THE TUNNEL: Watch The Trailer For TROLL HUNTER Director's New Short

Troll Hunter director Andre Ovredal has been busy over the past few years with a variety of feature film projects at various stages but, even so, he still managed to carve out time to direct a new short film titled... More »
By Todd Brown   

PYROMANIAC: Erik Skjoldbjærg Returns With New Norwegian Thriller

Erik Skjoldbjærg, the acclaimed director of Insomnia - later remade by Christopher Nolan - and Nokas returns to the big screen with Pyromaniac, a period set thriller which has just released its first trailer. The year is 1981 and it... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch The Fabulous Full Trailer For Arild Frohlich's GRAND HOTEL

Despite a relatively short filmography, Norwegian helmer Arild Frohlich has become a great favorite in these parts. He got things kicked off with Fatso, an enormously transgressive - and hysterically funny - adaptation of a cult novel that manages to... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For Short Film HERE WE ARE: Isolation And Strange Gravity

Fabien Dubois (whose previous shorts include Akira, Burn,  and High/Low) and Aladdin Serroui (director of Je suis un echo and co-producer of Welcome to Hoxford) have been working on their short Here We Are for quite some time, and I've... More »

THE SUNKEN CONVENT: Watch The Trailer For The Danish Short

Danish director Michael Panduro is one we've been keeping an eye on in these parts for a good while now and he will soon be making his return to screens with short film effort The Sunken Convent. A man wakes... More »
By Todd Brown   

Review: THE WAVE, A Sweeping Piece Of Entertainment

Since first appearing on the scene with Cold Prey in 2006, Norwegian director Roar Uthaug - not pronounced how it looks to English speakers but an awesome name, nonetheless - has earned himself quite a reputation, thanks to his ability... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer: Can Evrenol's BASKIN Looks Into The Eye Of Madness

Back in September of 2015, Turkish director Can Evrenol took the festival circuit by storm when his debut feature Baskin slayed audiences at both TIFF and Fantastic Fest, followed closely in October by scaring the shit out of Catalunyan fright... More »
By J Hurtado   

Eye Candy Of The Highest Order: Check Out Seth Ickerman's Amazing Music Video For Carpenter Brut's TURBO KILLER

When last we heard from French directing duo Seth Ickerman - the pair behind the Matrix fan film Kaydara - it was with the hugely impressive proof of concept reel for their proposed scifi feature Ickerman. It's not just the... More »
By Todd Brown   

THE NOONDAY WITCH Roams The Czech Countryside

Everything appears to be sweetness and light for Eliska and her young daughter until ... well, until it's not. Their beautiful new home in the countryside and the adventure that comes with the move crumbling apart when it turns out... More »
By Todd Brown   

THE ARDENNES: Watch The Trailer For Robin Pront's Striking Debut

[Updated with English subtitled version.] Though it arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival with little fanfare, Belgian director Robin Pront's striking debut feature The Ardennes left as a major favorite for many of those lucky enough to catch it... More »
By Todd Brown   

GROUNDHOG DAY With Extra Death In Hungarian Time Loop Thriller HUROK Trailer

Hungarian writer-director Isti Madarasz makes his feature debut with Hurok, a time looping thriller following a man living the same sequence of events in a continuous cycle as he tries to save the life of his girlfriend. There have been... More »
By Todd Brown   

Super Stylish Trailer For Polish Crime Noir GEISHA

A night club lends its name to the title of upcoming Polish thriller Geisha (Gejsza), a steamy concoction of sex and violence revolving around a bouncer (Konrad Eleryk) drawn into a sordid underworld. Writer-director Radislaw Markiewicz shows off a fusion... More »
By Todd Brown   

Exclusive Clip: EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, "Now He Will Cure Us All!"

After a successful festival run last year, Embrace of the Serpent opened in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles last weekend. Our own Patrick Holzapfel wrote in part: "It is one of those films that rarely gets made,... More »
By Peter Martin   

VIY 2 Heads To China, Recruits Jackie Chan

The fact that Oleg Stepchenko's Russian ghost story Viy exists at all is something of a minor miracle. Roughly a decade from the release of the first teasers to the film actually reaching completion it was the near definition of... More »
By Todd Brown   

Russian Superhero Lays Waste In New GUARDIANS Clip

It was a few months back that we first brought news of Guardians, an upcoming Russian entry into the superhero world. And while it's still some time before the film releases theatrically those intrigued by that early glimpse have a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Berlinale 2016 Review: WE ARE NEVER ALONE Delivers A Powerful, Harrowing And Way Too Vivid Parable

Petr Václav, the Czech filmmaker living and working in France, returns to the theme of racial discrimination already addressed in his feature debut Marian (1996). Prejudice based on race persists as a hot topic in the Czech Republic, attracting ever... More »
By Martin Kudlac   

ADMIRAL: Watch The Beginning Of The End For The de Witt Brothers In This Exclusive Clip

Roel Reiné's naval epic Admiral is being released on VOD and digital download on February 23, 2016 and in select theaters on March 11, 2016. We have an exclusive clip to share with you below. In the scene the de Witt... More »
By Andrew Mack   

Review: A WAR, A Classic No-Win Scenario

Battles are never won; at best, they are only survived. In each of his first three films, writer/director Tobias Lindholm has tackled familiar subjects; each film has also featured Pilou Asbaek in the lead role. Lindholm collaborated with Michael Noer... More »
By Peter Martin   

Review: EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, A Spiritual Quest With A Political Regret

Inspired by Theodor Koch-Grunberg and Richard Evans Schultes, the first explorers of the Colombian Amazon, Embrace of the Serpent is a spiritual quest with a political regret. We follow two stories of German explorers (one of them is Jan Bijvoet... More »

SISTER HELL: Watch The Award Winning Short In All Its Unholy Glory

Alright, all you sinners and winners out there. Just in time for Valentine's Day have we got a sinful story to share with you. Having completed the festival circuit Fredrik S Hana's award winning short film Sister Hell is ready to... More »
By Andrew Mack   
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