Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg
London, England

Shelagh is a Toronto-born, Europe-based writer. She also a programmer for Film4 FrightFest and Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and recently completed her PhD on contemporary Spanish fantastic film.

TIFF 2013: Our Complete Coverage (So Far)

Well folks, it's the half way mark for Twitch's Christmas, also known as the Toronto International Film Festival, which means it's the perfect time to catch up on all the films that have been reviewed thus far by our intrepid... More »

TIFF 2013 Interview: CANNIBAL Director Manuel Martín Cuenca Talks About Representing Evil

Manuel Martín Cuenca's masterful Cannibal has had its first public screenings at TIFF (one more on Saturday September 14th, you can read my review). It's a mermerizing story of love and evil, with a man committing crimes so horrible that only... More »

L'étrange 2013 Review: IT'S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY, Animation That Is Funny, Sad, And Wise

I can't say I'm an expert on animation, though I've seen my fair share of animated films. On viewing, I look for how the animation style matches with the story, and how I am meant to interpret one through the... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: CANNIBAL, A Beautiful And Minimalist Study Of Love

Cannibalism pops up with fair regularity in film; and between Somos los que hay, its remake (the fact that there is a remake) We Are What We Are and the television series Hannibal, it seems a particular kind of obsession/evil... More »

L'étrange 2013 Review: A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE, Outrageously Funny Comedy

It's always refreshing to watch a film that has a new and fun take on the zombie metaphor. In the case of A Little Bit Zombie, directed by Casey Walker, that take is the change that love and marriage bring.... More »

Maisie Williams Gets Close To Wildlife In CORVIDAE With A Gallery Of Art And Photos

I'm not quite the devotee of Game of Thrones as many of my friends (I just can't keep up with all the storylines). But one thing I do know is that my favourite character by far is Arya Stark, played... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: ODD THOMAS Panders To The Geek Crowd

Odd Thomas is a film that thinks it's aimed at geeks, a target market who would enjoy a film that wants to be The Frighteners via way of Edgar Wright. Heck, I would enjoy that film. Sadly, Odd Thomas is... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: THE LAST DAYS Presents A Beautiful But Flawed Take On The Apocalypse

Disaster / apocalypse films can be tricky. How much time do you spend on explaining the disaster? Do you investigate and examine the causes and symptoms? Do you give a cursory look at how the world got in trouble and... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: DARK TOURIST Disturbs In All The Right Ways

Why do we slow down to look at car accidents? Why do we put our hands in the moulded handprints of dead celebrities in Hollywood? Why are we obsessed with the lives of serial killers? There are the questions... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: THE DEMON'S ROOK is Trippy, Old-School-DIY Fun

On my way into last night's screening of The Demon's Rook, a friend who had seen it asked me if I was a marijuana smoker. When I said no, he told me it might help with watching the film. Within... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: THE DESERT is an Intense Post-Apocalypse Love Story

To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre, post-zombie-apocalypse hell is other people. This is the situation that three people find themselves in Christoph Behl's fiction feature debut The Desert. But unlike most horror film, the zombies rarely make an appearance. This is about... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: THE HYPNOTIST, Cold Crime And Heated Tempers Collide

Swedish thiller The Hypnotist has some good pedigree behind it. It is based on a novel by Lars Kepler, one of the stars of the new wave of Scandinavian crime fiction; it's directed by Lasse Hallström, whose previous films include... More »

I Have Seen Footage From THE RAID 2. And It Is Awesome.

The audience at last night's Frightfest screening of V/H/S 2 got a special surprise. Gareth Huw Evans (as co-director of one of the segments) came in for the screening, and he brought with him a world exclusive clip from The... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: DEMENTAMANIA Brings Good Laughs And Scares

Poor Ed Arkham is not having a good day. He steps on a strange wasp that somehow found its way into his flat, causing Ed to bleed. His neighbour, with whom he has sex occassionally, doesn't seem to understand that... More »

Frightfest 2013 Review: Renny Harlin's THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT Is A Pass

I want to declare a moratorium on found footage films. Ever since The Blair Witch Project (the success of which had as much to do with marketing as its format), everyone thinks that all they have to do is have... More »

Frighfest 2013 Review: THE DEAD 2: INDIA Is A Visually Stunning Zombie Road Movie That Goes Nowhere New

I have not seen Howard Ford and Jon Ford's The Dead, and I wasn't sure going in to the sequel if that would hinder my understanding or enjoyment of it. I was informed that The Dead 2: India bears no... More »

Frightfest 2013 Preview: BIG BAD WOLVES, THE AMERICAN SCREAM, Ident Competition Winners & More!

The August bank holiday is almost upon us here in old London town, which of course means that Film4 Frightfest is almost here as well! At the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, from Thursday August 22nd to Monday August 26th,... More »

Review: TOP OF THE LAKE Mixes Dark Mythology With Modern Trauma

Jane Campion's television miniseries Top of the Lake (which played at Sundance and has aired in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK), co-created with Gerard Lee, is a dark mystery, one which uses the landscape of New Zealand... More »

First Footage from the Set of [REC]4: Apocalypse Shows a Very Big Boat

The final installment of the brilliant and incredibly successful [REC] series, after some shooting in Barcelona, has now moved production to the Canary Islands under the direction of Jaume Balagueró. (Balagueró directed the first two in the series with Paco... More »

Now On DVD: LITTLE DEATHS Revels In Sex And, Well, Death

Horror anthologies are becoming a popular trend in film nowadays, so it's nice to see one of the early ones finally getting a DVD release. Little Deaths is a trio of films directed by UK's Sean Hogan (Lie Still), Andrew... More »
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