New York! Prepare Thy Selves For Old School Kung Fu Fest!

Attention fans of classic kung fu cinema! Subway Cinema and Anthology Film Archives are putting together a weekend to celebrate classic martial arts films from April 18th through 20th. As well, there will be a tribute to one of kung... More »

New RUROUNI KENSHIN: KYOTO INFERNO Trailer: Blades Flash Aplenty

A new teaser for manga-to-film swordplay epic Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno has popped up. Fans of the first film will not be disappointed. Fans of Fujiwara Tatsuya may be, though, as he is unrecognizable in his Shishio make-up. Pity. Such... More »

THE RAID 2: Watch A Second Behind The Scenes Reel

With Gareth Huw Evans' The Raid 2 hitting screens in the US on March 28th - the release begins in New York and LA and will spread rapidly from there to cover all major markets - a second extensive behind... More »
By Todd Brown   

A Dozen New Post-Apocalyptic Images From Fruit Chan's THE MIDNIGHT AFTER

After its world premiere in Berlin last month, Hong Kong is poised to experience Fruit Chan's post-apocalyptic thriller The Midnight After when it screens as one of the official opening films of the 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival on... More »

Indian Film Fest LA: SIDDHARTH, SOLD, UGLY, And QISSA Topline

In a mere three weeks time, the 12th annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) opens its doors to show off some of the fantastic things going on in the independent film scene of the world's largest democracy and... More »
By J Hurtado   

THE RAID 2 Clip: Hammer Girl On A Suddenly Bloody Subway

What you need to know about this clip from The Raid 2 before watching it is that it is bloody, NSFW, and features Hammer Girl demonstrating how she earned that nickname. The film opens in the U.S. on March 28.... More »

Watch The Very Promising First Teaser For Brunei Fight Drama YASMINE

We have been intrigued by director Siti Kamaluddin's action drama Yasmine since first coming across word of it back in October. It's just the second commercially produced film in the entire history of Brunei, for one thing, and it provides... More »
By Todd Brown   

Check Out The Intriguing Full Trailer For Fruit Chan's THE MIDNIGHT AFTER

Fruit Chan is easily one of the most interesting filmmakers working in Hong Kong today. Since he came to fame with his 1997 directorial effort Made In Hong Kong, he has made a number of films that have a very... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

Hey Australia And New Zealand! Win Awesome Anime From Hanabee!

It's been almost two years since Hanabee made its public launch, and within this short time, the Australian anime distributor has already developed an amazing catalogue of titles that are both varied and exciting, and includes such fan favorites as... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

Vietnamese Musical THE TALENT Surprisingly Wins Golden Kite Award

The Golden Kite Award (usually called the Oscar of Vietnam) has officially announced the winner. The Talent (original titled Thần Tượng) by first-time director Nguyen Quang Huy surprised everyone with six awards, including "Golden Kite for Best Feature Film",... More »
By Trung Rwo   

Contest: Win a DVD Copy of Kim Sung-su's FLU

CJ Entertainment has offered up three copies of the outbreak thriller Flu and we're making it very easy to nab a copy. First off, here's the official synopsis: A deadly virus is unleashed on an unsuspecting public in the intense,... More »

Explore Japan's Snowy Countryside In The First Trailer For HARU WO SEOTTE

Legendary cinematographer Kimura Daisaku's second directorial venture will takes us to Tateyama Mountain Range, the heart of Japan's snow country. Given his fondness for such locations, we might expect a lot of beautiful and unforgettable views in a sentimental and... More »

Creepy First Teaser For JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END Arrives

Following the poster debut for Ju-on: Beginning Of The End, the latest and seventh installment in the popular Japanese horror film series a few days ago, the film's first teaser has also just arrived. The beginning of the teaser says... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

First JU-ON: BEGINNING OF THE END Poster Arrives, Compare It With Its Predecessors

It seems that things are moving pretty fast for Ju-on: Beginning of the End. Not two weeks have passed since the picture began filming and already a fresh new poster can be found on various Japanese outlets around the web. With... More »


Among the hardworking and constantly stressed Japanese citizens, one of the quickest and arguably most satisfying ways of escaping reality is indulging in manga. Within this billion dollar industry there's an unimaginable amount of genres - one more original than... More »

Check Out This Fan Film For THE RAID 2's Hammer Girl!

Though Gareth Evans' The Raid 2 has not yet had a public release anywhere in the world it would appear at least one character has already made quite an impression. Fans have been chattering about Julie Estelle's role as Hammer... More »
By Todd Brown   

NYC Happenings: A Tribute To Donald Richie Returns To Japan Society

If you know Japanese Cinema, especially pre-1980s, but certainly not excluding current generations of filmmakers, then you no doubt know the name Donald Richie. The American critic who adopted Japan as his home after the war, Richie was an instrumental... More »

Hey Australia! Win Double Passes To See THE RAID 2 In Cinemas!

Thanks to the great guys at Madman Entertainment, we have 10 double passes for The Raid 2, the sequel to the massive 2011 action hit The Raid, to give to our Australian readers! And as if that isn't awesome enough,... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

This Exclusive WRATH OF VAJRA Clip Comes With Extra Wrath

Law Wing-Cheong's Hong Kong fight flick The Wrath Of Vajra hits home video and VOD in the USA next week and just in case you're wondering just how much wrath Vajra has, well, the answer is a lot as evidenced... More »
By Todd Brown   

Get Behind The Scenes Of THE RAID 2

Want to know how they construct the elaborate fight sequences in The Raid movies? Well, with The Raid 2 hitting screens in the US and other parts of the world March 28th a lengthy, ten minute long, behind the scenes... More »
By Todd Brown   
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