Sitges 2012 Dispatch: Subtitle Woes, and Jennifer Lynch's CHAINED

I would really like to tell you about Marçal Forés' fantastic story of an adolescent and his talking teddy bear, Animals, and Fernando Cortizo's gorgeous animated fantasy film O Apostolo. But I cannot. I can tell you a little bit... More »

Hawaii International Film Festival Dispatch: ULTRAMAN SAGA, CHINESE TAKEAWAY

Note to self: The weather in Hawaii is significantly better than in Toronto. Come here more often. The Hawaii International Film Festival kicked off two nights ago with a typically excellent lineup focused on Pacific Rim film. I'm here... More »
By Todd Brown   

Five For The Future!

With this being my last shot at writing a Twitch-o-Meter in 2009 I've decided that rather than looking back - as I normally do with these things - I'm going to look forward. This column is dedicated to five young,... More »
By Todd Brown   

What Came Before 101: A Big List Of All Twitch-O-Meters So Far

[Twitch-O-Meters will remain at the top of the page for the duration of the day they were published. Please scroll down for today’s film news] Time flies when you're having fun, especially if you can't count. I expected that shortly... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Top 5 Bad-Ass Blockbuster Babes

This probably should be entitled: "Top 5 Bad-Ass Blockbuster Babes Who Created the Mold That All Others Should Follow," but that sounded a little wordy. And besides, best bad-ass blockbuster babes are rebellious: they don't follow the rules. It helps... More »
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