekend saw the end of the 2014 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and we can make a tally of all the awards. First and foremost among these are the Hivos Tiger Awards, given to directors only for... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Eduardo Coutinho, Brazilian Master Of Documentary, Dies At 81

Brazil woke up to sad, tragic news today, as filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho, 81, was reported dead in his apartment after he and his wife were stabbed. The main suspect, according to the police, is their own son, a 41 year... More »

The Devil Brings Up The Past In The First Trailer For Brazilian Horror QUANDO EU ERA VIVO

Brazilian cinema finally seems to be waking up to genre films in 2014. Only a few weeks after the commercial release of Rodrigo Aragão's splatterfest Mar Negro, it's time for one of the most promising talents in Brazilian film to... More »

FICUNAM 2014 News: Sono Sion's WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL To Premiere In Mexico

The International Film Festival of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (FICUNAM) will celebrate its fourth edition from February 27 to March 9 in Mexico City. The press conference is yet to happen but little by little the organizers are... More »

Final Trailer For Emilio Portes' EL CRIMEN DEL CÁCARO GUMARO: TV Azteca And Televisa Invade Mexican Cinema

Holy cow. Pastorela's Emilio Portes goes against Cannes winner Carlos Reygadas (Silent Light, specifically) and "artsy" slow cinema in the final trailer for El Crimen del Cácaro Gumaro, the upcoming Mexican comedy that will most likely be a commercial success.... More »

Check Out The Black Magic Heroes In The First Trailer For JORGE AND ALBERTO VS THE NEOLIBERAL DEMONS

It was back in October that we first brought word of upcoming Brazilian-Argentinian co-production Jorge And Alberto vs The Neoliberal Demons. Backed by the Brazilian genre festival Fantaspoa the horror comedy is directed by Argentina's Quintana Brothers from a script... More »
By Todd Brown   


Good news if you are a fan of hardcore horror from Latin America. And who is not these days? Our friends at Morbido Films are putting together what sounds to be a nasty piece of work; an anthology of horror... More »

The Devil Hides In The Jungle In Teaser Trailer for LA CARA DEL DIABLO

Horror is a genre which has never really caught on with Peruvian filmmakers, despite its popularity with audiences; regional films are a huge exception, but they've always had obstacles to overcome in reaching a mass audience. All this changed with... More »

NYC Happenings: First Look At MoMI

MoMI (Museum of Moving Image) presents First Look, a bona fide film series showcasing new works by established filmmakers and first timers alike from all corners of the globe, carefully selected by the esteemed curatorial staff (critic Denis Lim, David... More »

Feratum Brings 8 Movies To Mexico City's Cine Tonalá

Back in October 2013, the second edition of the Feratum Film Festival took place in Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, with a really juicy genre cinema selection. While the town of Tlalpujahua is not extremely far from Mexico City, now Feratum will have... More »

Ambulante 2014: Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation, Music Docs And Vive Latino Lineup

Ambulante is Mexico's traveling documentary film festival, founded by Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz. To be celebrated from January 30 to May 4, 2014 in twelve states of the country, the ninth edition of this fantastic festival... More »

Daniel De La Vega Exhumes Supernatural Horror WHITE COFFIN

The last time we spoke of Daniel De La Vega's supernatural thriller White Coffin the year was 2007! All we had at the time was a pre-production poster and not much had happened since. Until now. De La Vega is resurrecting... More »

Cineteca Nacional's Masacre En Xoco 2013: THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, ALUCARDA And More On 35mm!

Masacre en Xoco is Cineteca Nacional's annual gift to fans of genre cinema and, actually, the one and only opportunity in Mexico City to watch 35mm prints of both classic and cotemporary horror films. Curated by José Luis Ortega and... More »

Mexican Drag Queens Make LONELY STARS. Watch The First Footage.

It was all the way back in 2007 that I first came across Mexican director Fernando Urdapilleta (center in the picture above). The cause was an utterly fantastic vagina dentata short film that he had directed while in film school... More »
By Todd Brown   

Mórbido Fest 2013: Award Winners And Closing Night Festivities

Sunday evening saw Mórbido Fest 2013 in Pátzcuaro, Mexico come to a close, and here I am reporting it on Wednesday evening. Yes, that's how bat shit amazing and triple A crazy things were (also I had to travel back... More »

Mórbido Fest 2013, Dispatch Numero Dos: The Hitchcockian Spectacle Of GRAND PIANO, The Manic Terror Of PANIC 5 BRAVO

This weekend saw two of Mórbido Fest's biggest draws: Eugenio Mira's English language thriller Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood as a pianist with a particularly strong case of stage fright, and actor Kuno Becker's Ambulance-set  horror Panic 5 Bravo.... More »

Mórbido Fest 2013, Dispatch Numero Uno: Opening Night

It's 1 AM in the lakeside town of Pátzcuaro, Mexico and I am witnessing for the first time a particularly spirited sight that has become something of a legend on the genre festival circuit: Nacho Vigalondo is dancing. It's the... More »

The Trailer For DAEMONIUM's Third Chapter Has Just Arrived

Friday the 13th of December will be the online premiere of Pablo Parés' third installment of Daemonium, his ongoing post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.So far we've seen a broad variety of thematics and environments, shedding light on his ambitious story. This third chapter... More »

The King Of Football Kicks Off! Check Out The First Image From PELÉ

Even if you're not much of a soccer fan, chances are you've probably heard the name Pelé before. And if you don't know his name or the incredible story of this Brazilian legend who holds some of the most impressive... More »
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