Ambulante 2014 Review: COFFEE (CAFÉ), Another Look At Mexican Rural Life That Is Slightly Above Average

One of my favorite Mexican films of 2013 was Adrián Ortiz's documentary Elevator (Elevador), a really interesting look at the current decadent state of a Mexico City multi-family complex that once was a promised land. Now at Ambulante 2014, Elevator's... More »

Ambulante 2014 Review: DARKNESS (PENUMBRA) Follows A Deer Hunter Who Will Bore You To Death

After its world premiere at the IFFR 2013, Eduardo Villanueva's Darkness (original title: Penumbra) has had really good presence on the Mexican film festival circuit, as it was part of FICUNAM, Riviera Maya and most recently Morelia. And now it... More »

Final Trailer For Emilio Portes' EL CRIMEN DEL CÁCARO GUMARO: TV Azteca And Televisa Invade Mexican Cinema

Holy cow. Pastorela's Emilio Portes goes against Cannes winner Carlos Reygadas (Silent Light, specifically) and "artsy" slow cinema in the final trailer for El Crimen del Cácaro Gumaro, the upcoming Mexican comedy that will most likely be a commercial success.... More »

Review: GLORIA, A Joyful, Tragi-Comic Reminder To Keep On Truckin'

Gloria is a hilarious, honest Chilean character study of a fairly normal woman. By "fairly normal," however, I don't mean boring, because, if you really dig deep with people, no one is actually boring, despite what movies would sometimes lead... More »

Check Out The Black Magic Heroes In The First Trailer For JORGE AND ALBERTO VS THE NEOLIBERAL DEMONS

It was back in October that we first brought word of upcoming Brazilian-Argentinian co-production Jorge And Alberto vs The Neoliberal Demons. Backed by the Brazilian genre festival Fantaspoa the horror comedy is directed by Argentina's Quintana Brothers from a script... More »
By Todd Brown   


Good news if you are a fan of hardcore horror from Latin America. And who is not these days? Our friends at Morbido Films are putting together what sounds to be a nasty piece of work; an anthology of horror... More »

Review: DETRÁS DEL PODER, A Poorly Made Mexican Political Thriller

I have to begin this review by saying just two weeks ago I finished the first season of the extremely engaging political series House of Cards. So after watching Detrás del Poder (there's no official English title yet but the... More »

The Devil Hides In The Jungle In Teaser Trailer for LA CARA DEL DIABLO

Horror is a genre which has never really caught on with Peruvian filmmakers, despite its popularity with audiences; regional films are a huge exception, but they've always had obstacles to overcome in reaching a mass audience. All this changed with... More »

NYC Happenings: First Look At MoMI

MoMI (Museum of Moving Image) presents First Look, a bona fide film series showcasing new works by established filmmakers and first timers alike from all corners of the globe, carefully selected by the esteemed curatorial staff (critic Denis Lim, David... More »

Feratum Brings 8 Movies To Mexico City's Cine Tonalá

Back in October 2013, the second edition of the Feratum Film Festival took place in Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, with a really juicy genre cinema selection. While the town of Tlalpujahua is not extremely far from Mexico City, now Feratum will have... More »

10 Best Chilean Films of 2013 Chosen By Jaime Grijalba

These have been some pretty hectic years for Chilean cinema. They've been recogniced internationally, had the biggest box office hits inside the country, and it even got a lot of attention when it got its first Oscar nomination in all... More »

Eric Ortiz Garcia Picks The Best Mexican Cinema Of 2013

In Mexico, 2013 will be remembered for the release of the now top grossing Mexican films ever: Instructions Not Included and Nosotros los Nobles. Some people celebrate the money injection and the fact that Mexicans went to the cinemas not... More »

Masacre En Xoco 2013 Interview (Part 3 Of 3): Mauricio Matamoros & José Luis Ortega On The 2013 Lineup And The Future Of Masacre En Xoco

Now that Christmas is over, the very last film event of the year in Mexico kicks off today. I'm talking about the fourth edition of Cineteca Nacional's Masacre en Xoco, a fabulous 35mm showing of horror and genre cinema in... More »

Review: ZOMBIE DAWN Lacks Zombies And Plot

How many zombie films have been made? How many zombie films have been made since the year 2000? Maybe more than those that have ever been made until that point in the history of film. How many zombie movies have been... More »

Masacre En Xoco 2013 Interview (Part 2 Of 3): Mauricio Matamoros, José Luis Ortega & Jorge Grajales Name The Essential Mexican Horror Movies

Mexican cinema has been a very important part of each Masacre en Xoco edition and 2013 is no exception: curators Mauricio Matamoros and José Luis Ortega have ready two films by Juan López Moctezuma, a homage to Rafael Corkidi and... More »

Masacre En Xoco 2013 Interview (Part 1 Of 3): Mauricio Matamoros & José Luis Ortega On The Origin Of The 35mm Horror Showing

Since 2010, Masacre en Xoco has been Cineteca Nacional's annual showing of both classic and contemporary horror cinema on 35mm (or 16mm). As we all know, digital projection has replaced celluloid and at Mexico's Cinematheque things are no different. Hence... More »

INEDIT-NESCAFE: Musical Documentaries In Chile. An Overview.

The Inedit Film Festival is a travelling endeavour that goes around the world showing documentaries and films that have the music as their main selling point, any kind of music and any type and genre of film is accepted, and... More »

Ambulante 2014: Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation, Music Docs And Vive Latino Lineup

Ambulante is Mexico's traveling documentary film festival, founded by Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz. To be celebrated from January 30 to May 4, 2014 in twelve states of the country, the ninth edition of this fantastic festival... More »

Daniel De La Vega Exhumes Supernatural Horror WHITE COFFIN

The last time we spoke of Daniel De La Vega's supernatural thriller White Coffin the year was 2007! All we had at the time was a pre-production poster and not much had happened since. Until now. De La Vega is resurrecting... More »

Interview: ROCANROL '68 Director Gonzalo Benavente Takes A Trip Back To The 60s

True story: back in the 1960s, a Peruvian band called Los Mads were playing a gig that, through sheer chance, had Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the crowd. The Stones were so impressed with the band, they offered to... More »
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