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People Sterilized For Cash In New Vietnamese Film Project

Actress Hai Yen - internationally known for The Quiet American and Adrift - will return to the big screen in the new movie by auteur director Phan Dang Di, Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories. The second film directed by Phan... More »
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Fingers Point In All Directions Over Leak Of Banned Vietnamese Film CHO LON

Ten days after the leak of Cho Lon nothing appears clear here in Vietnam. Immediately following the banned film's appearance on the internet production company and distributor Galaxy Film JSC sent a letter to the authorities to denounce and suggest an investigation... More »
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Johnny Nguyen's Banned CHO LON Is (Briefly) Leaked Online

[As a further FYI on this story, Twitch has learned that the version leaked was NOT the original, director's cut of the film but one of the subsequent re-edits with a great deal of violence removed in an attempt to... More »
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Vietnam Plans to Top Southeast Asia's Film Industry By 2020

There's no sarcasm here. Vietnam's Department of Cinema has announced a plan to make the local film industry the leading one in Southeast Asia by 2020, but experts have called it wishful thinking. The conference was organized to collect opinions... More »
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Review: Shinkai Makoto's GARDEN OF WORDS Is Cheesy, But Has Heart

Promoted as a feature-length film, Shinkai Makoto's Garden of Words surprisingly only lasts 46 minutes. However, it was enough for the director to portray human emotions as well as understand the purpose of relationships.The word "love" in modern Japanese is "ai", but in... More »
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Watch The Bloody Trailer For Previously-Blocked Vietnamese Action Film THE RACE

If you read about the case of Cho Lon, you'll know The Race. It's another violent film that was initially blocked and was asked to edit some scenes like Cho Lon was, but it wasn't banned. The crew of The Race... More »
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THE GRANDMASTER VFX Featurette Shows Ziyi Zhang Fighting With Style

Soon to be released in America, a new featurette for The Grandmaster dropped today, showing how the masters fight in snow with the help of VFX. While you won't see Tony Leung Chiu Wai here, Ziyi Zhang shines in this... More »
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Vietnamese Directors Speak Out On CHO LON and Censorship

The banning of the Nguyen brothers' Cho Lon caused extreme rage in Vietnam yesterday. And not just for filmmakers or film geeks, but all over the country; I haven't seen anything like this before. Previously banned films came and went... More »
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Johnny Nguyen's CHO LON Banned in Vietnam, Rest Of World To Miss Out

It sucks, I know, but it's official. According to the Vietnam Film Department, Cho Lon (original title: Bụi đời Chợ Lớn) has been banned. Given that local clearance is required before Vietnamese producers are permitted to release a film internationally, this... More »
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Fight Crime With Evil in Japanese Trailer For THE DEVIL'S PATH

Takayuki Yamada, the star of Crows Zero, Mirokurôze and Lesson of the Evil, flashes his stern look again with a crime film titled Kyoaku (The Devil's Path). Directed by Kazuya Shiraishi as his second feature-length film, The Devil's Path will deal with the triangular relationship of... More »
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Flying Dagger, Bathing Babes In The Trailer Of Vietnamese 3D Thriller HOW THE HELL I KNOW

Biết Chết Liền (not-really-literally translated: How The Hell I Know), a 3D comedy thriller directed by Le Bao Trung, has released its theatrical trailer. The preview features scandalous star Angela Phuong Trinh in many bath tub scenes or passionately kissing... More »
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Victor Vu Will Give You A BLOODY HEART

After making some slick thrillers, period martial arts and even rom-coms, Victor Vu, the director of Blood Letter, will return to horror territory with Bloody Heart (Quả tim máu). This time he'll join with character actor Thai Hoa, the popular Vietnamese comedy... More »
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