Sundance 2014 Review: THE RAID 2 Sets a New High Point for Violent Action Cinema

It was no hyperbole when we called The Raid: Redemption "the best action movie in decades." That film redefined martial arts cinema for the 21st century and announced Gareth Evans as one of the most exciting young directors working... More »

DVD Review: Urasawa Naoki's MONSTER, Episodes 1-15

(To all the people who thought Hitler wasn't quite blond enough: wait until you see Johan...) A surgeon is on the run from the law for crimes he didn't commit, while hunting for the real murderer. Is this The Fugitive?... More »
By Ard Vijn   

DVD Review: VIKINGDOM Deserves A Proper Viking Burial

Right off the hop I have to say that Vikingdom is a real slog to get through. It is almost a staggering two hours long! Just as a common-sense rule, no action film should be two hours long. Period. And the... More »

Review: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON Affectingly Debates Nature Vs. Nurture

It seems Kore-eda Hirokazu is incapable of making bad movies. The babies-switched-at-birth premise in films is nothing new. But he just makes it so darn affecting and poignant, avoiding all the clichés that go with this kind of blurry-eyed family... More »

Review: BIG BAD WOLVES, A Black-Humored Psychological Thriller

Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshale previously helmed Rabies, which caused quite a bit of buzz at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and enjoyed a fair amount of critical success thereafter. With their second film, the Israeli duo switches gears from... More »

Review: POLICE STORY 2013 Is Low-Rent, Lacklustre & Dull

A sequel in name only to Jackie Chan's hugely popular action series, this latest offering moves proceedings to mainland China for a small scale, straight-faced and relatively thrill-free drama with a tendency to pontificate about civil responsibility.Jackie Chan's Police Story... More »

Review: Delightful Retro Comedy HOT YOUNG BLOODS Runs Out Of Steam

Just as the taste of a madeleine triggers a rush of childhood memories for the protagonist in Marcel Proust's magnum opus In Search of Lost Time, smells, sounds and images can transport all of us to different times in our... More »

Blu-ray Review: GIRLS UND PANZER Delivers Fun On Caterpillars

(Where angels fear to tread, these girls rush in on treads!) In the last quarter of 2012, when anime-fans were eagerly anticipating the (then) upcoming Attack on Titan, there was one series on television which turned into a surprise hit:... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Review: WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN Loses Focus In Tearful Finale

The Lunar New Year (Seollal) holiday is just around the corner and that means that studios are looking to draw in large crowds, particular families, during one of the peak theatergoing periods of the year. Making a film that can... More »


Willem (age 10) and Miranda (age 9) put a capstone on their extended marathon of Studio Ghibli viewing. After taking both the heaviest Studio Ghibli film, Grave of the Fireflies, and the lightest entry, The Cat Returns, they end the... More »

Review: TOM YUM GOONG 2 Sees Tony Jaa Return ...But Check Out Marrese Crump!

Tony Jaa reunites with the team that helped make his name in the martial arts world, but both he and co-star Jeeja Yanin are eclipsed by impressive up-and-comer Marrese Crump in this otherwise underwhelming action sequel.There is a moment midway... More »

Review: PLAN MAN Takes A Few Wrong Turns

The 2014 commercial Korean film calendar kicks off with Plan Man, a light and colorful romantic comedy that carries on in a straightforward manner with plenty of humor until a second half that squeezes in some subtle commentary on the... More »

Review: Endearing Cast Boosts Cross-Generational Comedy MISS GRANNY

Three years after making a big splash in Sunny (2011), young actress Shim Eun-kyung returns in the Lunar New Year's (Seollal) holiday crowd-pleaser Miss Granny, a film that will be looking to sate the same demand that Miracle in Cell... More »

Review: Chito Roño's BOY GOLDEN Is A Bizarre Actioner That Bursts With Charm And Identity

Chito Roño's Boy Golden, the third of actor-turned-politician Jeorge "E.R. Ejercito" Estregan's yearly vanity projects, is a surprisingly offbeat actioner. A fictionalized take on the life of 1960's gang leader Arturo Porcuna, the film transforms Manila into a stage where... More »
By Oggs Cruz   

Review: BEYOND OUTRAGE Brings Back The Violence

Any fan of Japanese cinema from the last few decades knows: If there is a gun in your face, the last person you want to see on the other end is Kitano Takeshi (or rather his actor-ly persona Beat Takeshi).... More »

Ghibli Retrospective: The Kids Talk THE CAT RETURNS

Willem (age 10) and Miranda (now age 9) are spending time with the work of Takahata Isao, for this second Studio Ghibli marathon on the big screen. After taking in the heaviest Studio Ghibli film last week, Grave of the... More »

Review: HIT THE ROAD: INDIA, An Inspiring And Vibrant Travelogue

In our technologically advanced era there is an endless amount of methods for exploring a foreign land and it's often impossible to choose one that will best suit our needs. Given that nowadays even the seemingly most luxurious options tend... More »

Review: 47 RONIN Is A Classic Display Of Hollywood Ignorance

Keanu Reeves can do little more than observe from the sidelines as first-time director Carl Rinsch desecrates one of Japan's most revered historical epics with an inexplicable parade of sorcery and monsters..and other, you know...Asian stuff.The revenge of the 47... More »

Ghibli Retrospective: The Kids Talk ONLY YESTERDAY

TIFF Bell Lightbox is running an another Studio Ghibli retrospective in December and January, which has expanded the number of titles (old and new) from the very successful previous 2012 run in Toronto.This time out, Willem (age 10) and Miranda... More »

Review: THE SUSPECT Eschews Drama For Action, And Lots Of It

Thinking back to Shiri (1999) and Secret Reunion (2010), North Korean spies have a history of success at the Korean box office. Local producers have been especially keen to capitalize on their appeal this year with no less than four... More »
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