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Yep, there is another one of those Paranormal Activity films on the way. The franchise was kicked off in 2009 when Oren Peli wrote, directed, produced and edited a horror which cost a reported $15,000 to make (which is absolutely nothing in... More »

New Trailer For After Dark's RE-KILL

"We're no longer top of the food chain... we're food." A perfect quote to use as a tagline for a zombie film if ever there was one (much better than the "We Are The Endangered Species" tagline in the poster... More »

James McTeigue To Deliver MESSAGE FROM THE KING

One of the more interesting comic book/graphic novel adaptations to be released in the last 10 years is James McTeigue's big-screen version of Alan Moore's V For Vendetta. The film proved McTeigue to be a talented director, mixing cool action... More »

Ron Howard And Dustin Lance Black To Adapt UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN

To the disappointment of some and the relief of others, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Universal's ambitious plans fell through the other day to adapt Stephen King's epic Dark Tower series for both film and TV. But it looks like... More »


A few weeks ago the online film world began salivating when the first trailer was released for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. The film, based on John Le Carré's best selling spy novel and directed by Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right... More »

Bae Doona Joining CLOUD ATLAS

Let it not be said that Hollywood doesn't look elsewhere for talent to utilize in its big budget movies. In this case it's South Korea and actress Bae Doona. According to news site Sports Chosun (via Soompi) the actress is... More »

Noam Murro To Direct 300 Spin-Off

The surprise success of 300, Zack Snyder's big-screen adaptation of Frank Miller's celebrated graphic novel, meant that Warner Bros. would be hungry for a follow-up. That next film is in fact a spin-off based on Miller's upcoming prequel comic Xerxes, which... More »


This is a reprint of a review first published at Philip Seymour Hoffman has long since solidified himself as one of the very best character actors working today, moving from role to role and genre to genre and fitting in... More »


This is a reprint of a review first published at Sitting (un)comfortably as one of the biggest disappointments of the EIFF 2011, Dan Turner's Stormhouse takes a potentially interesting premise and (mostly) squanders it on cheap jump scares and unnecessary bouts of... More »

EIFF 2011 - GHOSTED Review

This is a reprint of a review first published at The prison drama has been done over and over and over again, with typically varied results. Some leave a lasting impression as all-time classics (The Shawshank Redemption springs to mind) while... More »

EIFF 2011 - PAGE EIGHT Review

This is a reprint of a review first published at Making its world premiere at the EIFF 2011, Page Eight may be about the world where politics and security are inextricably entwined but the strengths of the film lie in the electric... More »

EIFF 2011 - WEEKENDER Review

This is a reprint of a review first published at Weekender is one of those films which will play a lot better to fans of the particular subject matter, in this case it's the rave music scene of the late... More »


This is a reprint of a review first published at After directing the likes of Hallam Foe and Young Adam, director David Mackenzie returns with an ambitious film about a global apocalypse, seen mostly through the eyes of a budding couple, played by Ewan... More »

EIFF 2011 - BLEAK NIGHT Review

This is a reprint of a review first published at BlogCritics.orgWinner of the New Current Award at the 2010 Pusan International Film Festival, Sung-hyun Yoon's Bleak Night is one of those modern Korean dramas that moves at its own deliberate pace, taking... More »

EIFF 2011 - JITTERS Review

[This is a reprint of a review first published at]Comparisons are being immediately drawn between Baldvin Zophoníasson's Icelandic teen drama Jitters and the Brit TV show Skins. I've never seen an episode of that show so I can't confirm the comparisons but something tells... More »


[This is a reprint of a review first published at]Troll Hunter is just one in a long line of "found footage" films purporting to be unedited footage showing unbelievable events in the style of a home movie or documentary. The Blair... More »

EIFF 2011 - THE CALLER Review

[This is a reprint of a review first published at]The Caller is a classic example of a film with a great premise that it doesn't know what to do with once it has been introduced. Piling ridiculous plot point on... More »


[This is a reprint of a review first published at]Bizzare. Weird. Unique. Bold. All words that could be used to describe Álex de la Iglesia's wonderfully wacky The Last Circus. An obvious cult film right from the outset (i.e. one... More »

EIFF 2011 - ALBATROSS Review

[This is a reprint of a review published at]Making its world premiere at the EIFF 2011, Niall MacCormick's coming-of-age comedy-drama Albatross is destined to be one of the most talked about and beloved British films of the year, not least because... More »


[This is a reprint of a review published at]José Padilha's 2007 film Elite Squad was a tough, gritty and frankly badass crime/action film that told of the dangerous, drug-filled slums of Rio De Janeiro and the special police force unit BOPE (aka... More »
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