Simon de Bruyn
Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia

Simon de Bruyn has been covering Antipodean films for Twitch for four years. He's also the Australian & New Zealand acquisitions executive for XYZ Films.

Well-Timed GREAT GATSBY Extended TV Spot Joins Promo Avalanche

While most here at Twitch appear to be hungrily anticipating Pacific Rim, I have the same fervour for Baz Luhrmann's take on The Great Gatsby, and am eating up every morsel of promo in the lead up to its May... More »

A Completely Accurate Portrayal Of The Modern Cinema Experience

Thanks to Michael Cusack for hitting the nail on the head. This should really stand alongside the Alamo Drafthouse no cell phones PSA.... More »

SNOWTOWN's Justin Kurzel to Direct Michael Fassbender in MACBETH

Back in 2006 the director of Romper Stomper, Geoffrey Wright, directed a rising Sam Worthington in a contemporary retelling of Macbeth set in the ganglands of Melbourne. It was an interesting if flawed adaptation, certainly made more compelling by a... More »

US Ambassador Calls For Australians To Stop Pirating GAME OF THRONES

Come on Aussies, this is serious. The US Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich, has set aside diplomacy to issue a drastic call for Australians to stop pirating Game of Thrones. In a missive posted on his official Facebook page at 3:14am... More »

Sly Stallone Approves Aussie Director Patrick Hughes For EXPENDABLES 3

Sylvester Stallone has chosen Australian director Patrick Hughes to direct Expendables 3. Hughes burst onto the action-directing scene with his debut feature, neo-western Red Hill, which stormed around film festivals, landed with Sony Pictures in Australia and proved a powerful... More »

100 BLOODY ACRES Teaser: Morgans Organic Will Get Your Garden Growin' Great!

During the Melbourne International Film Festival last year, one of the most raucous premieres was for horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres. While it starts off as a slow burn, once it gets going the movie is pretty damn funny -... More »

Abe Forsythe, Summer DeRoche, Darcy Prendergast, Natasha Pincus Among First St Kilda Programme Announcements

One of the best short film festivals of the annual calendar is St Kilda. While there have been many pretenders over the years, St Kilda has remained as the premier event for short films (and music videos) in Australia. This... More »

New STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS Clip Shows That Out Of Context, STAR TREK Is Hilarious

I watched Galaxy Quest again recently and as well as showing that it gets better with age (Sam Rockwell's later role in Moon actually adds further comedy layers to his panicked spaceship crew-member) it also shows that actors running around... More »

Shia LaBeouf Could Play Robert De Niro's Annoying Son in Father-Son Spy Thriller

Paramount has picked up rights to Spy's Kid, a story set in the world of espionage with Shia LaBeouf and Robert De Niro in talks to play a father and son spy duo. Now just when you are hoping to hear... More »

JOHN DOE Trailer Reveals Jamie Bamber as Vigilante Serial Killer

Update: It seems whoever posted this trailer didn't have permission to. It's been pulled from the web in recent days due to a copyright claim from the producers.Not many non-Australian actors can do an Aussie accent. Most, like Quentin Tarantino... More »

Hey New Zealand! Ant Timpson Sends You An Invitation To Death

A couple of days ago I received an invite in my inbox from ABCs of Death producer Ant Timpson to attend the New Zealand premiere of the film on April 20 at The Civic in Auckland. The invite is such a... More »

Magic New Poster for Aussie-Indian Film MY CORNERSTONE

Update: We now have a second poster for the film, which gives a more balanced idea of what the film is about. This one firmly pitches the film as a romantic comedy, although the magic vest still features. Check it... More »

World War I Indie FORBIDDEN GROUND Gets An Explosive Trailer

It's not often you see 'war movie' and 'indie' describing the same film, but Johan Earl and Adrian Powers' debut feature Forbidden Ground fits in both camps.Written and directed by the duo, and utilising Earl's expertise in armory, explosives... More »

Jimmy McGovern Creating BBC2 Series on First Australian Convicts

Almost as soon as it was established as a British outpost, Australia became a giant prison for all manner of serious and petty criminals. This has provided lots of fodder for Australian storytellers over the years, most recently seen in... More »

Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan to Attend Indian Film Festival of Melbourne

Only in its second year, the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne is leaping from strength to strength. This year the festival will welcome special guest Amitabh Bachchan, to present the closing night screening of his 1975 blockbuster film Deewar, directed... More »

First MAN OF STEEL TV Spot Lands

If there was any ambiguity what the moral-psychological wrestle that Kal-El aka Clark Kent aka Superman goes through in Man Of Steel would be, that is now dashed with the first TV spot for the film, which basically gives away... More »

First Look at Beardless Chris Hemsworth in Ron Howard's RUSH

Apparently Ron Howard has been doing something else besides making new episodes of Arrested Development. He's gone and made himself a true-sporting-story-of-battling-rivals-overcoming-the-odds-in-cars movie. Formula 1 cars at that, and starring everyone's favourite Australian Norse God, Chris Hemsworth.Check out the first trailer... More »

Get Initiated Into 1970s Sharpie Culture With Michael Kratochvil and Ladyhawke

In 1960s and 1970s Australia, one of the prominemt subcultures of suburban Melbourne were the Sharpies. Also known as Sharps, these were members of violent suburban youth gangs, so named due to their focus on looking and dressing "sharp".Now in... More »

Watch Glendyn Ivin's Incredible Promo for the New Zealand Fire Service

In just one minute Glendyn Ivin will make you cry. His promo for the New Zealand Fire Service (below) is so damn effective that I got dust in my eyes twice watching it in quick succession.For those unfamiliar, Ivin is... More »

St Kilda Film Festival Partners With SXSW

Australia's greatest short film festival, the St Kilda Film Festival, is gearing up for 2013 and in preparation has announced that this year it will partner with the SXSW Film Festival to deliver several sidebar programs of incredible awesomeness and... More »
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