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Madman Enlightens Your Xmas With Thought Provoking Docos

As per usual Madman Entertainment's slate of DVD and Bluray releases for the holiday season just keep on giving, and this year is no exception. There are a slew of critically recognized and audience engaging documentaries that have recently been... More »

Review: THE RAILWAY MAN, A Difficult But Confused Adaptation

Japan's involvement and subsequent denial in its atrocities of World War II has always been a difficult point to convey. The Railway Man, which is based on the incredible true account of soldier Eric Lomax, attempts to tell this story... More »

17th Japanese Film Festival 2013: Twitch Interviews Two Greats!

The 17th Japanese Film Festival is on full swing in Melbourne, playing commercial fare, classics and festival favorites that have been igniting the rest of the world this year.Twitch colleagues Andrew Mack and Diva Vélez got to sit down with... More »

17th Japanese Film Festival 2013 Review: ORPHEUS' LYRE Plucks Uncanny Hope, Tunes Tragic Death

Turning to Wikipedia, this wordy title actually refers to the mythic Greek figure of Orpheus, a man who used his musical instrument, a lyre, to charm all things in life, even returning his wife from death. While it is not... More »

17th Japanese Film Festival 2013 Review: THE DEVIL'S PATH Is Murder Most Mediocre

Supposedly not a film for the faint at heart, The Devil's Path starts with a series of disturbing Yakuza psychopath activities that excitedly recall the manic darkness of I Saw The Devil or, closer to home, Miike's Lessons Of The... More »

17th Japanese Film Festival 2013 Review: THE GREAT PASSAGE Explores More Than The Making Of A Dictionary

Ishii Yuya's (Mitsuko Delivers, Sawako Decides) latest film charts the twelve year development of a 'living dictionary' dubbed The Great Passage. In what is perhaps the most boring concept for a film ever, Ishii's realist style and nice characters that pepper... More »

17th Japanese Film Festival 2013 Preview: Twitch Rounds-Up The Lesser-known Gems

Have you found recent festivals in Australia desperately lacking in the Asian cinema department? You are not alone!Earlier this year the best of new Korean cinema boosted interest and excitement at the Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA).Now the... More »

Review: THE LOOK OF LOVE Is Pure Period Panache

Steve Coogan and Michael Winterbottom are an incendiary pair. From 24 Hour Party People to Tristram Shandy, the actor-director duo produce a potent synergy that is hard to pin down. Given the cult success of these earlier two films, it... More »

Review: A GUN IN EACH HAND Invites Puns, Delivers Wit

A Gun In Each Hand is a smash-hit success; a multi-award winner boasting a huge all-star cast, it is an extremely commercial production that broke box-office records in its native Spain. It opened the Spanish Film Festival in Australia this... More »

Hey Space Cowboys! Win COWBOY BEBOP Remastered Sessions Collection 1 on Blu-Ray [Australia Only]

We are back! It is giveaway time! Fill your Xmas stockings with DVD and Blu-ray goodies as we give you weekly opportunities to win seriously great film, TV and anime! Cowboy Bebop is a staple anime that has aged incredibly... More »

Blu-ray Review: COWBOY BEBOP Remastered Sessions Is A Mandatory Masterpiece

Cowboy Bebop is now available as a sublimely remastered Blu-ray collection. Stop what you are doing and buy it now. Perhaps some reading this may enquire as to what Cowboy Bebop is and hesitate on such a purchase, hopefully this... More »

Interview: Matt Zoller Seitz And THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION

Matt Zoller Seitz is an acclaimed film and television critic. His current roles include editor-in-chief for and television critic for New York Magazine. He has just published The Wes Anderson Collection, a filmology-turned-chronological insight into an epic conversation, and... More »

DVD Review: THE GARDEN OF SINNERS Is Insanely Demanding Yet Rewarding

A (now out-of-stock), limited edition DVD box set of the anime movie series The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyōkai) recently hit the shelves in Australia. What would prompt a purchase of this expensive lavish set? Perhaps some background is... More »

Monster Fest 2013: Twitch's Top Picks

Monster Fest is upon Melbourne, Australia again. The second year of this genre-obsessed fest sees cult action, retro-stars and horror get the bloody red carpet treatment.Monster Fest 2013 is even more eclectic this year, showcasing new genre film from Australia,... More »

Busan 2013: Highlights From The Tarantino And Bong Joon-ho Open Talk

Nearing the last legs of the festival everyone received a nice jolt to the system when news quickly spread that Quentin Tarantino was dropping by Busan for an open talk with director Bong Joon-ho. If one is observant, Tarantino could... More »

Busan 2013 Review: MISS VIOLENCE Is The Hardest Watch Of The Year

There is something terrifying about the uncanny nature of Miss Violence, a film that exists in mundane reality but for its attributes is very much alien to our world.A Greek household reacts so strangely to the sudden suicide of their... More »

Busan 2013: Tarantino Declares BIG BAD WOLVES Best Film Of The Year

Yesterday in a regular screening of Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado's Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves, Quentin Tarantino, who had popped into Busan to have a chat with Bong Joon-ho, was in attendance. Sitting mere seats away from me, we... More »

Busan 2013 Review: EINSTEIN AND EINSTEIN Is A Searing Generational Indictment

Einstein And Einstein is a smart and assured cinematic drama from mainland China that is rife with underlying politics and cutting-edge metaphors.When thirteen year old Li Wan (an incredible performance from Zhang Xueying) rebels against her estranged father for lying... More »

Busan 2013 Review: ROUGH PLAY Reveals The Darkest Ego

Rough Play had its world premiere at Busan this week, and for a film with a commercial K-Pop heartthrob lead Lee Joon, you can certainly tell it was penned by Kim Ki-duk. The official synopsis pitches the film as a... More »

Busan 2013 Review: STRANGER BY THE LAKE Explores An Uncanny Attraction

It is hard to know exactly where to begin when it comes to discussing Alain Guiraudie's psychosexual thriller Stranger by the Lake. Direct from Cannes, this controversial film was strangely given an R18+ rating and uncut in more conservative places... More »
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