Ryland Aldrich
Festivals Editor; Los Angeles, California

Ryland is a filmmaker and freelance writer based in sunny Los Angeles. He has been contributing to Twitch since 2009 and covering the festival beat as Festivals Editor since 2011. He writes on topics from sports to politics to tech at enderzero.net and spends the rest of his time on twitter at @RylandAldrich.

Review: BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR Does Coming-Of-Age With Phenomenal NSFW Aplomb

A stereotype used to exist in America that European (and especially French) films were all full of gratuitous sex. Back before the internet, VHS tapes, and days of easy access pornography, young boys would sneak into art house cinemas to... More »

AMERICAN MUSCLE's Very NSFW Trailer Commands You to Suck The Nub

Hit makers Snowfort Pictures have been on a hot streak lately with Cheap Thrills, Big Ass Spider and Jodorowsky's Dune all hitting the festival circuit in the last year. Up next is Ravi Dhar's directorial debut American Muscle. Currently... More »

Review: 12 YEARS A SLAVE Gracefully Examines Our Troubling Past

It certainly isn't easy using cinema to tackle mankind's great atrocities. But when it's done well, a movie can give these horrors the kind of personal connection that allows an audience to digest an event as more than just an... More »

San Diego Film Fest 2013 Awards Wrap Up

As the SoCal summer comes to an end, we also bid adieu to the 12th Annual San Diego Film Fest. The long sun-drenched weekend brought a combination of Hollywood features, celebrity tributes, indie hits, and shorts from around the... More »

San Diego Film Fest 2013 Preview: 7 Can't-Miss Films & Events

California's border beach town gets a lot of coverage for its geeky super-hoedown San Diego Comic Con, but the city has its share more refined and film-centric events as well. The most notable of such events on the calendar is... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists Of Shame - September

September has been an incredibly busy month for the Twitch collective, with many of our writers travelling the Earth seeking out cinematic delights in as far-reaching corners as Venice, Toronto and Austin. As a result, this month's Full Disclosure is... More »

Drafthouse Acquires Matsumoto's TIFF Midnighter R100

Hot on the heels of their acquisition of Sono Sion's Why Don't You Play in Hell?, Drafthouse Films announced today they will be distributing Matsumoto Hitoshi's brilliant dominatrix action-comedy R100. The fourth feature from the uber-famous Japanese comedian, Matsumoto's... More »

TIFF 2013: Twitch's Super Wrap With All Our Reviews and Top Fest Picks - UPDATED

* Now Updated with more reviews and features! See the links below in bold. * Another crazy and wonderful year of the Toronto International Film Fest has come to a close and again Twitch's coverage has been second to... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: THE ARMSTRONG LIE Expertly Explores One of Sports' Most Fascinating Stories

We're living in a great time for sports documentary filmmaking. ESPN's 30 For 30 series has featured a number of fantastic films by notable filmmakers that have played at such film festivals as Sundance and Toronto. Just two years... More »

Austin Film Fest 2013 Offers Up Cracking Lineup

Too often overlooked in the hot bed of film fun that is Austin, Texas is late October's Austin Film Fest. This year's festival runs October 24-31 and features venues all around the city. The lineup has just been announced... More »

Review: THE SHORT GAME Will Double-Eagle Your Heart

Documentaries live and die on the strength of their characters. Think about some of the most memorable docs in recent years; Billy Mitchell in King of Kong, Steve "Lips" Kudlow in Anvil: The Story of Anvil, or the soldiers... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: PALO ALTO Ushers In A New Generation Of Angst

It's difficult to imagine what kind of pressure having the last name Coppola brings to a young girl interested in becoming a filmmaker. With an aunt who has continually churned out interesting (if divisive) hits, a well-respected filmmaker uncle,... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: ALL IS BY MY SIDE Is A Momentously Audacious Musical Biopic Fitting of The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Making a movie about a musician is bound to be extremely difficult when you don't have the permission of the family's estate. Why has there never been a definitive Elvis biopic -- or Kurt Cobain either, for that matter?... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: PRISONERS Is a Tense Thriller With a Few Nagging Problems

Call me contradictory, but I never quite understood the fuss made of Denis Villeneuve's 2011 Best Foreign Language Feature Oscar-nominated Incendies. While I was impressed by the filmmaking, I had some serious issues with the story that left me... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: JOE Paints a Searing Portrait of Rural Torment

Nicolas Cage has enjoyed a varied career, to say the least. From big budget blockbusters to notable indies, many would call his decision making curious, if not downright bizarre. In a lot of ways, this echoes the directing choices... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: HOW I LIVE NOW Does Young Adult Better Than Most

It's hard to throw a stone in Hollywood without hitting a Young Adult novel turned quickly-optioned screenplay. Nine times out of ten the story involves mythological creatures or futuristic themes. So you would be forgiven for dismissing the big... More »

TIFF 2013: Our Complete Coverage (So Far)

Well folks, it's the half way mark for Twitch's Christmas, also known as the Toronto International Film Festival, which means it's the perfect time to catch up on all the films that have been reviewed thus far by our intrepid... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: THE SACRAMENT Will Make You Want To Drink The Kool-Aid

Sometimes we are frankly limited by our terminology. What do you call a film that uses in-world video? That is to say, what do you call a film where the camera used to exclusively record the footage is incorporated... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: 12 YEARS A SLAVE Gracefully Examines Our Troubling Past

It certainly isn't easy using cinema to tackle mankind's great atrocities. But when it's done well, a movie can give these horrors the kind of personal connection that allows an audience to digest an event as more than just... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE Lets The Good Times Load

When it comes to the ample challenge of squeezing out profit from an indie film, current dogma would have it that titles closer to the start of the alphabet do better on digital VOD platforms. Therefore you'd be forgiven... More »
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