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Weinberg Reviews FAST FIVE

I am not a fan of the "Fast Furious" franchise. I felt that The Fast and the Furious (2001) was a rather generic police procedural that borrowed liberally from Point Break (of all movies) while delivering a few colorful action... More »

Weinberg's List: The 50 "Best" Teen Sex Comedies of the 1980s

Like most movie nerds, I love to make lists. My last one covered my favorite 50 horror films from 2000 - 2009, and this new one covers something even sillier: the 1980s "teen sex comedy." Only someone who has lived... More »

Weinberg Reviews YOUR HIGHNESS

"Sire, I shall attack yon castle and rescue the fair maiden hidden within, for I am a knight of great power and honor, the maiden is one of chastity and unmatched beauty, and I'm betting she'll suck upon my royal... More »

Weinberg Reviews HANNA

Strong women are nothing new, of course, unless you're talking about "disproportionately strong women in Hollywood flicks," in which case they are sort of new. What somehow began with Charlie's Angels, survived Catwoman and two Tomb Raider movies, and ran... More »

Weinberg's List: 50 Best Horror Films (2000 -- 2009)

This idea began, as all great ideas do these days, as a discussion over the Twitter wires. At first the question was this: "What is the best horror film of the last ten years?" I received dozens of great responses,... More »

Weinberg Selects Your Watch Now Weekend

With the weekend arriving and with so few offerings at the multiplexes, lots of movie freaks are turning to online options, and many agree that Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service is among the very best. So here are a few recommendations... More »


Movies like The Lincoln Lawyer are comforting. They're like a nice, tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich: you know exactly what you're going to get, and as long as the simple sandwich is constructed and delivered with a minimal degree... More »

Weinberg Reviews PAUL

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is one of the most pedestrian -- but most helpful -- of all the great proverbs, and its lesson holds doubly true when it comes to movie advertising. If you judged the silly... More »

Weinberg Reviews LIMITLESS

The span of the last several weeks has brought us all sorts of sci-fi fun: Damon and Blunt dealing with The Adjustment Bureau, Aaron Eckhart leading the goofy but fun Battle: Los Angeles, the upcoming (and very cool) Source Code,... More »


Before the last film unreels and the last beer is served tonight at SXSW, I wanted to add my thoughts on four flicks that deserve a little more love. From my review of Attack the Block, a creature feature from... More »

SXSW 2011: THE FP Review

A common complaint directed at scrappy little indie comedies is that while they frequently have a clever or amusing "hook," they often lack the creativity required to stretch that hook into a feature-length film. And while the debut flick from... More »


Earlier this year I caught wind of a promising indie that was about to play the Slamdance Film Festival; it was called Atrocious, and I remember thinking "Man, with a title like that, the movie better be decent. Film critics... More »

Weinberg Reviews BLACK DEATH

Creep. Severance. Triangle. Three entirely different horror stories, all from the same filmmaker. So obviously we already know what to expect from director Christopher Smith: the unexpected.Which is why those are you living in Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis,... More »

Weinberg Reviews the Legendary GRIZZLY 2 Workprint!

Some folks know it as Predator: The Concert. Even fewer people know it as Grizzly 2: The Predator. Hell, some old-school horror-heads used to mistake it for a flick called Claws, and then convinced the rest of us that it... More »

Weinberg Reviews I SAW THE DEVIL

My longtime colleague Drew McWeeny (previously of AICN, presently with sold me on seeing this movie at Toronto last fall ... which proves why it's smart to have good friends on the festival circuit. The film went on... More »

RANGO Review

I grew up believing that "subversive" was a bad thing to be. I thought it was a polite way of calling someone a troublemaker. Now that I'm an alleged grown-up, and frequently surrounded by Hollywood films that are as generic... More »


The late (and, yes, great) Philip K. Dick has inspired several high-end science fiction films (including Blade Runner, Minority Report, and Total Recall), but the newest may also be one of the calmest, strangest, and most sincerely humane. Adapted by... More »


My colleague William Goss and I had a slight disagreement on the virtually worthless Take Me Home Tonight: I thought it was a pathetic Dazed and Confused wannabe that was edited at random by a stupid monkey in a dark... More »

Why We Still Love Popcorn Movies

It's all about the power of imagination, really.I bet you can remember begging for just "one more story" before bedtime as a kid. That one last little bit of fantasy before the long and lonely night of slumber. The idea... More »
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