PERUVIAN CINEMA: OCTUBRE / OCTOBER (2010): Interview With Diego Vega

This has been a great year to engage with Peruvian cinema. Not only did I have the chance to speak with Claudia Llosa whose film La Teta Asustada (The Milk of Sorrow, 2009) was nominated for a Best Foreign Language... More »

PSIFF 2011: CARANCHO: Interview With Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero was born in San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. He wrote, directed and edited the short films Mocoso Malcriado (1993) and Negocios (1995) before directing his feature debut, the award-winning Crane World (1999), a black and white... More »

TIFF 2010 / AFI FEST 2010: CARANCHO: Interview With Pablo Trapero

Pablo Trapero was born in San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971. He wrote, directed and edited the short films Mocoso Malcriado (1993) and Negocios (1995) before directing his feature debut, the award-winning Crane World (1999), a black and white... More »

Hacksaws, Flying Saucers, and Improv: Round 2 with MONSTERS' Gareth Edwards

[Can't get enough of MONSTERS? Or maybe you don't have time to explore/enjoy Kurt's ultra-in-depth interview at the moment? Well, here's another option for you, a quick Q&A from Peter with our man of the hour, Gareth Edwards]Team Twitch has... More »

Allegories, Expectations and Effects: Round 1 with MONSTERS director Gareth Edwards

One of the more patient and subtle genre films to come along in some time, Gareth Edwards' directorial debut, Monsters, is a film with a title iconic and nebulous enough moniker to build a certain set of expectations like an... More »

TIFF 2010: GUEST (2010): Interview With José Luis Guerín

"In the year from September 2007 until September 2008, I challenged myself by accepting without any exclusions all of the film festivals and events inviting me as a guest [for my film En la ciudad de Sylvia (In the... More »

TIFF 2010: NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ (NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT, 2010): The MUBI Interview With Patricio Guzmán

In terms of Chilean filmmaking, this has been a great year for me as an interviewing journalist. First, I had the opportune pleasure of conversing with Miguel Littin (Dawson Island, 10, 2009) earlier this year at the Palm Springs... More »

TIFF 2010: LA VIDA ÚTIL (A USEFUL LIFE, 2010): The MUBI Interview With Federico Veiroj

Federico Veiroj's A Useful Life was the first film at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival I heard applauded at its press screening, confirming--as Diana Sanchez had written in her program capsule--that "for anyone who loves cinema in its... More »

TIFF 2010: Interview With Programmer Diana Sanchez

This was the first year--more than any other year I've attended the Toronto International--that its signature as a programmers festival seemed especially pronounced, which drew my attention to how the festival lineup has been selected, shaped and promoted largely... More »

PERUVIAN CINEMA: CONTRACORRIENTE (UNDERTOW, 2009): Interview With Javier Fuentes-León

Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water / and he spent a long time watching from a lonely wooden tower / and when he knew for certain only drowning men would see him / he said,... More »

SFSFF 2010: METROPOLIS (1927)--Onstage Interview With Eddie Muller, Paula Félix-Didier and Fernando Martín Peña

Eddie Muller is the consummate showman. Aware that his San Francisco Silent Film Festival (SFSFF) audience was restlessly grumbling because Metropolis (1927) was 40 minutes late getting started, he quipped, "When you've waited 83 years, what's another 40 minutes?"... More »

THE DIGNITY OF THE NOBODIES: Interview with Fernando "Pino" Solanas

[With the recent publication of my friend Matthew Losada's profile of Argentine documentarian Fernando Solanas for the Great Directors database at Senses of Cinema, I felt now would be a good time to revisit my interview with Solanas from the... More »

FRAMELINE34 2010: Interview With Executive Director K.C. Price

I waited almost a little too long to interview Michael Lumpkin, Frameline's former Executive Director, before his unexpected retirement. I told myself not to hazard the same mistake twice and to make a more concerted effort to get to know... More »

HOLA MEXICO FILM FESTIVAL 2010: Interview With Samuel Douek

Though the touring Hola Mexico Film Festival (HMFF) was woefully under-attended during its San Francisco stint at Landmark's Embarcadero Cinema, it nonetheless provided a welcome program of both arthouse and popular films representing Mexico's cinematic output in the past year... More »

SFIFF53 2010: Two Questions For Walter Salles

"Cinema is, first and foremost, the projection of a cultural identity which comes to life on the screen. It mirrors or should mirror this identity. But that is not all. It should also dream it. Or make it flesh and... More »

PSIFF10: DAWSON ISLAND, 10: Interview With Miguel Littin

"We wanted to change history, but destiny led us to this strange sensation of uncertainty and defeat. What did we do wrong? What mistakes did we make?"--Sergio Bitar, Dawson Island prisoner, and author of Isla 10. "I felt like... More »

PSIFF10: THE MILK OF SORROW (LA TETA ASUSTADA, 2009): Interview With Dr. Kimberly Theidon

"The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice."--Martin Luther King, Jr. As Claudia Llosa indicated in her Q&A session at the PSIFF10 screening of La Teta Asustada (The Milk of Sorrow, 2009), a book entitled Entre... More »


Peruvian director Claudia Llosa's sophomore feature La teta asustada (The Milk of Sorrow, 2009) stars Magaly Solier--with whom she worked on Madeinusa (2005)--and addresses the fears of abused women during Peru's recent history. It won both the Golden Bear... More »

CRAB TRAP (2009): Interview With Oscar "Papeto" Ruiz Navia, Rodrigo Vélez & Arnobio Salazar Rivas

There is an intimate scene in Oscar Ruiz Navia's debut feature Crab Trap (El Vuelco del Cangrejo, 2009) that reveals the true translation of the film's title. Daniel, a "white" stranger, has drifted into the Afro-Colombian coastal village of La... More »


Seattle-based journalist Jay Kuehner introduced the screening of Liverpool. "I was told to keep it to five words," he quipped, "so: distant, remote, vodka....?" Kuehner opined that Liverpool consolidates one of the most thematically strong trilogies seen from the... More »
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