Matthew Lee
Derby, England

Matthew was press-ganged into service for Twitch around 2009, just so he'd stop posting long, rambling reviews on the forums for obscure Chinese arthouse movies and cult anime none of the other writers had ever seen. Over the years he's branched out to multiple genres of film from almost every corner of the world, whether in festivals around the North of England and across Europe or on DVD and BluRay. He also contributes feature articles and reviews to the gaming website BeefJack, and writes fiction in his spare time.

DVD Review: Stop Laughing! ROSEWOOD LANE Is Serious Business

People accuse old-school horror films of being emotionally retarded, in that so many of them reflect a permanently juvenile outlook on the world - sex bad, purity good, and it's so god damned cathartic when those whining teenagers get hacked... More »

Grimmfest 2012 Review: THE WRONG HOUSE Is So Very Wrong, But So, So Right

For a movie about a real-estate bargain that turns out to be far too good to be true, it seems perversely appropriate you have to forgive a lot - I mean a lot - to get into The Wrong House... More »

Grimmfest 2012 Review: You'll Be Dozing Off Long BEFORE DAWN

Very few zombie movies are actually about the zombies. Whatever their scope and scale, these are generally stories about troubled people trying to keep on doing what they do even while the world's coming to an end. And the idea... More »

Grimmfest 2012 Review: DEVOURED Has Very Little Behind The Curtain

Back in my Creative Writing classes at university the lecturers would explain one way to create a fictional character was to start with one thing - a name, say - and extrapolate from there. Is it a weird name? If... More »

DVD Review: It's Grim Up North In HELL IS A CITY

The UK doesn't really do noir, do we? Okay, we had a brief flirtation with the idea around the 70s when Donald Cammell was still directing, but those were psycho-thrillers and grimy character studies more than bleak, existential detective stories.... More »

Grimmfest 2012 Review: WAKE UP AND DIE is GROUNDHOG DAY ... With Murder!

Seriously, "Groundhog Day with murder" seems like such an obvious idea it's hard to imagine some low-budget splatter production house hasn't tried it yet (correct me if I'm wrong), but Miguel Urrutia's Wake Up and Die appears to be the... More »

Books To Be Scene: Elizabeth Wein's CODE NAME VERITY

"The air-raid siren went. Every head in the room looked up in dismay and exhaustion at the canteen's pasteboard ceiling, as if they could see through it. Then everybody rocketed from their borrowed church hall wooden folding chairs to meet... More »

Grimmfest 2012, Day 3: Step Inside THE WRONG HOUSE

Day three of Grimmfest 2012 and the crowds were still turning up in force, even with a full 12 hours of screenings to get through. Saying Wake Up And Die is "Groundhog Day with murder" might be a smartass... More »

Grimmfest 2012, Day 2: DEVOURED Will Swallow Your Soul

Round two of Grimmfest was another half day -  the festival is packing everything into the weekend. As the day began, the Grimmfest crew was riding high off the first day reviews in the UK mainstream press for the... More »

Grimmfest 2012 Review: COMEDOWN - The Slasher Movie, Once More, With Feeling

Menhaj Huda's Comedown isn't so much the morning after the night before as the moment that night when you realise the booze has run out, the pills are all gone and you're desperately trying to eke out the last... More »

Grimmfest 2012, Day 1: COMEDOWN Is One Hell Of A Rush

Grimmfest 2012 kicked off in earnest - after the special preview night on Wednesday 4th October - with a gala screening of the world premiere for Comedown, the new film from Mehnaj Huda (Kidulthood) swapping social commentary for stalk-and-slash. To... More »

Celluloid Screams 2012: A Taster For The Festival's PAPERCUTS Art Exhibition

The 2012 edition of UK horror festival Celluloid Screams runs from 26-28 October 2012 in Sheffield, at the Showroom Cinema, and while the full lineup is a dark, bloodstained little gem, there's another treat for festival-goers beyond the movies on... More »

Celluloid Screams 2012 Full Lineup! SIGHTSEERS! RESOLUTION! ENTITY! And One Heck Of A Trailer.

UK Twitch readers around the Midlands at the end of the month might like to be reminded that there's another local festival around this time of year (as well as Manchester's Grimmfest) that caters for those cineastes who prefer their... More »

Books to be Scene: Tim Powers' HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES

"Christina reached behind her and lifted the chalice from the wall top and handed it to Maria. "Rest in peace, Uncle John," said Maria softly as she poured the wine over the dirt. "Please."...Christina glanced up quickly, for a deeper... More »


It's pretty convenient when a director explicitly spells out what message you're supposed to be taking away from their work. Maybe it's a tad lazy to examine a film in such an obvious way but when the director is the... More »

Books to be Scene: Chris Womersley's BEREFT

Quinn threw down his cigarette and ground it out under his boot heel. A woman and her young daughter indicated they wished to pass, prompting Quinn and his new companion to stand back as far as the cramped space would... More »

GRIMMFEST 2012: Final Films Added! More Shorts!

Attention UK Twitch readers! Wondering if you should head down to Manchester's upcoming horror festival, Grimmfest, in early October 2012? Not yet taken the plunge and picked up some tickets? Here's something that might tip you over the edge: the festival... More »

UK Film Festivals: GRIMM UP NORTH 2012 Full Lineup! Fear And Tremblingly Buy Tickets!

Manchester film festival Grimm Up North have announced the full lineup for their 2012 event, running from October 3rd-7th, and it looks to be up to their usual high standards. We've been following Grimmfest for the past couple of years... More »

Books to be Scene: Ben Aaronovitch's RIVERS OF LONDON

"Which is how I came to be standing around Covent Garden in a freezing wind at six o'clock in the morning, and why it was me that met the ghost.Sometimes I wonder whether, if I'd been the one that went... More »

DVD Review: BORGIA Complete Season 1

Borgia the TV series is - like the historical figure who inspired it - a hungry thing. Created by Tom Fontana, the producer best known for his work on Homicide and Oz, this is the story of perhaps the most... More »
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