Between Wolf Children and Summer Wars, Mamoru Hosoda is establishing himself as a gifted anime auteur (with "anime" functioning as a descriptive word, not a qualifier) whose style, visually and thematically, lies somewhere between Ghibli fare and the work of... More »


Welcome back to The Stack! This week we're dividing the show into two separate episodes so I can finally catch up from Fantastic Fest. Look for October 8 releases to be covered on Wednesday October 9. In the mean time... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks GRAVITY, MUSCLE SHOALS and more!

Another opportunity post-TIFF to extol the virtues of Cuarón's Gravity, along with Parkland, the fabulous documentary Muscle Shoals, and Jonathan Levine's long shelved All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.Video embedded below... More »

The Stack: DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Ultimate Collector's Edition, HALLOWEEN 35th Anniversary Digibook, ROOM 237, And More

Welcome back to The Stack. I'm back from Fantastic Fest! It was amazing but the pile on my desk is awe-inspiring. What to my wondering eyes did appear but the Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector's Edition, a passel of Shout Factory... More »

Indie Beat: 5 Most Intriguing Indies In October

October is looking to be one of the best months of the year for independently minded film in the U.S., if only because a handful of titles that have been some of the most anticipated and talked about (and controversial)... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013: Twitch's Super Wrap With All Our Reviews and Top Fest Picks

All is (relatively) quiet now at The Alamo Drafthouse in northwest Austin, Texas, which has resumed its normal operations, with barely a sign that an 8-day celebration of genre films from around the world, hosting filmmakers, industry guests, members of... More »

Indie Beat: The Road To Sustainable Filmmaking And How Crowdfunding Platform Seed&Spark Could Pave The Way

Though I may not always find the proper footing for sharing big ideas here it has always been my goal with Indie Beat to discuss independent cinema as a frontier realm -- in the artistic sense, but also of a... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Wraps Up TIFF 2013

Despite barely being able to string two sentences together with any kind of coherence, yet wearing a R100 shirt for good measure, I managed to not sound like a complete idiot last night chatting with Scott Laurie about TIFF 2013.... More »


It's fitting that I have 13 items to cover this week since Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection hits Blu-ray in a beautiful tin. Does this set kill the possibility of other purchases? No way! Blandings: Series One is anything but... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks TIFF13, GRAVITY, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, And THE SQUARE

Already quite a year, and we're only four days into this 11-day fest! Something kind of unique for me, my first "stand up" in front of a boisterous crowd, talking TIFF off the top of my head. Chatted about Cuarón's... More »

New To Netflix: Brain Surgery! Amigos! Stephen Chow! Paddy Considine! Michael Caine Impressions! And More!

While it may appear that Twitch is taken over by TIFF at the moment, we realize the vast majority of you are not in Toronto for the film festival.  And for the minority of that majority who have Netflix subscriptions,... More »

Indie Beat: 5 Most Intriguing Indies In September

While I am not feeling as hot on the independent releases this month as I have in the past couple, (the word "ho-hum" comes to mind) there is no doubt some good stuff coming the U.S.A.'s way this summer's end.... More »

New To Netflix: Hysterical Women, High School Gone Bad, Taxidermy, and Todd Solondz

Welcome to this week's entry for New To Netflix! This week we go from Alfred Hitchcock to Todd Solondz, with stops in-between featuring an animated homage to Jacques Tati. Oh, and how about a little murder in high school? We... More »

19 Most Thrilling Gas-Guzzling, Car-Chasing, Road-Tripping Movies

After seeing Courtney Solomon's Getaway at an advance screening -- more on that later -- I began feeling nostalgic for the gas-guzzling car chase movies of my youth. As a kid growing up in 1970s California, that meant the Holy... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks YOU'RE NEXT and THE WORLD'S END

Twitchvision's back after a week's hiatus, and we've got a couple of films to chat about that didn't quite make the top of the box office charts. Almost two years since I first saw Adam Wingard's You're Next with a... More »

Lock Your Doors: 15 Great Home Invasion Movies You Haven't Seen

With You're Next opening this Friday on the heels of the massive box office success of The Purge, audiences this year are again questioning the safety of their own homes. It's not at all surprising that the home invasion... More »

Indie Beat: L.A. Stories -- Seeking Independence In Hollywood

Even from indoors I can sense the sprawl. It is an onslaught. It is an adventure. Its sun-charged heart of concrete beats ceaselessly. The seeming endlessness of a loud city song, a vortex cradled by hills, valleys, and mountains. Even... More »

Opening: DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER (Plus A Gallery Of 7 Lesser-Known Examples)

Opening in New York today at Cinema Village, Erik P. Sharkey's documentary Drew: The Man Behind the Poster considers the life and work of legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan, who is responsible for iconic images for Star Wars, Raiders... More »

New to Netflix: Pizza! Racial Tension! Glaives! Ape Creatures! Old Ladies! Narcotic Fruit! And Nic Cage Back From Hell!

After a brief summer hiatus, we are back!  Welcome to this week's entry for New To Netflix! Not that we are actually new to Netflix, we are just happy, able, and willing to help you find out what kind of 'Twitch-y'... More »

Noir Lives: The Bogart Estate And Director Steve Anderson Unveil Santana Films

In 1947, Humphrey Bogart, one of Old Hollywood's biggest talents, started an independent production company named after his yacht. The story behind Santana may sound quaint by today's standards, as just about every actor with some clout has their own... More »
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