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Look out! The EYEBORGS are coming to DVD...

Killer Surveillance Cameras! Yep, that's the gist of it. Longer term Twitch readers may remember Richard Clabaugh's indie sci-fi pic Eyeborgs from as far back as 2007. Well, after a brief trip to Sci-Fi London in 2010, his surveillance robot... More »


Dario Argento's seminal giallo flick The Bird With The Crystal Plumage gets another Blu-ray release this month through Arrow Video. With a history of doing justice to Argento's catalogue, it's something of a disappointment then to discover that the Arrow... More »

Hey UK! Catch Deodato's New Edit Of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST at CINE EXCESS V!

The Cine Excess International Conference On Global Cult Film returns to the Odeon Covent Garden in London this year, with exclusive screenings, special guests and lively debate. Cine Excess V - Subverting the Senses: The Politics and Aesthetics of Excess... More »

Trinity Films Picks Up RED WHITE AND BLUE For UK Distribution

I'm not the biggest fan of Simon Rumley's much-lauded psychological horror Red White and Blue, but it has more than its fare share of admirers round here and undoubtedly features a weighty central performance from Noah Taylor. Trinity Films will... More »

RED HILL Rides Into The UK!

After impressing at Frightfest last year, director Patrick Hughes' modern day revenge western is arriving in UK cinemas on 13th May with a DVD and Blu-ray release slated for 30th May. Featuring a bold and surprisingly sympathetic performance from Ryan Kwanten,... More »


The legendary Prince Charles Cinema once again plays host to the Terracotta Far East Film Festival when it returns to London this year with another 4 days of top cinema from the Far East.Amongst a host of offerings are Yoshihiro... More »

James Gunn's SUPER to close Sci-Fi London 10

This year it's the 10th anniversary of Sci-Fi London, and what better way to wrap things up than with James Gunn's dark comic book parody, Super. Running from 23rd April - 2nd May the festival plays to host to all... More »

RUBBER Review (Blu-ray)

Some films have a concept so quirky, unusual or juicy that they generate frenzied excitement from the premise alone. Think Snakes On A Plane or suchlike. When they finally see the light of day there's inevitably some internal jostling and... More »


Wake Wood is exactly the sort of flick Hammer Films should be making - a gloriously old-fashioned throwback to shady locals, creepy kids and pagan rituals. Despite ruthlessly pillaging from countless genre pics - everything from Don't Look Now to... More »

THE MAN FROM NOWHERE hits UK DVD with a new action-heavy trailer!

Hopefully by now Twitch readers will have noticed that we quite like Jeong-beom Lee's The Man From Nowhere round here. It's a top-notch blockbuster with action, humour and pathos to spare, all wrapped up in a relentless revenge narrative.Sure, there's little... More »


Perhaps the world's first kitchen sink cannibal movie, Jorge Michel Grau's We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay) carves its own minimalist niche in a well-worn genre. When the patriarch of their family dies unexpectedly, it's down to... More »

Look out UK! The NORWEGIAN NINJA is coming!

From the producer of awesome nazi-zombie flick Dead Snow, Thomas Cappelen Malling's Norwegian Ninja is a fun-packed homage to all manner of past genre films from Bond to old school kung-fu. With a considerable cult following already it's hitting -... More »


Kim Jee-woon's latest flick continues his line in witty and intense takes on American genre pictures, this time with plenty of excess but ultimately less success. Having tackled the gangster movie with A Bittersweet Life and the western in The... More »

RUBBER screenings across the UK in March/April!

Fancy catching personified tire movie Rubber on the big screen before it hits DVD? Then you're in luck. Well, if you live in Birmingham, Sheffield or London you are...Quentin Dupieux's schlocky horror managed to be pick up a cult status... More »

BEDEVILLED Blu-ray Review

Put yourself in the mind of Michael Douglas' "D-Fens" character in Falling Down - a man finally pushed to the limit through ever growing, yet often mild irritants in the urban sprawl of LA. Hot, flustered, angry, betrayed, misunderstood. Got... More »

PHENOMENA Blu-ray Review

Dario Argento's no stranger to frightening animal-human interactions. Throughout his lengthy career there's been everything from the lunar-crazed rats of Inferno, to the eye-pecking ravens in Terror At The Opera (aka Opera), not to mention his extraordinary obsession with maggots.... More »


After 4 years in the US After Dark: Horrorfest is coming to the UK with 7 new and previously unseen horror films screening from 4th-6th March 2011. Empire Cinemas will be hosting the mini-festival in major cities across UK and... More »

A trailer for new Hammer film WAKE WOOD

Given Timothy Spall's entertaining but rather caricatured performance as Winston Churchill in The King's Speech, it's reassuring to see him put this marvellous hamminess to use in a horror pic. Wake Wood, the latest offering from Hammer Films, is a... More »

Arrow bring on the extras for PHENOMENA and ISLAND OF DEATH

Whilst Josh has already picked up on these great new releases from Arrow in March there's now some more detail available on the extras to be included - and it's looking like another two typically comprehensive packages... The blu-ray of... More »

Catch AMER + TENEBRAE Double Bill in London!

Amer hits UK cinemas this Friday, and to support the theatrical run the ICA in London is hosting a double bill of said giallo pastiche, followed by Dario Argento's 80s classic Tenebrae, on Sunday 9th Jan. What's more, directors Helene... More »
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