Jim Tudor
Featured Critic; St. Louis, MO

Jim has been with Twitch since its first year. He's also reviewed films for ImagineDat and KTRS AM 550 in St. Louis. He has a member of the St. Louis Film Critics Association since 2011. When he isn't busy writing about movies, he's most likely working to help make 'em. Jim has served in the Art Department of such motion pictures as GONE GIRL, THE INFORMANT!, and THE LUCKY ONES. He was Art Director on SAVING SHILOH, KINGSHIGHWAY, and MARSHALL THE MIRACLE DOG. Additionally, Jim has worked regularly as a freelance video editor since 1998. He also co-hosts the reoccurring comedy show on BlogTalkRadio, The Wonder Show. He is a life-long St. Louisian, living there with his wife and four children.

Review: FREE BIRDS Hits Plymouth Rock Bottom

In a rare occurrence, American narcissism trumps Hollywood's modern global cash-grab mentality, but still maintains all the lowest common denominator tropes of the latter with Free Birds - an obnoxious 3D animated children's misfire that's throwing its gizzard in... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: RUSH and GRAVITY: Two Cinematic Forces To Be Reckoned With

(TTTT, or "Tudor's Twitchin' Travel Tours", is an occasional column that sets out to traverse the vast terrain of cinema, as experienced by yours truly, Jim Tudor, a filmmaker and guilded American film critic.  This time I'm comparing and contrasting... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Full Disclosure: Twitch's Lists Of Shame - September

September has been an incredibly busy month for the Twitch collective, with many of our writers travelling the Earth seeking out cinematic delights in as far-reaching corners as Venice, Toronto and Austin. As a result, this month's Full Disclosure is... More »
By James Marsh   

Review: THE SMURFS 2, The Last Temptation of Smurfette

The Smurfs 2 has all the standard obnoxious pop culture references and vaguely disguised maybe-dirty jokes we've come to expect from any self-respecting contemporary kids movie.This one is helped along by the word "smurf," which not just describes the race... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: TURBO - Go, Go, Snail Racer!

Always pursue your dreams, no matter how stupid and weird they may be. That's the underlying message of Dreamworks' latest high-concept, celebrity-voiced animated offering, Turbo. It's the story of an outsider snail named Theo who, deep in his heart of... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: STILL MINE, Playing Ball With Whipper-Snapper Bureaucrats

In the humble, old-person movie Still Mine, James Cromwell and Geneviève Bujold play an aging couple (married for 61 years) who are, of course, irrevocably set in their ways but nonetheless continue to face life's challenges, particularly when it comes... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: WORLD WAR Z As A Taut Thriller; THE BLING RING As The Right Movie At The Right Time

It's the end of the world as we know it, and Brad Pitt does not feel fine. He's separated from his idyllic family, mindless automatons are quickly devouring the known world, and he's sporting his worst haircut yet. But worse... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Counterpoint Review: AFTER EARTH May Not Be So Apocalyptically Bad After All

In a previous world, M. Night Shyamalan used to be on magazine covers. He was "Hollywood's Hottest New Storyteller." Back in 2002, in anticipation of his next great film, Signs (an unconventionally family-intimate alien invasion yarn starring Mel Gibson), he... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: Marvel's IRON MAN 3 Message to Comic Book Fans

One of the many old clichés in superhero comic books is a big blurb on the cover promising some massive Earth-shaking event, with the qualifier, "Because you demanded it!!!" "Because you demanded it! The ultimate showdown with Thanos!" Or,... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: NO PLACE ON EARTH Goes Dark With History

The new documentary No Place on Earth attempts to take viewers back in time to the dark days of the second world war, when Nazis were pursuing Jews, peril was everywhere, and still no one had any real notion... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: Cruise at Earth's End: Watch it Spin Round to a Beautiful Oblivion

Hey, it's another TTTT column, where I, Jim Tudor, take you along on one of Tudor's Twitchin' Travel Tours! For this one, we leave the planet via bubbleship, only to return to to find it an abandoned post-apocalyptic wreck. That's... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Legendary Film Critic Jonathan Rosenbaum Talks The Future Of Filmgoing

Film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum has been one of the most essential, unmistakable voices on the cinema landscape for several decades. He's written for virtually all of the major film publications, including Sight & Sound, Film Comment, and Film Quarterly, as well... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: On Eating New Orleans (and OZ)

Tudor's Twitchin' Travel Tours has always had a travel motif. If one were to go back and look at all my "TTTT" column banner graphics (and you know you want to!), the one consistent element would be that they... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Review: Herzog, Snowmobiles and Dogs Make for HAPPY PEOPLE: A YEAR IN TAIGA

A snowmobile struggles over one frozen bump then another, his trusty dog keeping pace alongside without a problem. For as far as the eye can see, the terrain is snowcapped, wild, yet tranquil. The scraggly driver is a Russian trapper... More »
By Jim Tudor   


In this final stretch of examining the nine Academy Award nominees for Best Picture (don't miss parts one and two), the focus switches from the large, patriotically minded spectacles to more personal endeavors. Typically, such efforts tend to be... More »
By Jim Tudor   


Previously in this column, I took a comparing/contrasting look at three of this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and Lincoln. Now it's time to continue the process of asking whether or not the nine Best... More »
By Jim Tudor   


Most any seasoned film fan has at one time or another come to experience the annual Oscar race in varying parts exciting, perilous, exhausting, fun, and dismissible. If you're at all like me, your attention to this annual ritual (and... More »
By Jim Tudor   

Super Bowl Commercials Go Hollywood

I'm glad everyone had a good time, really I am. Another Super Bowl has come and gone. Baltimore is happy, San Francisco is hurting, the Superdome is recovering, and we're all a bit fatter. The Super Bowl is the most... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: An American Film Geek's Bottom 10 for 2012

Many a film critic, including at times even the most positive and altruistic of us, take a certain mean delight in unleashing our master lists of the year's biggest stinkers. The temptation to avenge what may be an assault on... More »
By Jim Tudor   

TTTT: An American Film Geek's Top 10 for 2012

Amid fiscal cliffs and digital revolutions, we are all adrift on a sea of change. Never mind that your boat-mate may be a hungry Bengal tiger, sometimes it's hard enough just to keep your head above water.To date, I've viewed... More »
By Jim Tudor   
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