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Here's the truth: The Dark Knight belongs to Heath Ledger. I'll eat all my words and take back all my doubts. From the trailer, I really felt Ledger's Joker was just no different than Jack Nicholson's, right down to the... More »

Review of HANCOCK

A few people I know who saw the trailer for Hancock thought it revealed everything in the movie. They boasted that they can write an accurate review of the movie just from the trailer. If you think you know what... More »

NYAFF Report: Review Of Joko Anwar's KALA aka DEAD TIME

Joko Anwar's Kala, just out in Malaysian cinemas, has been deceptively labelled as a noir thriller, and it certainly had me thinking it was a hard-boiled detective story. But what a complete surprise the first half-hour or so turns... More »

SUSUK Trailer

**UPDATE** The official trailer for horror movie Susuk is finally up on YouTube. The official website has also gone live. The movie will be released in Malaysia on Aug 7. Check out the links below. We've been following the developments... More »


The idea is intriguing. A headless body, an ancient sunken city, a haunted woman, a mystery in the deep. But everyone's by now familiar with Tsui Hark's inconsistency as a director. His best films - The Blade, Time And Tide,... More »


Koji Yakusho is simply one of the very best actors, not just in Japan, but in the world. He's worked with some of the best directors in Japan and appeared in a lot of important and memorable films - Warm... More »

The Films Of CHRIS MARKER Available Soon On DVD

O joy! O happiness! This is truly a cause for celebration and rejoice. The films of legendary film essayist Chris Marker have long been unavailable on any format, but the new Icarus Films home video label has announced a few... More »


Throughout his career, legendary star Kamal Hassan has played everything from an old woman to a midget. With Dasavatharam, he's gone and outdone himself by playing no less than 10 different characters! And he remains a delight to watch on... More »

Four Short Films By Woo Ming Jin, Now On DVD

We recently posted the trailer for Woo Ming Jin's The Elephant And The Sea. It's a beautifully shot feature film that has been making its rounds on the festival circuit and has won two awards. The film will finally be... More »


M. Night Shyamalan's latest, an ecological thriller, will definitely not sit well with everyone. While high on suspense, the film mixes comedy and terror so much that at some point, we get confused whether we're suppose to laugh, scream or... More »

Yasmin Ahmad's Ad Raking Up The Awards

Lately, Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad's been making a name for herself on the international film festival circuit, with her biggest win yet at 2007's Berlinale, where Mukhsin won two awards. But few people know that she is already a highly... More »

Expect Lots Of Slicing Blade Action In KNIFE

Learning about the upcoming Asian action flick Knife, I somehow get the picture in my head of that deadly duel between Donnie Yen and Wu Jing in SPL. Knife is the latest project by LeBrocquy Fraser Productions, the team that... More »

Review Of IRON MAN

When a movie starts off with loud, pulsing rock music, you pretty much know what to expect from it. Jon Favreau did say that he wanted to make a rock'n'roll kind of movie, so here you have it, a piece... More »

Malaysian Independent Films Now Available On DVD

For those who've been asking how they can get their hands on copies of award-winning films from the Malaysian independent scene, well Da Huang Pictures has just gone online with its webstore. Da Huang is a collective that consists of... More »


Malaysian director Mamat Khalid will have two films premiering in Europe at this year's Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy. They are the horror spoof Zombi Kg Pisang and noir thriller-comedy Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang. The director will be... More »

Cannes 2008: Eric Khoo Goes To France ... MY MAGIC To Screen At Fest

Singapore's Eric Khoo will have his new film, My Magic, premiere at Cannes 2008, but as for which category and whether it will be in competition, remains to be seen until Thierry Fremaux announces the line-up in five days. Khoo... More »

Haunted House Tale CONGKAK Opens Tomorrow

Malaysian director Ahmad Idham's last horror movie was Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don't Look Back), which was unintentionally funny in most parts and almost zero on scares. His latest, Congkak, set to open in Malaysian cinemas tomorrow, looks to be the... More »


Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. Anytime someone adapts this into a film, it’s bound to HUGE. It’s after all one of the most important works of Chinese literature. Daniel Lee’s Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon is indeed huge. It’s... More »

SUSUK To Be Finally Unleashed!

What a strange thing this horror movie called Susuk is. It was made two years ago, faced a bunch of problems during production, then was stuck in post-production limbo. A TV series inspired by the film was made and shown... More »


Love the idea or hate it, the sequel to megahit The Storm Riders will be directed by the Pang Brothers. Given their dismal track record post-The Eye, it's got to worry fans a bit. The Pangs have proven their ability... More »
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