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A BAY OF BLOOD Blu-ray Review

Like some deranged, X-rated episode of Miss Marple, Mario Bava's giallo slasher crossover is a gleefully sinister tale where anyone and everyone is a suspect. Beautiful, blackly comic and disturbing it pre-dates the golden era of US slashers that owe... More »


Back in 2000 Battle Royale caused a bit of a stir with its uncompromising take on a Lord of the Flies scenario taking place in a near future Japan. I saw it at the cinema in 2001 and was both... More »


I've long been devoted to the notion that how you watch a film is as important as what you watch. Recommending films to other people is often far trickier than you may have bargained for - what you really... More »

DEMONS at Midnight Movies in London!

As Arrow continues to do a fantastic job re-releasing classic horror, particularly from the 70s and 80s, it makes you long for a time when you could hunker down with these movies in front of the big screen and scare... More »


Jalmari Helander's Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (complete with populist subtitle for the UK) is the perfect tonic for those who feel bludgeoned by yet another year of forced Christmas merriment. If you're sick of the gluttony, commercialism, and... More »

PEEPING TOM Blu-ray Review

The story of how Peeping Tom (1960) all but ended director Michael Powell's career is a sad one. But there was a silver lining, in the form of a silver haired Martin Scorsese who was instrumental in the reappraisal the... More »

Santa for sale in the UK... RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE comes to our shores with a new trailer!

Hot on the heels of recent festival success, and now with the strangely redundant sub-title of "A Christmas Tale",  Rare Exports is hitting UK cinemas on the 3rd December courtesy of Icon Film Distribution.  A not so jolly yuletide tale... More »


At the time of showing, The Man From Nowhere was yet to find a UK distributor, with the very real prospect that it will never be screened again in the UK. That would be a great shame as it's just... More »

London 2010: A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN Review

A farcical comic drama form Norway, Hans Petter Moland's A Somewhat Gentle Man stars Stellan Skarsgard as Ulrik, released from jail after a lengthy sentence for killing the man who slept with his wife. Re-entering the free world with more... More »

The Man From Nowhere to open The London Korean Film Festival 2010

  The 5th London Korean Film Festival returns this year on the 5th November with a showcase of 21screenings at 3 venues across London. So if you're in the mood for new work from the country that brought us recent... More »

Not had your fix of arthouse erotica? ROOM IN ROME has arrived on UK DVD and Blu-ray

When Julio Médem arrived on the arthouse film circuit with Vacas (Cows) in 1991, the Basque country director marked himself out with a surreal, political and not exactly easy to access debut. Since then he's perhaps best known for his... More »

London 2010: THE AMERICAN review

The American, Anton Corbijn's second feature, stars George Clooney in perhaps his least Clooney-esque appearance yet, as a gunsmith struggling to leave his murky past behind. An undeniable screen presence, the typical Clooney acting tics are left largely behind... More »

Scorsese to attend screening of PEEPING TOM in London!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Michael Powell's groundbreaking 1960 horror, Peeping Tom, Optimum Releasing are screening a newly restored digital print at The Curzon Soho on 13th November. What's also incredibly exciting is that it'll be followed by a... More »


Steven Seagal is... Born To Raise Hell. He's also probably hoping that his cameo in Robert Rodriguez's Machete will drag him out of the interminable straight-to-DVD exile in which he's lurked for many a year. Steven Seagal is... working for... More »

FROZEN UK DVD and Blu-ray

Adam Green's tightly wound chiller, Frozen, is heading to UK Blu-ray and DVD this month courtesy of Momentum Pictures. One of the most tense and unnerving horrors of recent years, it's also a must for anyone that thinks Green is... More »

Fantastic Fest 2010: RED HILL Review

Red Hill is a straightforward modern revenge western that provides plenty of slick thrills and pacey action, with racial undertones and perhaps the most startling animal appearance of the year...if that's even a category. Police officer Shane Cooper (True... More »

More Del Toro in the UK with a 4 film all-nighter from Sci-Fi London!

If the promise of seeing the man himself at the Curzon whetted your appetite, then why not indulge in a Guillermo del Toro all-nighter courtesy of Sci-Fi London's Oktoberfest on 16th October. The mid-year mini festival will play host to... More »

Have we finally got a remake of SINGLE WHITE FEMALE?! A trailer for THE ROOMMATE.

Ok, so it's not actually a remake of that yuppie-in-peril classic from 1992, but it may as well be.Schlocky, brain-off fun with some pretty girls?Or painfully generic horror/thriller with souless, charisma vacuum leads? From the trailer, I know what it... More »

UK! See Guillermo del Toro introduce CRONOS midnight screening in London!

Those good people from Curzon Midnight Movies have set up a special screening of Guillermo del Toro's creepy 'vampire' flick Cronos on 9th October, to coincide with the release of the Guillermo del Toro Blu-ray box set from Optimum Releasing.Preceding... More »

MOTHER UK Blu-ray Review

Bong Joon-ho's follow up to Host (2006) is an enthralling, tragic, mystery thriller which owes much to Hitchcock but ploughs its own distinct route to your emotions, as it explores just how powerful the bond between mother and son is.... More »
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