The End Of The World Arrives In The 1950s. Fantastic Trailer For South African SciFi SWEETHEART

Is it an alien invasion or the Rapture? And is there any real difference between the two? That seems to be the tension driving Michael Matthews' Sweetheart, a half hour long South African short film produced on a tiny budget.District... More »
By Todd Brown   

Watch Die Antwoord In Harmony Korine's UMSHINI WAM

Yes, it is every bit as strange as you think it's going to be.Yolandi Visser and Ninja from frequently bizarre South African rap act Die Antwoord star in Umshini Wam, a new short film from director Harmony Korine. Korine, in... More »
By Todd Brown   

South African industrial metal + werewolves = horror you can tap your feet to

The association with metal music and horror film has been a long standing one. Bands have been drawing inspiration from horror films for as long as Metal has been around. Case in point, the South African industrial metal band Terminatryx. Inspired... More »

From The Makers of WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX Comes Uganda's Action Madness THE RETURN OF UNCLE BENON

Hold on to your seat and brace yourself for the thrill ride of your life! Ramon film productions, Uganda's leading film making company that unexpectedly took the action world by storm back in July when they unleashed the trailer to... More »
By Al Young   

Pierre Laffargue's BLACK on BLU (in the UK)

I cannot bring myself to post up the painfully generic Blu-Ray cover of Pierre Laffargue's wonderfully oddball neo-blaxploitation action-fantasy starring French rapper McJean Gab'1 as an on-the-lam Parisian bank robber down in Senegal for a diamond heist.  The best way to... More »

John Cleese Stars In South African Comedy SPUD

It's hard to find a nation on the globe whose box office is not being dominated by either Harry Potter or Tangled right now, but there are a few. In Japan it's Space Battleship Yamato topping the chart. And Finland... More »
By Todd Brown   

What Is Neill Blomkamp's AGM HEARTLAND?

Here's an intriguing mystery for fans of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. Included in the iPad edition of the current issue of Wired is a one minute teaser titled AGM Heartland, a teaser that arrives with no explanation and no... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For 1978 South African Grindhouse Picture DEATH OF A SNOWMAN, Now On DVD!

Freshly released on DVD by the good folk at Synapse is 1978 South African grindhouse picture Death Of A Snowman. Also known as Soul Patrol and Black Trash this one is a reminder of why so many of the current... More »
By Todd Brown   

Billy Zane Heads To Nigeria For Jeta Amata's BLACK GOLD

[Updated with full theatrical trailer.]Though you wouldn't know it from the amount of coverage it gets in the west - i.e. virtually none - Nigeria is home to one of the most prolific film industries in the world, the nation... More »
By Todd Brown   

Fantastic Trailer For Japanese Indie-Animation THE MESSENGER FROM THE SEA

Over the last few years an interesting trend has emerged in the world of Japanese animation. You can call it the rise of the indies, a wave of purely independent animators creating their own feature films and OVA releases at... More »
By Todd Brown   

An Exclusive First Look At DISTRICT 9 Star Sharlto Copley's Directorial Debut SPOON!

Before he rose to fame as the leading man in District 9 and long before he was cast as Mad Murdock in Joe Carnahan's revival of The A-Team, Sharlto Copley's future plans involved working on the other side of the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sundance 2010: From The Producer Of Neill Blomkamp's ALIVE IN JOBURG, Trailer For Kenyan SciFi Short PUMZI

While there's no doubt at all that Neill Blomkamp deserves every scrap of praise that he has received for the fantastic District 9, there is also no doubt that these sorts of creations never happen in a vacuum. There are... More »
By Todd Brown   

'Truffe' director Kim Nguyen's next film 'La Cité'

The Quebec film industry here in Canada is so alarmingly good at what is does it is a shame that the rest of our country remains largely unawares of it. Director Kim Nguyen's is following up his previous feature Truffe,... More »

Producer Simon Hansen Heads To Sundance With PUMZI

Who is Simon Hansen and why should you care that he's produced a short film?  Well, in 2005 the South African producer and special effects artist had a hand in a little film called Alive In Joburg, which may... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For South African Indie Action Thriller SLAM-BANG

In the world of English-language film, South Africa remains a bit of an undiscovered country, with very few films from that nation travelling out onto the international stage. But make no mistake about it, that is going to change and... More »
By Todd Brown   
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