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First Teaser Trailer For LITTLE FOREST Starring Hashimoto Ai

With films like Another or The Kirishima Thing Hashimoto Ai proved that she's one of the most promising Japanese actresses of the young generation. Since her big screen debut in Confessions in 2010 she's been delivering high quality performances, yet... More »

Review: Emotional Drama LOVING Searches For Truth About The Mechanics Of Love

In an impassioned and perceptive manner, Loving (Milosc) breaks down the essence of a marriage on the verge of collapse. The sharply-written script goes beyond the surface in order to expose all the ingredients crucial for the formation and further development of... More »

Ochiai Masayuki To Direct New JU-ON Movie

It was announced last Wednesday during a press conference at Tokyo's Akagi Shrine that Ochiai Masayuki (Infection, Hypnosis, horrible 2008 remake of Shutter) will be responsible for scripting and directing the next installment in the Ju-on (The Grudge) horror franchise. Japanese... More »

Review: AMBASSADA Has An Extremely Poor Sense Of Humor

Apparently, after all those magnificent years of creating hilarious, crowd-pleasing comedies Juliusz Machulski (Vabank, Sexmission, Kiler) has finally lost his comedic touch. His oeuvre is like an almost never-ending bag of laugh-inducing creations and a source of great joy, mostly... More »

Trailer: Polish Psychological Thriller THE WORD

How far would you go to make up for mistakes that ruined your relationship? Through mixing elements of coming-of-age drama and psychological thriller, Anna Kazejak (Flying Pigs) delves into painful and difficult issues of young love, infidelity, and emotional manipulation. Three... More »

Trailer: Feel The Wrath Of Nakata Hideo's MONSTERZ

Remarkably intense and perfectly intriguing, this might be one of the best trailers I've seen in quite a while. Nakata Hideo's Monsterz looks like a bloody good time, and for all the right reasons. The indisputable Master of J-horror is definitely... More »

Review: TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT Boldly Exposes The Dark Side Of Police Work

Though still on the verge of being Poland's new voice of morality, Wojciech Smarzowski (The Wedding, The Dark House) has undoubtedly found a very convincing way of exposing the country's greatest and most frustrating absurdities. Never far from controversy, Smarzowski's unflinching... More »

Watch The First Trailer For Quirky Japanese Dramedy DOG'S WAY

Another one for the "only in Japan" file! Definitely bizarre in its own fascinating way, Dog's Way (Inu Michi) tells the story of a relationship between a man (Masayuki Yano) and a woman (Nagayama Yurie) who voluntarily becomes his dog. Manda Kunitoshi, the... More »

Trailer: NEKO NI MIKAN, A Kore-eda-esque Family Drama

From Toda Akihiro (Hana no Fukuru) comes a family drama that seems very much influenced by Kore-eda Hirokazu's brilliant body of work. Neko ni Mikan (literally Tangerines on Cat, although the English title is still not known) tells the story of a... More »

Check Out The Trailer For Festival Favorite HAN GONG-JU

Since its premiere at Busan International Film Festival last year, Han Gong-ju has been attracting a lot of critical attention. It's been awarded with many prizes both in its native South Korea (Busan) and abroad (Marrakech, Rotterdam). After an enormously successful... More »

Watch The Trailer For Polish Football Documentary MUNDIAL. THE HIGHEST STAKES

Football has always been the most popular sport in Poland and for many years served as a perfect escape from the troubles of everyday life. Though the national team isn't as strong as it once was, many people still value... More »

Review: JACK STRONG, A Full-Bodied And Suspenseful Spy Thriller

From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.- Winston Churchill  Wladyslaw Pasikowski's Jack Strong tells the gripping true story of colonel Ryszard Kuklinski (Marcin Dorocinski), one of the most controversial figures... More »

Trailer: Polish War Drama STONES FOR THE RAMPART

Poland's tempestuous history is a collection of many uniquely chilling and tragic chapters and a never-ending bag of courageous stories. For decades, it served as an inspiration for many more or less successful pictures. However, this trend has also lead to... More »

First Trailer For Berlin Golden Bear Winner BLACK COAL, THIN ICE

Diao Yinan's Black Coal, Thin Ice, the biggest surprise of this year's Berlinale, finally gets its first Chinese-language trailer. The film basically came out of nowhere and won two major awards at the festival - Golden Bear for Best Film... More »

Review: IN THE NAME OF... Explores The Relationship Between Priesthood And Sexuality

In terms of searching for and exploring its own sexual identity, 2013 turned out to be a rather eventful year for Polish cinema. Controversial films such as Floating Skyscrapers (first openly pro-gay picture), In Hiding (deals with lesbian love in... More »

First Trailer For JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING: Japanese Children Dealing With Grief

The first English-subtitled trailer for Berlinale selected Joy of Man's Desiring has just been released. The film has been awarded with the second prize by the festival's children jury in Generation KPlus category. Written and directed by Sugita Masakazu, it's a... More »

SAMURAI PIRATES: First Trailer For Japanese Treasure Hunt Film

Nothing says fun like a feel-good Japanese adventure film that involves a hidden treasure and scary-looking pirates who are also samurai! Ohmori Kenichi's Samurai Pirates is a family friendly affair that follows a group of children on the trail of a legendary... More »


Team Batista returns with the third and presumably concluding installment based on the best-selling series of medical mystery novels by Kaidō Takeru. Although two previous films didn't earn much critical acclaim, their considerable box office success in Japan was the... More »

Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces Of Polish Cinema At Film Society Lincoln Center

New York City-based readers! The great Martin Scorsese is about to give you a one of a kind opportunity to explore the magnificent world of classic Polish cinema. For just 12 busy days Film Society of Lincoln Center will turn... More »

First Trailer For Poignant Japanese Drama OUR FAMILY

From Ishii Yûya, the director of last year's highly successful Japanese film The Great Passage, comes a heartbreaking drama based on the recently published novel by Hayami Kazumasa. Our Family (Bokutachi no Kazoku) centers on a shattered family that suddenly needs to... More »
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