Sean Smithson
Contributor; Salt Lake City, Utah

Sean "The Butcher" Smithson left the world of music, in which he helped found the thrash genre in the early 80's, to pursue his first love... cinema. Now a writer at both Fangoria magazine and Twitch Film, Sean is able to bask in his slave-like addiction to films from any and every genre. These days instead of banging heads, he bangs the keyboard, dispensing his love of all things film related. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

SLC Readers Come Relive FAST TIMES With Me Tonight On The Big Screen!

Fast Times At Ridgemont High is arguably the single greatest teen comedy ever made (take that Dazed And Confused!), and for old geezers like me who saw it multiple times in the theater as a teen, it may also be... More »

The Telluride Horror Show Announces It's First Bloody Wave Of Films

October is going to be a good month if you live in Telluride, Colorado. Setting the mood for Halloween, The Telluride Horror Show, a gruesome genre festival featuring something for every fan of fright flicks, enters into it's third year.It... More »

Actor Ryan Gosling Set to Make a Monstrous Directorial Debut

Add writer/director to the list of Ryan Gosling's screen credits, because right now it looks like the mellow-as-a-Percocet actor is getting ready to teach genre loving movie-goers How To Catch A Monster. The Drive star's written a screenplay being vaguely... More »

HIGH ON FIRE's Fertile Green Video By Phil Mucci Brings The Bakshi-Like Goodness

It's no secret I am a huge fan of short film/video director Phil Mucci. His narratives The Listening Dead and Far Out remain at the top of my favorites, and his videos for bands such as Korn, Halestorm, and Opeth... More »

JCVD Is Ready To Fight His Way Back Into BLOODSPORT

While on a recent press tour for The Expendables 2, in which Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Jean Vilain, the not-so-ironically named baddie of the testosterone fueled sequel, the old school action star expressed extreme interest in being involved in the... More »

Olivier Beguin's CHIMERES Looks To Have Some Bite

Film maker Olivier Beguin first hit my radar with his satirical horror short  Employé du mois, about an employment agency for out-of-work monsters. Starring genre icon and Fulci stalwart Catriona MacColl (The Beyond, Gates Of Hell), the piece was indeed... More »

Ya Gotta Love A Lady With A Chainsaw: [REC]3 Star Leticia Dolera Speaks!

Full disclosure: I am a fanatic of the [REC] franchise. Since I first saw the team of Paco Plaza and Juame Balaguero's initial installment, I've been a huge fan. When [REC]2 dropped I then became halfway obsessed with the story... More »

The Butcher's Block: Paul Davis And HIM, INDOORS Are Coming To Kill You

You may remember the name Paul Davis. Awhile back he made a minor stir by landing his Beware The Moon documentary onto the latest dvd/bluray release of the classic John Landis film An American Werewolf In London. While it was... More »

Horror Short THE OTHER SIDE Delivers The Shocking Goods

You want to see one of the most affective, lean, and scary short horror films currently making the rounds? Then get yourself to a screening of The Other Side. It delivers in it's 20 minute run-time what many of the... More »

Anaglyphic 3D Goodness Throwback Superman Fantoon BIZARRO CLASSIC 3D

Oh happy day! 2D cell animation is not dead, thanks in part to people like animator Robb Pratt. In a follow up to his massively viewed Superman Classic, the animator has a mix of styles on display, particularly the Paul... More »

America Loses A Dad - RIP Andy Griffith June 1, 1926 - July 3, 2012

Musician. Monologist. Actor. Mostly a stalwart friend and defacto father figure for a lot of latch key kids like myself with his self-titled classic television program, The Andy Griffith Show.Yesterday, July 3, 2012, the proud son from Mount Airy, North... More »

JAMES BOND Mania Invades Comic-Con San Diego!

007's cinematic incarnation may be turning 50, but he's still The Man. The Golden Anniversary for everyone's favorite spy is upon us. With the humungous all-inclusive blu ray set Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection coming in September, and... More »

New French Trailer For Pascal Laugier's THE TALL MAN

Pascal Laugier, the director behind the controversial Martyrs, and the understated (and under-appreciated) House Of Voices, is out to scare us again with The Tall Man, or The Secret as this new French trailer is titled, for it's overseas release.For... More »

MEGAFORCE And The New Beverly Cinemas Are Calling To You This Saturday!

Attention Los Angeles area readers! If silver lame' jumpsuits, rocket launching motorcycles, and fighting for justice and freedom are your thing, then get down to The New Beverly Cinemas this Saturday, June 23, at 7:30 pm, and join in celebrating... More »

Paul Williams Is STILL ALIVE And Has Only Just Begun!

I'm a kid of the 1970's and if you grew up when I did, then you pretty much couldn't go through life without coming into contact with the work of the diminutive Paul Williams, at least a few hundred... More »

THE WALKING DEAD's The Governor Revealed!

Today the first picture of David Morrissey in bad-ass mode as The Governor was revealed. The Governor aka Phillip Blake is of course the sadistic bastard in The Walking Dead  comics who leads the community of survivors known as Woodbury.... More »

The First Time I Saw: ALIEN

Any hardcore cinegeek knows that certain films are more than just things we love, and have set in some nostalgic and romanticized mental time-capsule. No. Sometimes a certain flick will resonate so hard it actually becomes a sense memory, and... More »

HAVE YOUR SAY: It Finally Happened...THE EXORCIST Is Being Remade.

Some things are holy. If a person were to ask me "What film properties are off limits for remakes?" sitting at the very tip top of that list would be The Exorcist . William Peter Blatty's novel, and subsequent... More »

Talking With OSLO, AUGUST 31'ST Director Joachim Trier

 Joachim Trier's second feature, Oslo, August 31'st is a day in the life of young Anders (played in a great turn by Anders Danielsen Lie), an affable and seemingly nice young man, who happens to be  a recovering junkie, day... More »

PROMETHEUS Featurette With Charlize Theron And New Footage

Bursting with tons of new footage, this teaser featurette only ampilfies my anticipation for Ridley Scott's Prometheus. All that can be said about this up-coming science fiction has been said. Let's just sit back and let the amazing visuals wash... More »
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