Kurt Halfyard
Toronto, Canada

Scientist by day, cinema aficionado by night. Film festival addict and family man. Kurt has been writing for Twitch since pretty much the inception of the site and can often be found in rep-houses around Toronto taking his kids to films that are rather inappropriate for their age.

Twitch's Best of 2013 - Best Screenplay

The year that was 2013 has almost run its course, so the time has come for Team Twitch to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute... More »

Ghibli Retrospective: The Kids Talk CASTLE IN THE SKY

TIFF Bell Lightbox is running an another Studio Ghibli retrospective in December and January, which has expanded the number of titles (old and new) from the very successful previous 2012 run in Toronto.When Miyazaki-san and Takahata-san come to town, you... More »

New To Netflix: Time, Terrorism, Wuxia, And Snowboarding

This week's entry of New To Netflix continues with more time travel. Cinema itself is kind of a time machine, so watch as I contort this notion. Transporting us back to a time and place, or at least an idea... More »

Get Control Of Yourself And Put On Some Trousers! New DOM HEMINGWAY Trailer

The marketing machine not shy about throwing in most of the good bits from Richard Shepard's Jude Law starring gangster effort Dom Hemingway in order to get your butt in the cinema. To eyes that have seen (and very much... More »

Bruce Dern Is Ready For His Extreme Close-up, Mr. DeMille!

Bruce Dern has been doing amazing character actor work since the 1960s where he started out as "third cowboy on the left" in a lot of television westerns, before joining up with Roger Corman's stable of regulars (Including Jack Nicholson,... More »

Errol Morris on Photography, Truth and JFK: NOVEMBER 22, 1963

Errol Morris has posted a short documentary interview with Josiah "Tink" Thompson  author of the book "Six Seconds In Dallas" (In 1966, while working for Life Magazine, he was allowed to examine a first-generation copy of the film and a set... More »

New To Netflix: Time Travel, Memory, Cloning and BEST WORST MOVIE

This weeks entry of New To Netflix picks some of the obscure and strange films from the various territories around the world. At this point in time, I would say that Netflix remains at its best for the new (ish)... More »

North American Trailer for THE WIND RISES Leaves Us Adrift

The North American trailer for Miyazaki Hayao's "Farewell Masterpiece," The Wind Rises spends a lot of time telling you to see it, rather than truly showing you much: images with little context or explanation, with the dialogue silenced. This is... More »

The Gender War Wages On in the Trailer for SOME VELVET MORNING

It has been a while Neil Labute stormed onto the arthouse film scene with the one-two punch of In The Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors in the mid 1990s. After those two exceptional films, it felt that... More »

New To Netflix: THE MASTER, Australian Stop-Motion, Latin Science Fiction, And More

Another grab-bag of Netflix picks from the various territories around the world showcases the eclectic nature of the acquisitions of the service. stop-motion animation from Australia, science fiction found footage from Ecuador, P.T. Anderson's "Master" case study on the culture... More »

Focus Features Is Crumbling, And This Saddens Me

Let me just preface that I am not a Hollywood business guy, nor do I possess any expertise or insight into the subject of how all this stuff works. But, I do pay close attention to which boutique labels release... More »

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE: International Trailer Brings The Sexy Ennui

Jim Jarmusch is at his most Jarmuschian as he envisions immortal vampires who have seen it all, have traversed around all the urban centres of the world before settling in old Detroit; as gothic a place as one might find in America... More »

Review: THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, A Gloriously Devastating Bluegrass Masterpiece

"You'll rue the day that you were born. For givin' me the devil cause I wouldn't hoe corn." This is the stuff of old country music, the purest of joy taken, perhaps from mistakes made, perhaps just fate teasing and... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists Of Shame - October

As we enter the final quarter of 2013's Full Disclosure, I was hoping to have all our contributors check out something at least vaguely horror-related knowning that this feature would publish close to Hallowe'en. Well, the trials and tribulations behind... More »

New To Netflix: Busting Genres Around the World

Welcome to another week of Netflix picks and pointed mentions from the various territories around the world:  Korean films in The Netherlands, Icelandic films in Mexico, American Films in the UK, Indian films in Canada, and British films in Scandinavia.... More »

TADFF 2013 Short Film, Short Review: MY FATHER IS A BIRD

Out of Jerusalem comes this 13-minute examination of life and death and puberty. Young Benny is quickly discovering boners and what to do with them in his private moments. This would all be pretty normal, if not for his father... More »

Review: HELLBENDERS Raises a Little, Uh, Hell

"I'm a woman, and you're a Catholic. Everything I do is a sin." -- A taste of the in-your-face comedy on display in J.T. Petty's Hellbenders. Based upon the writer-director's own graphic novel, and pitched somewhere between The Evil Dead... More »

Review: TOAD ROAD Merges A Drug Drama With Urban-Legend Horror

In the tradition of mashing sub-genres together to get something entirely new and interesting, full credit goes to micro-indie avant garde chiller Toad Road for merging the wasted youth drug drama with the urban-legend horror flick. The experience of watching... More »

New To Netflix: Gritty Aussie Cowboys, Cimmerians, Bubble Gum, Smart Apes and the Foggiest of Noir!

Another varied week in the world streaming media sees a mixture of highbrow and lowbrow, old and new, fun and deadly films and series debut in Netflix territories around the world.  Archer suavely sashays into the UK and Mexico; Scandanavia... More »

The Kids Talk Film: GRAVITY

You have read a lot of positive things about Alfonso Cuarón's immersive action picture Gravity in these parts, but how, you ask, would young children react to the prospect of two handsome astronauts problem solving their way out of a tight... More »
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