Blu Ray Review: BLUE CRUSH 2

I suspect that despite the lack of clamor for a sequel to moderately successful 2002 surfer-girl drama, Blue Crush, its direct-to-video sequel might go over well with the tween and teen girls that movie appears to be targeting. It's a... More »


[With African action picture Viva Riva! opening in limited release in the US tomorrow we revisit our earlier review.]Set in modern day Kingshasa - capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - gasoline is in short supply. Riva, wonderfully... More »

SFIFF54: A Dozen

[Our thanks to Frako Loden for offering this egg carton's worth of reviews to Twitch.] For this year's San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF54), I have yet to go on a screener binge--that starts later today--so I'll be attending festival... More »


[Allow me to introduce the most recent intern for The Evening Class, Jackson Scarlett, known to local cinephiles through his efforts for the Global Film Initiative and as publicity coordinator for the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. We... More »

THE UNFORGIVING - Alastair Orr (Review)

South-Africa might not have the most booming movie scene on the planet, from time to time some really interesting stuff is coming from over there. Just last year blockbuster District 9 stormed the world by force, now it's time for... More »

HKIFF 2011: VIVA RIVA! Review

Scanning the festival brochure VIVA RIVA! instantly leapt off the page at me. Not because I had heard anything about it, but all the ingredients seemed to be in place for a fresh new take on a classic formula from... More »

ND/NF 2011 Review: Microphone

Watching Microphone now, which is basically a love letter to Alexandria, is all the more poignant considering what's been happening in Egypt for the last few months. Director Ahmad Abdalla succeeds in capturing the essence of the youth culture in... More »

HKIFF 2011: OCEANS Review

The last couple of years have seen the documentary field inundated with environmentally conscious films lecturing us in no uncertain terms about the scourge the human race has become and how time is running out if we don't want... More »


How could anyone dismiss The Silent Army? It's a sensitive film about a deeply troubling real-world issue (child soldiers in East Africa), made by a director who clearly feels very strongly about the subject matter both from a personal... More »


Claire Denis (Trouble Everyday, Beau Travail) goes back to the colonial Africa and tells a story of a coffee plantation owned by a white family caught in a civil war. Maria Vial (Isabelle Huppert), a matron of the family is... More »


[Our thanks to Padrhig Harney for the following review]With production from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Mozambique, and Brazil "The Last Flight of Flamingo" brings globalization and film together in an attempt to create a film unlike any other. Director... More »
By Todd Brown   

Tioseco-Bohinc Film Series: CAMEROON LOVE LETTER (FOR SOLO PIANO) Review

A Westerner (Gertjan Zuilhof, voiced by Lourd de Veyra) travels to Cameroon. The place feels foreign. The roads are littered with potholes filled to the brim with muddy water. The cityscapes and the rural towns, while seemingly familiar, are estranged.... More »
By Oggs Cruz   

SDCC 2010: Lost Boys: The Thirst

[Cross-posted at as part of its San Diego Comic Con coverage] While at Comic Con my friend Alex and I got to talking about the review process. Alex asked how I sometimes arrive at some of my reviews and... More »

Fantasia 2010: PHOBIA 2 Review

[Niels' review of Thai Horror Anthology, PHOBIA 2 is getting a bump back up to the top of the page to coincide with its  screening at Fantasia.]Thai horror is doing good for itself. Proof of that is the second installment... More »


[Doman Seman screens July 5th and 7th at the Lincoln Center with director Go Shibata in attendance.]For fans of out-there cinema, especially of the anything-goes Asian variety, Gô Shibata's new film presents something of a conundrum:  it's wild, wacky, subversive-minded,... More »


[Our thanks to Frako Loden for offering her review to the Twitch readership.] I spent a weekend enthralled, watching Connie Field's monumental 8½-hour-long epic documentary, Have You Heard From Johannesburg?, on DVD screeners. Those of you who choose to watch... More »

WSFF 2010: Sci-Fi: Out There

The Sci-Fi: Out There program plays tonight at Cumberland Cinema at 9:15pm. There is still an opportunity to purchase tickets here. Opting for a smaller line up of longer short films the Sci-Fi: Out There program offers good diversity of subjects... More »


[Once again, thanks goes to Aaron Krasnov for the review.]When I initially heard Idris Elba would be headlining a cryptic thriller I became eager to see what he could do in a complex dramatic role. The allure of Legacy is strong:... More »

James' Top 10 of 2009

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all of you - trust you're turkeys were stuffed, crackers pulled and your Auld and Lang well and truly Syned. For your pleasure, scrutiny, ridicule or whatever, please find my 10... More »


Set in an unspecified French speaking African nation mired by civil war, Claire Denis' White Material skirts around much of the social and political commentary that comes with many films shot on the African continent by semi-outsiders. It is in... More »
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