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Busan 2013 Review: MISS VIOLENCE Is The Hardest Watch Of The Year

There is something terrifying about the uncanny nature of Miss Violence, a film that exists in mundane reality but for its attributes is very much alien to our world.A Greek household reacts so strangely to the sudden suicide of their... More »

Busan 2013: Tarantino Declares BIG BAD WOLVES Best Film Of The Year

Yesterday in a regular screening of Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado's Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves, Quentin Tarantino, who had popped into Busan to have a chat with Bong Joon-ho, was in attendance. Sitting mere seats away from me, we... More »

Busan 2013 Review: EINSTEIN AND EINSTEIN Is A Searing Generational Indictment

Einstein And Einstein is a smart and assured cinematic drama from mainland China that is rife with underlying politics and cutting-edge metaphors.When thirteen year old Li Wan (an incredible performance from Zhang Xueying) rebels against her estranged father for lying... More »

Busan 2013 Review: ROUGH PLAY Reveals The Darkest Ego

Rough Play had its world premiere at Busan this week, and for a film with a commercial K-Pop heartthrob lead Lee Joon, you can certainly tell it was penned by Kim Ki-duk. The official synopsis pitches the film as a... More »

Busan 2013 Review: STRANGER BY THE LAKE Explores An Uncanny Attraction

It is hard to know exactly where to begin when it comes to discussing Alain Guiraudie's psychosexual thriller Stranger by the Lake. Direct from Cannes, this controversial film was strangely given an R18+ rating and uncut in more conservative places... More »

Reel Anime 2013: Twitch Looks At The Program

Reel Anime 2013 is just around the corner for Australia. Madman Entertainment are presenting another round of cutting edge animation, showcasing the new wave of feature film anime from Japan.Click through below on our coverage of the festival.In addition, check... More »

BIFF 2013: Twitch's 10 Picks for the 18th Busan Film Festival

The Busan International Film Festival, the largest film celebration in Asia, is just a few days away and Twitch is packing its bags and heading to the beachside Korean town. I will be making my second trip to the fest... More »

Confirmed - Miyazaki's Final Film THE WIND RISES Acquired By Madman Entertainment

Well this is a relief, although not a huge surprise. Madman Entertainment have confirmed acquisition of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki's film The Wind Rises for Australia and New Zealand. Check out Christopher's review here.The Wind Rises follows the story... More »

Opening In Australia: THE GATEKEEPERS, A Terrifying Bird's-Eye View Of Conflict

Opening in select theatres in Australia on Thursday, 5 September, The Gatekeepers is a truly powerful film. Covering the never-ending war on terror and occupation from the early 60s until now, the film is half history lesson and half meta-spy retrospective.... More »

Korean Film Festival In Australia 2013 Preview: Twitch Rounds-Up The Essentials

Have you found recent festivals in Australia desperately lacking in the Asian cinema department? You are not alone! The vibrant, diverse fourth year of the Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) hits Melbourne this weekend! We love Korean film at... More »

Hey Australia, Go On Some HD Quests And Win ADVENTURE TIME Season 1 And 2 On Blu-ray!

Adventure Time is a totes rad toon (sorry) that is extremely popular in Australia and totally weird to boot! You kids seem to love this sort of wacky stuff.What time is it? It's time for the Adventure Time Blu-rays! The... More »

ISF13 Review: INCH'ALLAH Covers An Incendiary Topic With A Long Fuse

Inch'Allah is a film that is already controversial. In its first session, playing as part of the Australian Israeli Film Festival, it has been pulled. A punter in Melbourne complained it was a propaganda film and biased against Israel in... More »

Melbourne 2013 Review: THE TURNING Mines Deep Australiana, Unearths Some Gems

Curator, producer and director Robert Connolly knows how to convey a good story. He has been intimately involved with some great Australian productions over the years; from Balibo to These Final Hours. He has the skills necessary to bring together... More »

Melbourne 2013 Wrap: Audience Choice Films

The 62nd Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) ended on August 11 after 17 days, screening 320 films over 453 sessions from 63 countries in 45 different languages, including 23 world premieres and 52 Australian films."2013 has been a very successful... More »

Reel Anime 2013: Everything You Need To Know

Madman Entertainment have just revealed all the details and dates for the upcoming semi-inaugural anime-centric film festival Reel Anime. They have a cracker of a line-up sure to entice any anime fan, and judging by last year's attendance records, this... More »

Melbourne 2013 Review: THESE FINAL HOURS, The Genre Film Australia Needs

In 2005, actor Nathan Phillips starred in backpacker shocker Wolf Creek. The film was a revitalization of sorts to pure genre cinema without pretension in Australia. Flash forward to today and that same actor has front and centered another firecracker of... More »

Hey Australia, Experience The Thrill And Win THE TOWER On DVD

The Tower is a blockbuster South Korean film about a thrilling man-made disaster that threatens the lives of thousands on a tragic Xmas eve.On Christmas Eve, at the luxurious Tower Sky twin tower building in central Seoul, residents and staff... More »

Melbourne 2013 Review: JIMMY P, A Psychoanalytical Slog

Director Arnaud Desplechin is a labelled auteur and no stranger to cognitive dissonance. His latest feature, direct from Cannes continues, his inquiry into the mind, but given the previous efforts, it is inexcusable how utterly dull Jimmy P is. The... More »

Melbourne 2013 Review: ILO ILO, A Genuine Gem

Ilo Ilo is the debut feature from Singaporean director Anthony Chen, who is now based in London. It is, however, handled with such a deft hand and filled with so much obsessive detail that one would be forgiven for thinking... More »

Melbourne 2013 Review: AIM HIGH IN CREATION Respects And Engages Gleefully With The DPRK

Director Anna Broinowski is no stranger to confrontation; kicking off her documentary career with Hell Bento, a film that exposed subsections of the Japanese underworld. More recently she directed a startling fib-filled terror tale about Muslim romance called Forbidden Lie$.... More »
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