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Writer of fiction and nonfiction, with too little of the former and too much of the latter published over the past couple of decades. For more info, please just Google me, adding words such as comics, film, literacy, media, and horror. And thanks for reading my work...

Tribeca 2011: A Chat with BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW's Panos Cosmatos

"Uncompromising" and "eye-opening" might be two of the adjectives that occur to you as you mull over the experience that is Beyond the Black Rainbow. Even more likely is that you'll leave a screening saying to yourself, "Well, that was...... More »

Tribeca 2011 Review: THE ASSAULT

Always handsome in its burnished gun-metal and sepia tones, and immediately involving, Julien (Chrysalis) Leclercq's The Assault nonetheless feels like less than the sum of its parts. Based on the true story of a 1994 raid on a hijacked... More »

Tribeca 2011 Review: RABIES

The Tribeca programming notes, which contend that Rabies (Kalevet) is "worthy of its mantle as Israel's first-ever horror film," aren't exactly as encouraging as they seem to feel they are. After all, do you really want the film you're seeing... More »

SCREAM 4 Review

Let's have a little compassion for Scream 4, shall we? After all, look at all the different audiences it's trying to please: Saturday night multiplex crowds, postmodern hipsters and media-watchers who'll appreciate its arch cultural references, gawkers at celebrities and... More »


(Shut Up Little Man! Screens as a part of New Directors/New Films Saturday, April 2nd, and Sunday, the 3rd; links below) For one of the most compelling documentaries I've seen on media in a long time (and I take in... More »


The most resonant conceit in Some Days Are Better Than Others, its main conceptual takeaway, is clever in a way that transcends cleverness and gives off a whiff of zeitgeist-stalking: these days auditioning for Reality TV can be a very... More »

ND/NF 2011 Review: OUTBOUND (a.k.a. "PERIFERIC")

Pet peeve: when movies, especially thrillers or dark dramas, take pains to show us a television broadcasting vintage cartoons in the background of a shot. Is there a more overused and cutesy way of quoting media within media? First, if... More »


When Lost went off the air last spring who knew that it would be back so soon--and that it would be called The Walking Dead? With its small band of survivors that finds itself in one precarious situation after another... More »

Film Comment Selects 2011 Reviews: BURKE & HARE and INSIDIOUS

On Thursday night John Landis, James Wan, Patrick Wilson, and Leigh Whannell helped close the 2011 edition of Film Comment Selects in grand genre style. Curated by the editors of the U.S.'s "most respected cinematic journal," FC Selects is clearly... More »


 [Releases on Feb. 22nd on Warner home Video] I'll admit it:  I usually put up with Superman, but that's about it. Granted, his portrayal in the "DC Universe" animated series of recent years has been consistently interesting--but even there I've... More »

Festival Preview: Film Comment Selects 2011

Hey, is it me... or did things just get really dark in here? Oh, and intense, too? Nothing wrong with that, mind you, just interesting how the folks over at Film Comment could put together such an idiosyncratic program for... More »

Non-Stop Thrills, Non-Stop Attitude: Previewing Japan Society's Sabu Retrospective

I have to confess, the temptation to use a corny lead has never been greater. Something like "On your mark... get set... go! --to New York's Japan Society for this exciting, groundbreaking series!"   In truth, there's not much I... More »

Interview with Todd Wider, Producer of Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

Smooth, smart, and with an unexpected kick, Alex Gibney's new doc CLIENT 9 goes down like an impeccably mixed cocktail--a Manhattan perhaps? For those who didn't follow the story when it broke in 2008, the title refers to the abrupt... More »

Hacksaws, Flying Saucers, and Improv: Round 2 with MONSTERS' Gareth Edwards

[Can't get enough of MONSTERS? Or maybe you don't have time to explore/enjoy Kurt's ultra-in-depth interview at the moment? Well, here's another option for you, a quick Q&A from Peter with our man of the hour, Gareth Edwards]Team Twitch has... More »

Twitch at SAIFF 2010: A Preview

 "South Asia" takes in a lot of territory, both literally and culturally/aesthetically, so you've got to hand it to the fest and programmer Galen Rosenthal in particular: the diversity of themes, styles, and genres on display in this year's... More »


Let's be clear about one thing from the start: many of director Baltasar Kormákur's signature talents are on display in Inhale. These would include his skill at interweaving elements of family drama with those of other genres, his gift for... More »


The opening scenes of Clint Eastwood's Hereafter are remarkably deceptive. We are teased with the possibility of adult, dimensional characters, and storytelling that respects our intelligence by suggesting things instead of spelling them out. Couple this with visuals that are... More »


You probably already know that Twitch's tagline is "Spreading the News On Strange Little Films From Around the World" so it is without apology that I report that Manoel de Oliveira's latest is one of the strangest little films and... More »


Interesting without feeling inspired, "creative" but hardly magical, Julie Taymor's The Tempest is apt to be a hit in certain high school classrooms--that is, if English teachers can get away with screening Ben Wishaw's angry-tranny version of Ariel.  Admittedly, though,... More »

NYFF 2010: CARLOS (the five-hour version) Review

With a scope and a historical complexity that makes it feel like a David Lean picture about the salad days of international terrorism, Carlos impresses on any number of levels. But while we're making such a comparison, it's probably also... More »
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