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Euro Beat: Cannes Unveils Slew of Exciting European Films On The Horizon

Also in today's Euro Beat: The Jean Luc-Godard video/collage/letter/whats-it that you must watch, Transylvania becomes a haven for Czech and Slovak Cinema and the latest European box office news!... More »

Euro Beat: NSFW Trailer And Release News About Abel Ferrara's WELCOME TO NEW YORK

Also in today's Eurobeat: Project news from Ben Wheatly and Paolo Sorrentino, a closer look at Spain's new box-office juggernaut, and more!... More »

Melancholic Czech Debut TO SEE THE SEA Surprises on Many Levels

Czech cinema retains a certain routine portfolio in its offerings. The main and dominant current consists of films reflecting the recent past, mostly the era of communism, socialism and then normalisation. These stories come in the form of paeans to... More »

Euro Beat: The Star of BREATHLESS Will Tell His Story Now

Euro Beat is back! We'll be posting bi-weekly on Wednesday instead of Tuesday from now on, but the saga of European film news and box office stats will continue as before. In today's edition: Jean-Paul Belmondo will recount his life... More »

Review: THE INHERITANCE 2 (Dědictví aneb kurvaseneříká) Packs A Social Satire In A Time Capsule

The year 2014 is certainly the year of sequels for Czech cinema. A beloved cult film, The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday, got a sequel (and several others are getting ready for a release), an event that only few would say will come true.... More »

Review: THE TENDER WAVES (Nežné vlny) Delivers Retro Maudlinism

Czech filmmaker Jiří Vejdělek has acquired the status of a successful commercial filmmaker with several domestic romantic comedies, Men in Temptation and Women in Temptation. His latest film, The Tender Waves, also falls under the niche of romantic comedy. (After a... More »

Producer Louise Vesth: "I Am The Management Behind Lars' Brand". An Interview With The NYMPHOMANIAC Producer

Nymphomaniac was easily one of the most anticipated films of 2014, a new creation by Danish master provocateur Lars Von Trier whose path to the big screen was paved with sometimes cryptic and sometimes funny promotional campaign teasing the... More »

Review: THE UNI (Vejška) Awkwardly Balances Generational Manifesto And Capitalist Fairy-tale

In 2007, Czech director Tomáš Vorel sr. made a film called The Can, an adaption of the book Graffiti Rules. As the name of the source material suggests, the main motif was graffiti and hip hop subculture, something that... More »

Review: Slovenian School Drama CLASS ENEMY Presents Collective Crime And Individual Punishment

The times seem to be ripe for a new generation to overthrow the old one and usurp the ruling sceptre. The New Waves are splashing on all sides, yet still some go unnoticed. Such is the case of Slovenia. Lately,... More »

Review: THE ETERNAL RETURN OF ANTONIS PARASKEVAS, A Decently Weird And Hilariously Illuminating Greek Film

The following is a powerful excerpt from the influential postmodern scribe and great mind, Don DeLillo, vividly illustrating man's paramount prerogative of lacanian fantasy and psycho-hygiene concealed in the inherent virtue of homo sapiens in the novel White Noise. "How... More »

Review: Bleak Slovak Drama MIRACLE (ZAZARAK) Triggers Pity For The New Lost Generation

2013 was the Slovakian year of the dog. The bleak drama My Dog Killer toured the festival circuit making headlines for Slovak cinema with domestic production gearing up to tickle international audiences once more before the end of the year... More »

Review: Animated Short SNOW Exudes A Genuine Melancholy And Magic

Twitch has already reported on the recent Slovak wave of award winning shorts. The wave keeps rolling and a new short sees the light of day. Given the country´s size, the animation scene is not so vast so the names... More »

Review: Jiří Menzel's DON JUANS Lacks Plot But Not Affection For Opera

Even big directors need a break. Jiří Menzel, the Academy Award winning Czech director, was on one as it had been over 7 years since his last film, I Served the King of England (he's only made 3 features in... More »

Review: Slovakia's 2013 Oscar Entry, MY DOG KILLER Tackles Racism With Potent Realism

The latest Slovak and Czech co-production, My Dog Killer is directed by young Slovak filmmaker Mira Fornay. The film happened to scoop up several awards on the international fest circuit (including Rotterdam) this past year, though the reaction on the... More »

Slovak Shorts: Why A Folk Star, PIG STAR, And Suicidal PANDAS Won Awards

Slovak film productions are not solely fixed on features and docs. A considerable part of national production belongs also to shorts. Although there is a small prejudice that shorts are made by students or recent students to learn the craft,... More »

Interview: Malgorzata Szumowska On Her Latest Film, Female Sexuality And Poland

While attending the 2013 Transylvania Film Festival (full report here), I happened to meet internationally acclaimed Polish director, Malgorzata Szumowska. Malgorzata was at the time touring with her Berlinale Teddy Award winning In the Name Of (W imie...) In The... More »

Transylvania 2013 Festival Report: The Romanian New Wave Continues

Films like Stuff & Dough and The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, along with other successes, have put Romania back on the map of world cinema. All this through a movement that came into notoriety under the banner of the so-called Romanian New... More »

Transylvania 2013 Interview: Producer Monica Gorgan Talks Adrian Sitaru´s DOMESTIC

During this year's Transylvania International Film Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Twitch had the chance to meet the producer of Adrian Sitaru´s films, Monica Lazurean-Gorgan. Although he has made "just" three feature films so far (also several TV productions and shorts),... More »

Review: MINER'S BREAD, Waiting For Individualism In Slovakia

The Slovakian film industry has, as of late, been rather prolific in its production of documentaries, with notable works including Bell of Happines (directed by Martin Šulík and Jana Bučka), The Case of Cervanová (directed by Róbert Kirchhoff) and Graduates... More »

'Film is still not accepted as an official art in Romania' Transylvania International Film Festival's Artistic Director Interview

Twitch loves to explore all corners of the international film festival world, particularly the underrepresented events. One of those events is TIFF, the Romanian one. Transylvania International Film Festival is no more just Romanian business, it´s has gone worldwide now.... More »
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