Sean Smithson
Contributor; Salt Lake City, Utah

Sean "The Butcher" Smithson left the world of music, in which he helped found the thrash genre in the early 80's, to pursue his first love... cinema. Now a writer at both Fangoria magazine and Twitch Film, Sean is able to bask in his slave-like addiction to films from any and every genre. These days instead of banging heads, he bangs the keyboard, dispensing his love of all things film related. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Behind The Scenes Pt1

Last season AMC's The Walking Dead really pulled a hat trick, wrapping up a lot of loose ends, ramping up the action, and making some serious ballsy moves as far as who lives and who dies. The series got viewers... More »

Teaser For Paul Thomas Anderson's Highly Anticipated THE MASTER Arrives

It's been 5 long years since P.T. Anderson's last triumph, with the expansive and challenging There Will Be Blood. Now, on Oct. 12 the Weinstein Company will release Anderson's latest film, The Master. A period piece set in the 1950's,... More »

THE RAID Writer/Director Gareth Evans Speaks With TWITCH's Andrew Mack On THE NIGHT CREW

Still can't get enough of The Raid? Head on over to The Night Crew's website and stream or download the interview, which first appeared here at Twitch, and can now be heard in a vastly expanded version. beware, the... More »


Ti West first made an impression back in 2005, when his horror film The Roost premiered at SXSW. Since then, West has directed the somewhat ill-fated (and received) Cabin Fever 2, and the surprise hit House Of The Devil, a... More »

Ash Gets Animated In A Rotoscoped EVIL DEAD 2 Trailer

In the "This is just plain ole' cool!" department, this wonderful rotoscoped version of the trailer for Sam Raimi's horror/comedy megaclassic Evil Dead 2 popped up on my radar today. It comes from a studio calling itself Pretend For Real,... More »

CAINE'S ARCADE Turns Cardboard Into Magic

I'm sure most of you reading this site are firm believers, like I am, in the therapeutic power of film. Well, if you have had a crummy day, I can darn near guarantee this little short film will help turn... More »


Michael C. Hall, already a well known face after playing David Fisher, the gay funeral director on the legendary HBO cable program Six Feet Under, and now currently hovering around bona fide cultural icon status due to his turn  as... More »

Directors Don Argott And Demian Fenton Speak About Their LAST DAYS HERE

Full disclosure: I am a metal fanatic. Grew up on it. Played it professionally for 20 plus years. Still obsessed with crushing riffs and and crunchy guitars. So when I found out that there was a documentary about one of... More »

4 Minutes Of JOHN CARTER...And It Feels So Right!

So far, director Andrew Stanton has pulled off what many others couldn't, and that is to finally bring a version of Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter (OF MARS, dammit) to the screen. It's been a long, strange trip, as crazy... More »

A Few Words With MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE Director Sean Durkin

In celebration of the dvd/blu-ray release of Sean Durkin's feature directorial debut, the sombre yet stunning cult film Marthe Marcy May Marelene, he graciously popped by to have a brief chat. Let's be clear, Martha Marcy May Marlene is... More »

Wright And Depp Team Up For THE NIGHT STALKER

Johnny Depp is obviously living out his childhood dream of playing all the bad-ass characters he must have grown up watching on television. I damn well know he's living out mine.Putting all controversy and preconceived opinions aside, Depp is playing... More »

New One Sheet For Tim Burton's FRANKENWEENIE

Tim Burton is going back to the well of his early career, to re-imagine and expand upon his beloved 1984 short film, Frankenweenie. Originally a live action piece starring Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern, and Barret Oliver as little Victor Frankenstein,... More »

Trailer For Horror Short ABED Comes Shambling In!

Breathing new life into a sub-genre that, it can be argued, has become somewhat stagnant, is new director Ryan Lieske, with his adaptation of horror author Elizabeth Massie's very subversive, very gory, zombie tale Abed. First printed in Skipp and... More »

Happy Saturday Morning! JONNY QUEST Stop Motion Goodness

Jonny Quest, while only on the air for one season back in 1964-65, has left an incredibly deep imprint on the art of animation, and spawned a surge of serious minded action-adventure cartoons for kids with shows like The Herculoids,... More »

Junji Ito's Nightmarish Manga GYO Now Set To Terrify Anime Fans

Anime studio ufotable are bringing morbid manga master Junji Ito's putrid, and surreal, story of mutant zombie fish that sprout legs and attack Okinawa, Japan, to home video systems everywhere later this month.Ok. Wrapped your head around that concept yet,... More »

Japanese JOHN CARTER Trailer With A Word From Director Andrew Stanton

The latest trailers for director Andrew Stanton's live action directorial debut, John Carter Of Mars, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs classics, have this scribe cautiously excited.In this new teaser from Japan, introduced by Mr. Stanton himself, we see a... More »

Japanese BATTLESHIP Trailer, Now With Extra Asano!

From Hasbro board game to high concept sci-fi blockbuster fare, the forthcoming Battleship looks to be very big, very loud, and very American in it's grandiose enormity. All that heavily armored and armed floating steel makes military excess just seem... More »

Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS Trailer is Unleashed!

2012 looks to be a dream year for big, splashy, genre event-releases. I mean that in a really good way too. Peter Jackson is  toiling down in Middle Earth, Joss Whedon is keeping it between the lines over at the... More »

THE HOBBIT Trailer Arrives!

"Highly anticipated" does not begin to describe the building excitement among film fans for the forthcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first installment of two new additions to maestro Peter Jackson's envisioning of the once-thought-unfilmable J.R.R. Tolkien literary classics.It's... More »


By the looks of these two new television ads, there just might be a chance that this film delivers at least some of the goods properly. From the aborted Bob Clampett animated version in the 1930's, to the once-a- generation... More »
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