Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg
London, England

Shelagh is a Toronto-born, London-based writer. She also a programmer for Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and is writing her PhD on contemporary Spanish fantastic film.

Frightfest 2013 Review: Renny Harlin's THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT Is A Pass

I want to declare a moratorium on found footage films. Ever since The Blair Witch Project (the success of which had as much to do with marketing as its format), everyone thinks that all they have to do is have... More »

Frighfest 2013 Review: THE DEAD 2: INDIA Is A Visually Stunning Zombie Road Movie That Goes Nowhere New

I have not seen Howard Ford and Jon Ford's The Dead, and I wasn't sure going in to the sequel if that would hinder my understanding or enjoyment of it. I was informed that The Dead 2: India bears no... More »

Frightfest 2013 Preview: BIG BAD WOLVES, THE AMERICAN SCREAM, Ident Competition Winners & More!

The August bank holiday is almost upon us here in old London town, which of course means that Film4 Frightfest is almost here as well! At the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, from Thursday August 22nd to Monday August 26th,... More »

Review: TOP OF THE LAKE Mixes Dark Mythology With Modern Trauma

Jane Campion's television miniseries Top of the Lake (which played at Sundance and has aired in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK), co-created with Gerard Lee, is a dark mystery, one which uses the landscape of New Zealand... More »

First Footage from the Set of [REC]4: Apocalypse Shows a Very Big Boat

The final installment of the brilliant and incredibly successful [REC] series, after some shooting in Barcelona, has now moved production to the Canary Islands under the direction of Jaume Balagueró. (Balagueró directed the first two in the series with Paco... More »

Now On DVD: LITTLE DEATHS Revels In Sex And, Well, Death

Horror anthologies are becoming a popular trend in film nowadays, so it's nice to see one of the early ones finally getting a DVD release. Little Deaths is a trio of films directed by UK's Sean Hogan (Lie Still), Andrew... More »

PiFan 2013: RESOLUTION Boys Go Korean Revenge Thriller

When Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead's eerie and intriguing horror film Resolution eventually finishes its festival run, they should put together all the wonderful videos they have made into an amazing short (or would it be feature length at this... More »

First Trailer for 12 YEARS A SLAVE Reveals Epic Story and Cast

UK director Steve McQueen pretty much blew filmgoers away in 2008 with his intense political thriller Hunger, which examined the life of Bobby Sands and the Irish Troubles of the late 20th century. Then he turned that same intense eye... More »

Hey, Scotland! See a Preview Screening of CITADEL This Tuesday!

We here at Twitch are big fans of Ciaran Foy's feature film debut Citadel. It's an intense, tight horror film that examines a young man's crippling agoraphobia in the wake of a violent attack by strange youths that leaves his... More »

James Franco To Adapt William Faulkner's THE SOUND AND THE FURY

William Faulkner has remained one of my favourite writers since I started reading his work when I was probably too young to grasp his genius. One of the cornerstones of literary modernism, his elegaic and experimental prose was ahead of... More »

Sitges 2013 to Open With GRAND PIANO

My favourite fantastic film festival has come out of the gate swinging with the first announcement of titles for the 2013 edition, and so far it's a pretty exciting line-up. The festival will open with local favourite Eugenio Mira's Grand... More »

European Film Industry Saved from EU-US Trade Talks

With talks about to begin on reworking free trade agreements between the European Union and the United States, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht has apparently removed cultural industries from the table, an article in The Hollywood Reporter states. Prominent... More »

J.D. Salinger Deconstructed in the First Trailer for The Weinstein Company's SALINGER Documentary

As one of the most revered and enigmatic writers of the 20th century, it's inevitable that J.D. Salinger would eventually become the subject of a documentary. Directed by Shane Salerno, the first trailer for Salinger has been released by the... More »

Character Posters for THE WORLD'S END Reveal Designated Pubs

Having lived in North London for nearly three years, I feel as though I've gotten to know the world of Edgar Wright a little better (also it helps to live near the house that served as exterior to Spaced and... More »


Fresh off a successful festival circuit run of his historical thriller Painless, director Juan Carlos Medina's next project will be an adaptation of the Peter Ackroyd novel, Dan Leno & the Limehouse Golem. Announced at the Cannes film festival today,... More »

Sci-Fi London 2013 Review: MARS ET AVRIL Deserves Greater Attention

Oh, what a wonderful, rich, glorious treat of a film Mars et Avril is. A sci-fi steam-punk romance with a terrific score, it is a delight to the senses. Visually stunning, melodramatic in its storytelling, and unafraid to delve into deep... More »

Sci-Fi London 2013 Review: VESSEL Thoughtfully Depicts The Dark Side Of Psychic Powers

The world premiere screening of Vessel did not begin well. Out-of-synch sound forced the projectionist to stop film about 10 minutes in, and delay for half an hour while a back-up copy was found (I'm used to technical problems, so... More »

Sci-Fi London 2013 Review: DEAD WEIGHT

Two things can/have happened with the greater ease of making an indepedent film: One is that newbie filmmakers take no time or care with writing a good story and then take even less time to plan how they will film... More »

Hey, London! Get Crazy with NIGHT OF THE TRAILERS and GET CRAZY!

While I have learned to put up with people talking during trailers, I still don't like it. I want to see and hear about the great movies that are coming out. And I know many people who love to look... More »

Iconic Spanish Horror Director Jesús Franco Dies

Jesús "Jess" Franco - director of nearly 200 films, father of the 1960s Spanish horror boom and father of several generations of filmmakers - has died in Malaga of heart complications, at the age of 82.I don't think you could... More »
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