Twitch's Favorite Robotic Cops (Resurrection Optional)

The metallic clank of his feet. The whirling drill sound of his arms and torso twisting into motion. The stentorian command of his voice. Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop set a high standard for robotic law-enforcement officers back in 1987, a standard... More »

Learning From The Masters Of Cinema: William A. Wellman's WINGS

Dubbed the last great silent film, William A. Wellman's 1927 action-packed epic is a simple story of friendship, love and rivalry set against the colossal backdrop of the First World War. Featuring some of the most incredible aerial battles ever... More »

Destroy All Monsters: The Joker Effect

The casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight has become the cure-all response to any outcries of disappointment about the casting of any major pop cultural characters in any major film, ever. (Heck, it nearly even... More »
By Matt Brown   

Hooray For Hollywood! The Answer To Your Question Is: Money

Hello! My name is Todd and I will be your humble(ish) guide through the sausage factory that is Hollywood.  Or, to be more precise, I will be endeavoring to provide a window into aspects of the business of filmmaking that... More »

70s Rewind: TWO-MINUTE WARNING, A Sniper Threatens The Big Game

Snipers entered the public conciousness in the U.S. on August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman shot dozens of people from a tower located on the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas. Whitman's shooting spree claimed the lives of 14;... More »

Sundance 2014: Jason Gorber's Cineplex Diaries

In addition to regular reviews here at Twitch, along with the weekly Twitchvision sements, I had the privilege this year to provide coverage for 2014 Sundance Film Festival for Over the 11 days of the fest (along with two... More »

Destroy All Monsters: What's Wrong With HER

The thing that immediately skeeved me out about Her, which I presumed at the time (and still do) was the key element of the text, is only this: When Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) first "meets" his operating system, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson),... More »
By Matt Brown   

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks Sundance 2014

Here's a special Sundance edition of Twitchvision, where I broadcast from the lobby of the Yarrow Hotel in Park City, Utah. The first segment has talk of the opening films, including The Overnighters, Adam Wingard's The Guest, and Michael Fassbender... More »

Destroy All Monsters: Bromance On Baker Street

Early in "The Empty Hearse," the generally outstanding third-season premiere of the BBC's Sherlock series, John Watson (Martin Freeman) must explain at length to Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs, who has the best name on television) that he and the "late"... More »
By Matt Brown   

Twitch's Favorite Frankensteins -- And The Monsters They Created

The imminent theatrical release in North America of I, Frankenstein on Friday, January 24, gives us an excuse to express our collective love for the mad scientist known as Frankenstein -- and the monsters he created. As the title of... More »

Destroy All Monsters: Stop J.J. Abrams

I cannot overemphasize the degree to which I am convinced that basing a new Star Wars movie around the septuagenarian adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo is an extinction-level error in judgment. The Hollywood Reporter revealed... More »
By Matt Brown   

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, LONE SURVIVOR And Woody

Talking this week about John Wells' August: Osage County, a film with a tour-de-force cast but a (slightly) watered down take on the usual Tracey Letts madness. The box office winner this week was Peter "Battleship" Berg's Lone Survivor, a... More »

Destroy All Monsters: 2013, A Year That Film Will Take To Its Grave

2013 wasn't a particularly good year for film, and I began to realize it when the blockbusters started limping. I think about blockbusters a lot. I do this for the most part because they're the engine that runs the American... More »
By Matt Brown   

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks LLEWYN, FROZEN And HUSTLE/WOLF, Again

Well, with most holidays wrapping up, there are still a slew of movies in theatres definitely deserving of your time. Several (especially Inside Llewyn Davis and American Hustle) are exactly the kind of films that deserve another look given their narrative... More »

The Many Faces Of George Clooney

Believe it or not, when From Dusk Till Dawn hit cinemas I did not know who George Clooney was. Worse: friends of mine refused to go see the film because they knew him from television and he was a "pretty... More »
By Ard Vijn   

New To Netflix: From Stanley Kubrick To Johnnie To

Welcome to a new year of streaming picks in different countries via the ubiquitous red digital envelope. This week's entry of New To Netflix is packed with diversity from around the world, available in markets around the world. There is one... More »

TTTT: An American Film Geek's Top & Bottom 10 for 2013

It all comes down to relationships. And 2013 yielded its fine share of memorable on-screen relationships: A man and his computer. A slave and his masters. A young girl and her repressive country. A child and her caretakers. A young... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Twitch's Best Of 2013 - Best Film

The year that was 2013 has run its course, so the time has come for Team Twitch to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute to... More »

Twitch's Best Of 2013 - Best Director

The year that was 2013 has run its course, so the time has come for Team Twitch to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute to... More »

Twitchvision: Jason Gorber's Top 5 Films of 2013

It's that time of year for lists, and I completely admit that I'm quite loose with my selections, sometimes providing different answers for different contexts. Having to pick only five, I chose one doc, one Canadian film, and three films... More »
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