Has Indonesia Found A New Action Star In Pop Singer Bisma Karisma? JUARA Teaser Says Quite Possibly Yes.

Though just 25 years old, Indonesian star Bisma Karisma - actual name Bisma Rudiantoro - already has quite the intriguing resume. An accomplished breakdancer, Karisma rose to prominence on the televised Let's Dance competition before ultimately winning the Japanese edition... More »
By Todd Brown   

COLD WAR 2: First Trailer Promises More Glossy Thrills

Chow Yun Fat joins the original cast of Hong Kong thriller Cold War - the highest grossing HK film of 2012 - for the upcoming Cold War 2. And this is one sequel that appears to be holding to the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer: Tiger Shroff Kicks In Many Faces In BAAGHI Trailer

Hot on the heels of the very stabby trailer for John Abraham's The Man From Nowhere remake, Rocky Handsome, we get yet another martial arts action trailer for Sabbir Khan's upcoming Baaghi, starring Tiger Shroff. Shroff is the son of... More »
By J Hurtado   

Trailer: John Abraham Is India's Man From Nowhere In ROCKY HANDSOME

India is well known as a spawning ground for remakes and ripoffs or popular films. However, what is less well known is their increasing tendency to officially license films for remake and the increasingly wide net they cast when hunting... More »
By J Hurtado   

Handsome Trailer For Indonesian Thriller PESANTREN IMPIAN

Award winning Indonesian director Ifa Isfansyah (The Dancer, The Golden Cane Warrior) delivers a thriller with a trace of Agatha Christie in its premise with the upcoming Pesantren Impian. The story takes its name from a religious boarding school, a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Review: Tonko House Returns With Super Cute MOOM

Today Tonko House's latest creation, called Moom, is having its world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival. In 2014, after leaving the safety of the Pixar nest to start their own studio Tonko House, directors Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo... More »

Review: CEMETERY OF SPLENDOUR, Dreamy Wonder And Painful Laments

The Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, in his body of work consisting of six features, plus a number of short and medium length films, and also art installations, illuminates the landscapes of his native country in ways that often approximate trance-like... More »

TRIVISA: Watch The New Trailer For Johnnie To Produced Crime Thriller

Hong Kong's reigning king of crime cinema, Johnnie To, returns to the big screen in a producing role with the upcoming Trivisa. Frank Hui, Vicky Wong and Jevons Au direct the three part crime saga and after its selection to... More »
By Todd Brown   

MY SASSY GIRL Writer Delivers Slick Crime Thriller TIME RENEGADE

Korean industry veteran Kwak Jae-young - still best known as the writer of My Sassy Girl, though his resume runs far deeper than that - returns to Korean screens later this year as writer-director of Time Renegade, and it appears... More »
By Todd Brown   

TERRA FORMARS: Full Trailer For Miike's Violent SciFi Picture Suggests Maybe We Should Just Stay Where We Are

After a long build up the full trailer for Miike Takashi's big screen adaptation of popular manga and anime series Terra Formars has arrived with our first significant look at the scope of the world and the action at hand.... More »
By Todd Brown   

Osaka 2016: THE MOHICAN COMES HOME, Watch The Trailer Here!

Opening tomorrow night, Japan’s finest festival of Asian film, Osaka AFF, will run for 11 days before finishing closing with the world premiere of The Mohican Comes Home, the latest work from acclaimed filmmaker Okita Shuichi. Both written and directed... More »

Trailer: Can Evrenol's BASKIN Looks Into The Eye Of Madness

Back in September of 2015, Turkish director Can Evrenol took the festival circuit by storm when his debut feature Baskin slayed audiences at both TIFF and Fantastic Fest, followed closely in October by scaring the shit out of Catalunyan fright... More »
By J Hurtado   

Trailer: In FAN Shah Rukh Khan Obsesses Over Himself

Bollywood's biggest international movie star, Shah Rukh Khan, return on April 15th with his latest film and this one looks pretty interesting. Maneesh Sharma's Fan follows the story of a young man named Gaurav (Khan) who is obsessed with Bollywood's... More »
By J Hurtado   

It's Muay Thai Versus Kung Fu In Thai Action Comedy MONKEY TWINS

Monkey gods figure large in both Thai and Chinese folklore and theatre traditions with monkey god Hanuman figuring large in Thai lore with magical monkey Sun Wukong figuring large in China. And the pair are meeting in upcoming Thai action... More »
By Todd Brown   

Exclusive Clip: Wong Fei Hung Returns In RISE OF THE LEGEND

Asian film distribution heroes Well Go USA are at it again! This coming weekend they've got yet another martial arts film hitting theaters acros the USA, and this time it brings the return of Chinese hero Wong Fei Hung. Rise... More »
By J Hurtado   

It's A J-Horror Stare Down In First Proper Trailer For SADAKO VS KAYAKO!

What would happen if someone were to watch the cursed video tape from The Ring inside the house from The Grudge? That's the core premise of Sadako vs Kayako, the upcoming Japanese horror film that pits the iconic cursed villains... More »
By Todd Brown   

When A Ghost Needs A Doctor They Head To Vietnam's GHOST HOSPITAL

Here's the thing about being dead: If you were taken out by illness or injury then your ghost is going to be sick and / or kind of grisly for rather a long time. And if you're facing an eternity... More »
By Todd Brown   

Return Of The Nutsack! It's A Teaser For HENTAI KAMEN 2: THE ABNORMAL CRISIS!

To say that Fukuda Yuichi's 2013 effort Hentai Kamen (aka HK: Forbidden Super Hero) was a pleasant surprise is something of an understatement. Adapted from a cult manga following the adventures of a hero who derives his powers from a... More »
By Todd Brown   

Review: THE MERMAID (MEI REN YU) Proves Stephen Chow's Still Got It, Even Behind The Camera

There are very few Hong Kong movie stars bigger than Stephen Chow. Even though Chow's last starring role was in 2008, he remains one of east Asia's biggest cultural exports, second only to Jackie Chan. While Chan continues to take... More »
By J Hurtado   

NSFW Trailer For BELLADONNA OF SADNESS Is An Erotic, Candy-Colored Fever Dream

Yamamoto Eiichi's almost completely forgotten animated erotic fantasy Belladonna of Sadness is on its way to theaters this spring. In celebration of its upcoming release, North American distributor Cinelicious Pics has a brand new trailer cut by L.A. indie stalwart... More »
By Charlie Hobbs   
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