Put A Little Trouble In Your Hat With The Stellar Trailer For Dance Doc THE AFRICAN CYPHER

South African director Bryan Little is about to show you the streets of Soweto like you've never seen them. As the home to some incredibly talented young men responding to a difficult environment through dance. Little's The African Cypher is... More »
By Todd Brown   

Super Slick Trailer For South African Psycho-Sexual Thriller SLEEPER'S WAKE

Adapted from an acclaimed novel, Barry Berk's Sleeper's Wake presents something international audiences are not at all used to seeing come out of Africa: A dark, slickly shot psycho sexual thriller that promises to stand with the best of them.John... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sydney 2012: Day 3 Trailer of the Day - UNDER AFRICAN SKIES

My pick for today's Sydney Film Festival trailer of the day is Under African Skies, which focuses on Paul Simon's seminal album Graceland. About Under African Skies: Paul Simon returns to South Africa to reunite with the musicians, including Ladysmith Black... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

A Crook. A Cop. A Body Swap. They're COPPOSITES!

the body swap comedy. It's one of the most bizarrely resilient sub-genres in film history. They're all basically the same and yet they pop up over and over again around the world, presumably because they give their stars a chance... More »
By Todd Brown   

HotDocs 2012: THE AMBASSADOR Review

Either Mads Brügger has balls the size of grapefruits or there is mondo chicanery going on in The Ambassador.  Well, it's a given that there is trickery happening, so the thing to figure out is who the trick is on: The... More »

African Men Shoot Their Machine Guns From Trucks And Think Smiling is Stupid

Though I had absolutely nothing to do with making this, consider it a sort of impromptu follow up to my previous editorial about Think Like A Man and Hollywood's bias against casting minorities in significant parts. Check the video below... More »
By Todd Brown   

Trailer For South African Heist Movie 31 MILLION REASONS

While every nation's local cinema has its own distinct flavor there are also certain constants no matter where you go. And one of those is that crime plays well everywhere. It's a simple fact. And it's one that is clearly... More »
By Todd Brown   

Sundance 2012: Watch The Trailer For Somali Pirate Short FISHING WITHOUT NETS

As Sundance approaches, there's bound to be a flurry of teasers and trailers for the 2012 selection coming online, if not already. We might as well start with one from the shorts program, Cutter Hodierne's Fishing Without Nets. The synopsis... More »

You'll Never Look At DEVIL MAY CRY The Same Way Again

I would say that the voice over in the trailer for Bonsam Besu - what I can only assume is a completely unauthorized Ghanaian film version of Devil May Cry - is the best part but that would overlook the... More »
By Todd Brown   

Ghana Is Infested With Terminators And Predators In 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ghana makes movies. Movies with action. Movies with adventure. Movies with special effects. Movies with famous characters from much better funded movies used in flagrant violation of international copyright law.You love The Terminator? Fond of Predator? So... More »
By Todd Brown   

Mads Brügger's THE AMBASSADOR opens IDFA festival (and starts a row...)

This week the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam starts with a bang: the opening film is Mads Brügger's "The Ambassador". Made up almost exclusively of hidden-camera footage, the film shows Mads acquiring a diplomatic passport and travelling to the Central... More »
By Ard Vijn   

Watch Kevin MacDonald's LIFE IN A DAY for FREE!

One of the most ambitious and successful documentaries of the year, LIFE IN A DAY is a beautiful collage of people, places, emotions and lives taking place over the course of a single day. Devised and compiled by Academy-Award Winning... More »

TIFF 2011: Trailer For South African Crime Drama MAN ON GROUND

There's no denying at this point that African cinema is undergoing a major change and audiences around the world can expect to see a lot more projects from the continent in coming years. And if there's a face to the... More »
By Todd Brown   

South Africa's Charlie Vundla Will Teach You HOW TO STEAL 2 MILLION

Might it be that Viva Riva was just the beginning of a new wave of stylish African action films? If the trailer for South African effort How To Steal 2 Million is any indication then the answer is hell, yes.... More »
By Todd Brown   

MIFF 2011 - The Festival Guide insight

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF 2011) is just around the corner; it is celebrating 60 years and is one of the oldest festivals in the world. I have chosen 60 (edit 60+) films and would like to share some... More »

MIFF Channels World Cinema With New Promos!

The Melbourne International Film Festival is gearing up for its 60th anniversary -- already announcing a teaser program which includes 25 Cannes features including Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive as its closer. No doubt the 60 years milestone will see MIFF bring... More »

SFF 2011 Day 6 - Trailer of the Day is AFRICA UNITED

Today's pick for the Sydney Film Festival Trailer of the Day is the delightful AFRICA UNITED. Here's what the SFF Program says about the film: Three Rwandan kids hit the road to soccer's World Cup in this energetic and... More »
By Hugo Ozman   

Blu Ray Review: BLUE CRUSH 2

I suspect that despite the lack of clamor for a sequel to moderately successful 2002 surfer-girl drama, Blue Crush, its direct-to-video sequel might go over well with the tween and teen girls that movie appears to be targeting. It's a... More »

Hey NY, LA & Portland - Go See VIVA RIVA this Weekend!

We've been loving on Djo Munga's Congolese crime thriller Viva Riva! for months and months now and it's finally coming out in limited release this weekend! I had a chance to see it this week and completely agree with James... More »

Trailer For Acclaimed Congolese Action Drama VIVA RIVA!

Djo Tunda Wa Munga's Viva Riva! has been turning heads on the international festival circuit and putting a new, commercially accessible face on African film in the process. And fresh off of basically sweeping the African Film Awards - where... More »
By Todd Brown   
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