Kurt Halfyard
Toronto, Canada

Scientist by day, cinema aficionado by night. Film festival addict and family man. Kurt has been writing for Twitch since pretty much the inception of the site and can often be found in rep-houses around Toronto taking his kids to films that are rather inappropriate for their age.

Review: THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, A Gloriously Devastating Bluegrass Masterpiece

"You'll rue the day that you were born. For givin' me the devil cause I wouldn't hoe corn." This is the stuff of old country music, the purest of joy taken, perhaps from mistakes made, perhaps just fate teasing and... More »

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists Of Shame - October

As we enter the final quarter of 2013's Full Disclosure, I was hoping to have all our contributors check out something at least vaguely horror-related knowning that this feature would publish close to Hallowe'en. Well, the trials and tribulations behind... More »

New To Netflix: Busting Genres Around the World

Welcome to another week of Netflix picks and pointed mentions from the various territories around the world:  Korean films in The Netherlands, Icelandic films in Mexico, American Films in the UK, Indian films in Canada, and British films in Scandinavia.... More »

TADFF 2013 Short Film, Short Review: MY FATHER IS A BIRD

Out of Jerusalem comes this 13-minute examination of life and death and puberty. Young Benny is quickly discovering boners and what to do with them in his private moments. This would all be pretty normal, if not for his father... More »

Review: HELLBENDERS Raises a Little, Uh, Hell

"I'm a woman, and you're a Catholic. Everything I do is a sin." -- A taste of the in-your-face comedy on display in J.T. Petty's Hellbenders. Based upon the writer-director's own graphic novel, and pitched somewhere between The Evil Dead... More »

Review: TOAD ROAD Merges A Drug Drama With Urban-Legend Horror

In the tradition of mashing sub-genres together to get something entirely new and interesting, full credit goes to micro-indie avant garde chiller Toad Road for merging the wasted youth drug drama with the urban-legend horror flick. The experience of watching... More »

New To Netflix: Gritty Aussie Cowboys, Cimmerians, Bubble Gum, Smart Apes and the Foggiest of Noir!

Another varied week in the world streaming media sees a mixture of highbrow and lowbrow, old and new, fun and deadly films and series debut in Netflix territories around the world.  Archer suavely sashays into the UK and Mexico; Scandanavia... More »

The Kids Talk Film: GRAVITY

You have read a lot of positive things about Alfonso Cuarón's immersive action picture Gravity in these parts, but how, you ask, would young children react to the prospect of two handsome astronauts problem solving their way out of a tight... More »

New To Netflix: Snipers! Spies! Trains! Tentacles! and The End of the World

Another lovely week in the world streaming media sees a mixture of highbrow and lowbrow, old and new, stylized and playful entries in territories around the world.  Sean Connery asks for a dead cat.  Jude Law looks for both a... More »

Cannibals! Bugs! Bigfoot! Sewer Dwellers! Child Killers! and Talking Mould!? October gets Icky as Toronto After Dark Announces its 2013 Line-up!

Proving that there is no shortage of quality film festivals in the city of Toronto, the 8th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, TADFF, is all set to roll out on October 17th, and they have announced their full 9... More »

Trailer for DOM HEMINGWAY Offers A Lambchopped Jude Law

Jude law is Dom Hemingway.  And you are not.  In a similar vein as Chopper, Bronson and Sexy Beast, this often droll, occasionally gonzo, but compulsively watchable gangster yarn shows Law as an angry but funny thug who is looking for... More »

TIFF 2013: Twitch's Super Wrap With All Our Reviews and Top Fest Picks - UPDATED

* Now Updated with more reviews and features! See the links below in bold. * Another crazy and wonderful year of the Toronto International Film Fest has come to a close and again Twitch's coverage has been second to... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: MANAKAMANA Transcends The Simplicity Of Its Journey

Two elderly women sit in a gondola while it travels down a verdant Nepalese mountain.  Having visited the Manakamana temple earlier in the day, they have purchased ice cream on a stick for the ride down and it is melting... More »

Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: PROXY Dwells On The Dark Side Of Parenting

Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome is a relatively rare form of child abuse that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caregiver. The central idea around which everything swirls in Zack Parker's Proxy is as brilliant... More »

US Trailer for THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN Offers Bluegrass Joy and Pain

Felix Van Groeningen's vivid emotional drama of life, love and Bluegrass tunes with its mouthful of a title, The Broken Circle Breakdown, is quite simply put, one of the best films you will probably see all year. The Flemish director... More »

New To Netflix: Thrillers! Horror! Samurai! Docs!

Back from a week's hiatus, and there are plenty of new goodies in the Netflix cookie jar.  This week we've added coverage for The Netherlands, along with the usual territories of Canada, The United States, Mexico, Brazil, The United Kingdom,... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: WITCHING & BITCHING Is Vulgar Auteurism At Its Most Manic

They are in every city along the main tourist drags, those living statues of celebrities, comic book characters and horror icons just standing there, silently hoping for your loose change.  In Álex De La Iglesia's latest bit of mayhem, they're... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: NIGHT MOVES is a Tense Showcase of Guilt and Paranoia

When purchasing a used boat for an act of extreme vandalism, the young activist, quips that she chose the one named "Night Moves" because it was better in her mind than "Sea Breeze" or "Heart's Ease." I tend to pay... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: FELONY Cops Out In The End

In the course of a day, detective Malcolm Toohey goes from participating in a major sting operation that gets him shot to celebrating and singing Bon Jovi with his officers in the cop bar, to hitting a child with his... More »

TIFF 2013 Review: THE UNKNOWN KNOWN Is A Zen Koan

A snow globe shaking back and forth, little white flecks - snowflakes - swirl and obfuscate whatever is in the globe. Oh my what a loaded image. It is one of the chief ones Errol Morris employs in his lengthy... More »
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