Sean Smithson
Contributor; Salt Lake City, Utah

Sean "The Butcher" Smithson left the world of music, in which he helped found the thrash genre in the early 80's, to pursue his first love... cinema. Now a writer at both Fangoria magazine and Twitch Film, Sean is able to bask in his slave-like addiction to films from any and every genre. These days instead of banging heads, he bangs the keyboard, dispensing his love of all things film related. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Twitch Staff X-Mas Gift Suggestions

A little late, I know, but there's still time to make those online orders through the weekend. Then again, some things are also worth waiting for. Here's the start of an up-datable X-mas suggestion list. If you are stumped as... More »

FAST FIVE Oscar Watch: Best Actress

In an already cut-throat industry, Hollywood is especially hard on actresses. The importance put on youth and a certain, narrow kind of beauty, is stifling. Even respected actresses of the caliber and ability of, let's say Julia Roberts, have to... More »

THE NIGHT CREW Back-Talk w/THE WALKING DEAD Season Two Semi-Finale

It's the first ever The Night Crew Back-Talk, available for download. This trial run has the hosts of The Night Crew podcast (Thom Carnell and myself) doing s running live-as-we-watch commentary on the second season semi-finale of the controversial The... More »

BRAWLER Film Review

Taking place during the era when the prototype for MMA was forming from the slag of sweat and blood, brothers Charlie Fontaine and Bobby Fontaine are fighters on the New Orleans underground boxing circuit, ground zero for the burgeoning movement,... More »

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 Banned In Australia

It looks like Tom Six won't be making a Disney film anytime soon, or seeing his latest o-pus The Human Centipede 2 play screens in Australia.Banned in Brittain a few months back, until it was agreed that cuts would be... More »

ANOTHER EARTH Hits Blu-ray, Director Mike Cahill

For some, the art of filmmaking is a deeply personal passion that reaches far into that person's soul and extracts their own perspective, to be splashed across the screen for others to ponder, and appreciate. For others, not so much.... More »

ELITE SQUAD's Jose Padilha and THE WOMAN's Lucky McKee Hang Out On The Night Crew

This episode The Night Crew is joined by director's Jose Padilha (Elite Squad: The Enemy Within) and Lucky McKee (The Woman), who have both helmed films that kick up a bit of dirt, and have been making people think.Mr. Padilha... More »

Twitch Talks With ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN Director Jose Padilha

ELITE SQUAD: The Enemy Within is the second in writer/director Jose  Padilha's intricate and operatic crime duology, about the turmoil and extreme violence in  the slums of Rio de Janeiro, between the police and gangs, who are  interminably locked in... More »

VIDEO: THE NIGHT CREW Interview Tom Savini Live At ZomBcon 2011

Tom Savini should need no introduction. He IS The Master Of Splatter, the legendary and twisted visionary behind so many iconic moments in horror cinema they are too many to recount.This last October, Twitch contributors and Night Crew hosts Thom... More »


We love opinions here at Twitch. Even more, we love educated opinions, to paraphrase writer Harlan Ellison. This is the first of occasional columns where working filmmakers get a chance to speak out on films that have influenced them, made... More »

Snuffleupagus Speaks! It's Master Puppeteer Martin P. Robinson

You know Martin P. Robinson. While his name might not be instantly familiar, chances are you've seen his work. For the last 30 years he has been part of The Jim Henson Company, where he began when he took over... More »

The Fantastic Array Of PUPPETS ON FILM At The BAMcinematek In NYC Continues This Weekend

Oh you lucky New York readers, how I envy you. This weekend you can make your way to the BAMcinematek for the second round of their Puppets On Film program, co-presented by The Jim Henson Foundation. Experience the wonderfully diverse... More »

The Night Crew Halloween Party With Exploitation Director Extraordinaire FRANK HENENLOTTER

THE NIGHT CREW podcast is back, with a new site and slicker format. Celebrate Halloween night with us, as well as Basket Case/Brain Damage/Frankenhooker director Frank Henenlotter. Also joining us is Howard Stern goofball/actor/metal god Richard Christy, to talk about... More »

Bill Murray Joins The Cast Of Roman Coppola's CHARLES SWAN

Bill Murray has come a long, long way from crooning the Star Wars theme, or chasing horny summer camp kids around the woods. These days Mr. Murray is considered one of the venerable old guard, and chooses his projects very,... More »

Watch Nick Ryan's WW2 Short THE GERMAN Now!

Starting off with an intense aerial battle and winding up as a heartfelt comment on war, human nature, and finding peace, writer/director Nick Ryan's The German is one classy piece of work.During the greatest conflict man has ever known, an... More »

Stallone Prepares To Break Out Of THE TOMB

After such names as Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and director Anton Fuqua having been attached to the project, it looks like action here O.G. Sylvester Stallone will indeed be taking on the lead role in the upcoming escape thriller The... More »

Ron Perlman Talks BUNRAKU And...PACIFIC RIM?

Ron Perlman is an actor whose face is immediately recognizable by even the most casual cinema fan. His performances in a wide range of films such as QUEST FOR FIRE, CRONOS, THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, ALIEN: RESURRECTION, BLADE 2,... More »

THE WOMAN and ATTACK THE BLOCK Take The Top Honors At The Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

The long-running, genre-centric Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (the FFF for short), run by Twitch buddy Christian Hallman over in Sweden, has wrapped, but not before handing out a couple of awards.The caustic, and controversial Jack Ketchum/Lucky McKee team-up, THE... More »

DAMNATION ALLEY Blu Ray - Take A Spin Through The Apocalypse

Damnation Alley is a post-apocalyptic film that takes place in a universe where the Cold War never had a chance to fizzle out, but in it's past-tense future, ends with a bang as they say, and the launching of those... More »


David Allen and Kismet Entertainment have the rights to Dog Soldiers (the film that first put writer/director Neil Marshall on the map) and are moving forward with a web series, Dog Soldiers: Legacy.Anything to do with horror-based lycanthropes gets my... More »
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