Cineteca Nacional's Masacre En Xoco 2013: THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, ALUCARDA And More On 35mm!

Masacre en Xoco is Cineteca Nacional's annual gift to fans of genre cinema and, actually, the one and only opportunity in Mexico City to watch 35mm prints of both classic and cotemporary horror films. Curated by José Luis Ortega and... More »

Mexican Drag Queens Make LONELY STARS. Watch The First Footage.

It was all the way back in 2007 that I first came across Mexican director Fernando Urdapilleta (center in the picture above). The cause was an utterly fantastic vagina dentata short film that he had directed while in film school... More »
By Todd Brown   

African Diaspora International Film Festival 2013 Brings An Eclectic Mix of Films to NYC

The 21th edition of the African Diaspora International Film Festival screens in New York from November 29 through December 15 at Teachers College at Columbia University, Thalia Cinema and Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space, Quad Cinema, and the Black Spectrum... More »

Valdivia 2013 Review: NAOMI CAMPBEL, An Experience Of Intercultural And Transsexual Life

It's common practice in the Valdivia Film Festival to have at least one Chilean film in the International Film Competition that they have, as opposed to the Chilean Film Competition. But this year it was different, it wasn't only two Chilean... More »

Review: FOOSBALL (METEGOL), An Unpolished Adventure With Remarkable Animation

Film history dictates that when it comes to sports movies the quintessential story is that of an underdog team or athlete going through all kinds of adversities to finally learn a lesson or win a trophy. It can be about... More »

Mórbido Fest 2013: Award Winners And Closing Night Festivities

Sunday evening saw Mórbido Fest 2013 in Pátzcuaro, Mexico come to a close, and here I am reporting it on Wednesday evening. Yes, that's how bat shit amazing and triple A crazy things were (also I had to travel back... More »

Lisbon & Estoril 2013 Review: PELO MALO Goes For Sweet And Harsh And Succeeds

The main attraction at this year's San Sebastián, where it took home the top award, Mariana Rondón's Pelo Malo smartly draws from Italian neorealism to create an intimate, sparely successful depiction of hardship during childhood and sexual identity. Its first... More »

Lisbon & Estoril 2013 Review: VIOLA Is A Strange, Audacious Little Film From Argentina

The always interesting and exciting Argentinean cinema has been known for its very gritty realism and tight grip on the country's social and economic issues. Filmmakers like Fabián Bielinsky, Juan José Campanella and Lucía Puenzo lead with polished, socially invested... More »

Johnny Knoxville Presents BAD GRANDPA In Mexico, Talks Spike Jonze's Deleted Character

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa opens in Mexico until next week (11/29) but Johnny Knoxville already visited the city to support the release. Together with director Jeff Tremaine, producer Derek Freda and co-star Jackson Nicoll, Knoxville met with the press for... More »

Mórbido Fest 2013, Dispatch Numero Dos: The Hitchcockian Spectacle Of GRAND PIANO, The Manic Terror Of PANIC 5 BRAVO

This weekend saw two of Mórbido Fest's biggest draws: Eugenio Mira's English language thriller Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood as a pianist with a particularly strong case of stage fright, and actor Kuno Becker's Ambulance-set  horror Panic 5 Bravo.... More »

Mórbido Fest 2013, Dispatch Numero Uno: Opening Night

It's 1 AM in the lakeside town of Pátzcuaro, Mexico and I am witnessing for the first time a particularly spirited sight that has become something of a legend on the genre festival circuit: Nacho Vigalondo is dancing. It's the... More »

The Trailer For DAEMONIUM's Third Chapter Has Just Arrived

Friday the 13th of December will be the online premiere of Pablo Parés' third installment of Daemonium, his ongoing post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.So far we've seen a broad variety of thematics and environments, shedding light on his ambitious story. This third chapter... More »

The King Of Football Kicks Off! Check Out The First Image From PELÉ

Even if you're not much of a soccer fan, chances are you've probably heard the name Pelé before. And if you don't know his name or the incredible story of this Brazilian legend who holds some of the most impressive... More »

AFM 2013: Elijah Wood's COOTIES Spreading To Europe And Latin America

Okay. Technically, Elijah Wood does not have cooties. But he is a production partner and stars in the upcoming horror comedy Cooties. And if you want to see Wood fight off a horde of savage elementary school children and you... More »

AFM 2013: Lynch, Harron, Kusama, The Soska Sisters And Vukovic Together For All Female Horror Anthology XX

MPI Dark Sky Films and XYZ Films announced today a new joint venture, a horror anthology titled XX. What makes this particular anthology stand out from the rest of the crowd, for now, is that all the segments will be... More »

New To Netflix: THE MASTER, Australian Stop-Motion, Latin Science Fiction, And More

Another grab-bag of Netflix picks from the various territories around the world showcases the eclectic nature of the acquisitions of the service. stop-motion animation from Australia, science fiction found footage from Ecuador, P.T. Anderson's "Master" case study on the culture... More »


Although it's been called a "pitch perfect tribute" to the titular real life Mexican B-movie maker, the fevered and free wheeling biopic The Fantastic World of Juan Orol (original title: El fantástico mundo de Juan Orol) leaves one with little... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Cineteca Nacional's 55 Muestra: Twitch's Top 10 Picks

Cineteca Nacional's 55 Muestra Internacional de Cine begins its activities tonight in Mexico City with a special free screening of the recently restored 35mm print of Julio Bracho's classic Distinto Amanecer (aka Another Dawn), which is celebrating its 70th anniversary.... More »

DOCSDF 2013: Albert Maysles' Master Class In Top Quotes & Photos

Co-director of such classic documentaries as Salesman, Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens, plus cinematographer for D.A. Pennebaker (Monterey Pop), Jean-Luc Godard (Six in Paris) and Martin Scorsese (Shine a Light), Albert Maysles is simply a living cinema treasure. Turning 87... More »


Mexico City's Cineteca Nacional is home of the annual Muestra Internacional de Cine (International Showing of Cinema), a selection with some of the most important films of the year. The Muestra is arguably the most anticipated film celebration in Mexico's... More »
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