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Writer of fiction and nonfiction, with too little of the former and too much of the latter published over the past couple of decades. For more info, please just Google me, adding words such as comics, film, literacy, media, and horror. And thanks for reading my work...

Tribeca 2012 Review: RESOLUTION

"I think they were searching for monsters... and found each other."This bit of dialogue isn't the tagline for Resolution, and in fact isn't even spoken about the protagonists (the reverse would be closer to the truth), but it does offer... More »

Tribeca 2012 Review: UNIT 7

As anyone reading, or writing for, Twitch will probably tell you, there's a fine line between genre conventions and outright clichés. To an outsider, someone who's not a fan of a particular genre, anything that looks somewhat familiar can be... More »


With a title that screams "campy fun ahead," Eddie -The Sleepwalking Cannibal both telegraphs its pleasures and sells them short. Yes, this Danish-Canadian co-production is pure fun from its first moment to its last (and beyond: stay for the credits),... More »

Tribeca 2012: Exclusive Image From JACKPOT Nails It

So here we have Arthur Berning, Mads Ousdal, and Kyrre Hellum in a scene from Jackpot, which has its International Premiere in the Cinemania strand at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.From a highly reliable source I've heard Magnus Martens' dark... More »

Review: THE ASSAULT (L'ASSAUT) is Handsome and Involving, Yet Less Than Sum of Its Parts

[The Assault opens in limited release in the U.S. tomorrow. The following review was first published when the film screened at the Tribeca Film Festival last year.] Always handsome in its burnished gun-metal and sepia tones, and immediately involving, Julien... More »

Series Preview: Nina Menkes Retro at New York's Anthology Film Archives

"It took me a long time to understand my own film." That's writer-director Nina Menkes on what may be her best known work, The Bloody Child (1996). To say that it uses reverse-chronology to tell the based-on-true-events tale of a... More »

Series Preview: "Love Will Tear Us Apart" at NY's Japan Society

In view of its topic, one is tempted to say of Japan Society's new series that it's too bad it didn't arrive a couple of weeks ago, around February 14--then again, I don't think Valentine's Day could have withstood the... More »

Film Comment Selects 2012 Preview

If you needed any confirmation about the deep-seated fannishness of film critics, all you'd have to do is eavesdrop on their pre-screening chatter as they find their seats or their post-screening blabfests over their beverages of choice. Rather than dazzlingly... More »


With the success in recent years of films like The Queen, Frost/Nixon, and The King's Speech, it's hard to fault those who greenlit this big screen portrait of former British PM Margaret Thatcher. You've got a dynamic, polarizing figure and... More »


I'll admit it, I'm a curmudgeon where coming-of-age films are concerned. Even when they're widely acclaimed, as in Lone Scherfig's An Education, I often find their points too facile, their emphases clouded by an adult perspective that's slyly looking back... More »


Is there anything more disappointing than a restrained period drama that simmers... simmers... and then cools to the point where it reaches room temperature?Actually, I suppose there are many things in the world more disappointing than that -- I'm just... More »

Who's On Top?: The Audience's Sexual (Re-)Positioning in Fincher's DRAGON TATTOO

With all the nasty dazzle of David Fincher's impressive new film, it's easy to overlook how it completes star Daniel Craig's evolution into a full-fledged Bond Girl. That's not to cast aspersions on the actor's masculinity, but rather the opposite:... More »

A Brief Chat with the One and Only Roger Corman

Chances are that if you love movies you know who Roger Corman is. If you're not sure, however, about all the things that he's accomplished in his nearly sixty-year career, you may want to check out his page at IMDb--but... More »

Exploring CORMAN'S WORLD with Documentarian Alex Stapleton

In an awards season awash with nostalgia for the movie culture of yore, it's nice to see a bit of living history up on the screen in the form of Alex Stapleton's Corman's World. No question that Hugo and The... More »


[With the film extending its run in Los Angeles and opening tomorrow in New York, we now revisit Peter's review from Tribeca.] Overall, I must say that I was struck by the similarity of The Swell Season to Hobo with... More »


During yesterday's press conference at Lincoln Center, director David Cronenberg insisted he doesn't think about his past pictures while engaged in the making of a new one. That doesn't mean that audiences, and more specifically his legions of fans--and I'm... More »

NYFF 2011: MISS BALA Review

You've got to hand it to Gerardo Naranjo. Other filmmakers, particularly those of the Hollywood school, would have taken the easy way out when starting from such a winning, inspired-by-a-true-story premise:  a poor, would-be beauty queen becomes, against her will,... More »

NYFF 2011: CARNAGE Review

I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say that Roman Polanski's Carnage, which opens in the U.S. on December 16, is in many ways a quintessential New York Film Festival title. Like The Social Network last year,... More »


[With Matthew Bate's documentary opening in limited release tomorrow in the U.S. we now revisit Peter Gutierrez's review from this spring.]For one of the most compelling documentaries I've seen on media in a long time (and I take in a... More »

Tribeca 2011: THE SWELL SEASON Review

Overall, I must say that I was struck by the similarity of The Swell Season to Hobo with a Shotgun.  Well, wait, hold on a sec and I'll explain:  both films know what their target audiences expect as they... More »
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