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You hear about it a few times a year: "Anonymous" road-blocked a major website, or "hackers" have made trouble for the Scientology network. If you're like me you probably think, "Wow, I'm glad these hackers don't hate me," and then... More »


Three 14-year-olds cause all sorts of trouble in and around their Catholic middle school. Sounds pretty familiar, perhaps, a bit obvious, and possibly even downright dull. I mean, who still makes movies about troublemaking teenagers these days? First-time fraternal-twin filmmakers... More »

Weinberg Reviews GOON

Hockey fans don't have all that many movies to call their own. Oh sure, young movie buffs probably still have fond recollections of Disney's Mighty Ducks franchise (good lord), and those who are slightly older will no doubt recall Rob... More »

Weinberg Reviews UNDEFEATED

"A sports movie," is what you'll probably think right off the bat, most likely followed by "oh, a sports documentary, no less." And then, if you're like a lot of movie-watchers, you'll quietly put Undefeated back on your queue and... More »

Weinberg Reviews THIS MEANS WAR

Maybe it's just because I've been at this "writing about movies" thing for a pretty long time, but once in a while I see a flick that doesn't even feel like a movie. It comes off more like a blueprint;... More »

Weinberg Reviews MAN ON A LEDGE

Look, the flick is called Man on a Ledge, so I think it's safe to say that nobody here has delusions of Oscar attention. This is what's called a "high concept thriller," which (I think) means that the flick can... More »

Weinberg Reviews THE GREY

One hates to describe a fine film in such simplistic terms, but here goes: take the location (and, to a degree, the characters) of John Carpenter's The Thing, toss them into act one of Frank Marshall's Alive, and then have... More »


Given that the Robert Downey Jr./ Jude Law action-fest known simply as Sherlock Holmes was a huge hit, it didn't take a genius to realize that a sequel would be coming sooner rather than later. (These are two busy actors,... More »

Weinberg Reviews THE MUPPETS

You may be a young person, in which case you'll have to take my word for this: aging sucks. Not only do you have to deal with waning energy levels and suddenly faulty body parts, but you often find... More »

Weinberg Reviews IMMORTALS

With only two features under his belt, the auteur known as Tarsem Singh has gradually become a real curiosity among the movie nerds. His first effort was the bizarre Jennifer Lopez thriller The Cell, and then he showed up... More »


Unlike several film critics out there, I do not have a bullseye painted on the back of director Paul W.S. Anderson. Yes, he directed sloppy, goofy films like Soldier and Mortal Kombat, but he also directed the creepy Event Horizon,... More »

Weinberg Reviews TRESPASS

I am a firm believer in the video-on-demand (VOD) distribution model. Let's face it: there are a LOT more movies than there are theater auditoriums in which to exhibit them. As such, I don't think it's fair for a direct-to-video... More »

T Is For Talent! Check Out Some Great ABCS OF DEATH Shorts!

Here at Twitch we're particularly excited about an upcoming horror anthology called The ABCs of Death, partially because some of our favorite people are working on this project, but mainly because the world can always use another rock-solid piece of anthology... More »

Weinberg Reviews DRIVE

The dangers of "pre-release hype" are not limited to simple spoilers or heightened expectations. Sometimes the early buzz on a film can lead you in the wrong direction entirely. Take the ridiculously cool new movie called Drive. Early press... More »

Weinberg Reviews WARRIOR

It sounds like a premise straight out of Kickboxer 7 or No Retreat No Surrender 14: two long-estranged (and very different) brothers are brought together by sheer circumstance and get to battle each other on a global stage for the... More »

Weinberg Reviews POINT BLANK

When you think of genre films from France, you probably think about hard-edged horror fare like High Tension, Martyrs, or Inside -- but there's at least one French filmmaker who seems intent on delivering slick and nifty "thrillers." His Anything... More »

Weinberg Reviews COLOMBIANA

There's one fantastic reason to see the silly new action movie called Colombiana -- and her name is Zoe Saldana. This gorgeous gal broke through in 2000 with movies like Center Stage and Get Over It, but over the last... More »

Weinberg Reviews BLITZ (blu-ray)

It was 1998 when Jason Statham debuted in Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and since that time the man has done a rather decent job of becoming a well-liked international action star. You've probably seen most of... More »


The character of Conan was created by Robert E. Howard in the 1920s, but he didn't make it to the silver screen until 1982. It was John Milius' Conan the Barbarian that re-introduced the character into pop culture, and the... More »

Fantasia 2011: Weinberg Reviews 26 Films

(Fantasia 2011 has now passed into the history books, and you can catch up on all our coverage -- by Todd Brown, Kurt Halfyard, Michael Guillen, Andrew Mack, and Peter K., with contributions from Justin Decloux and Brandon Tenold... More »
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