Review: POMPEII Erupts With Volcanic Mediocrity

In Pompeii, the ancient Roman city of the title (circa 79 A.D.) is about to be destroyed all over again; this time for fun and profit! The second half of director Paul W.S. Anderson's (known for all those Resident Evil movies)... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: ENDLESS LOVE Is Somewhat A Sure Thing

The new teen melodrama Endless Love commits a myriad of sins. And I'm not just referring to the hot and bothered young couple on the poster. It's been said that there's nothing new under the sun, and this sufficiently bronzed film... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: ABOUT LAST NIGHT, Halfway Transformed By Kevin Hart Into A Raucous Comedy

Kevin Hart is a profane, raunchy, and very successful stand-up comedian who broke big with his indie film Laugh At My Pain in 2011. Combining footage from an arena show in Los Angeles with a visit to Hart's hometown of... More »

Review: ROBOCOP, A Decent-Enough Reboot

Way back in 1987, a non-American director came to these shores to make a film that worked as both an explosive and violent action film, but also a cautionary tale about militarism of our police forces and the growing fascism... More »

Review: THE MONUMENTS MEN, Wartime Patriotism Done Right (Or Left)

"That belongs in a museum!!" "So do you!" That, of course, is an early stretch of dialogue from 1989's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In it, Dr. Jones is battling a posh and jerky villain who's apparently pretty quick with... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: THE LEGO MOVIE Is Brickin' Fantastic

Let's not bury the lede: The LEGO Movie, even this early into the season, is the best animated film of the year. I mean, sure, it's only February, but this is one of the funniest, most clever animated films in years. Not... More »

Review: In LABOR DAY, Real Men Bake Pies

Kate Winslet is a Real Woman. And Josh Brolin is a Real Man. And yet, they cannot be together.  That's the tragedy of the new drama, Labor Day (based on the novel by Joyce Maynard, who also wrote the source... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: I, FRANKENSTEIN Makes An Apocalyptic Battle Look Like a Rainbow of Fireworks

Oooh, death looks so pretty! Demons drool, gargoyles rule! Stuart Beattie, who made his directorial debut with 2010's Tomorrow, When the War Began, delivers what amounts to a simplistic, spiritual sequel to that film, even though he has stepped over... More »

Review: COMMUNITY S5EP04, "Cooperative Polygraphy", A Fitting Farewell To Pierce Sans Pierce

At the end of last week's episode the ol' study group found out former member Pierce Hawthorne had passed away. It came after a moody, Zodiac style procedural, and I thus wrote: " While the reveal of Pierce's death at... More »

Review: JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT Starts Strong Before Becoming A Preposterous Mess

There's something to be said for the throwback spy genre flick. Throw in a bit of black-ops mischief, some clever subterfuge, and a bunch of nifty maneuvering and you occasionally get quite a fun cinematic experience. Naturally, the collapse of... More »

Review: RIDE ALONG Doesn't Go Anywhere

When it comes to Ride Along, the new, unremarkable comedy starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, it's a better use of everyone's time and focus to skip any detailed breakdown of the film's failings, and simply state that the laughs... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: THE NUT JOB Fails To Crack Up Viewers

After a prolonged season of amused-with-themselves animated studio films that are over-complicated for their little tyke target audiences (time traveling presidentally pardoned turkeys and fuel-injected race car snails), the premise of a cadre of hungry squirrels plotting to knock over... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: COMMUNITY S5EP03, "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics" Gets Cheeky With A Fincher-esque Procedural

Back in the day, say late 2007 or early 2008, movie audiences, critics and those people that give out awards were talking about two particular American films that had struck accord at the cinema: There Will Be Blood and No... More »

Review: LONE SURVIVOR Offers An Intense, Visceral Depiction Of The War Experience

Samuel Fuller, who directed some of the best war movies ever made, and who was a combat veteran himself, famously stated, "To make a real war movie would be to fire at the audience from behind a screen." Peter Berg's... More »

Review: THE LEGEND OF HERCULES, All Bow Down To King Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins out-fights, out-glowers, and out-growls everyone else with whom he shares a scene in Renny Harlin's The Legend of Hercules. That poses a challenge, because Scott Adkins is not playing Hercules, the half-breed son of Zeus. Instead, the mild-mannered... More »

Review: SyFy's HELIX, An Infectious Television Thriller

I have a concern. Whenever a SyFy show impresses me the trend I am seeing is that it does not last longer than two seasons. SGU? Two seasons. Because it was darker than its predecessors - trying to latch on that... More »

Review: COMMUNITY S5 EP01 & 02, REPILOT Proves You Can Go Home Again

There's probably a good three to five paragraphs I could spend clumsily wading through the history of Community, with it's ups and downs, successes and pitfalls. But if you're reading this review that means you're most likely a fan; a... More »

Review: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES Explores New Territory, Gets Lost

The fifth entrant in the Paranormal Activity found-footage series picks up its home video cameras, moves to a new location, and introduces a new set of characters with the same old problem: How do you make a movie about things... More »

Review: Stiller Waters Fail to Run Deep In THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY

Imagine a would-be studio blockbuster that sets out to be all things to all audiences, a soaring positive journey of a film that manages to include a bit of social observation; an entertaining winner on all fronts. This is the film... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY Not Exactly a Family Destination

If you like attending your own dysfunctional extended family gatherings, you'll just love paying to attend someone else's! That must be the prevailing assumption behind the decision to release this film this time of year. Having been through multiple mandated... More »
By Jim Tudor   
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