Jaime Grijalba Gomez
Chile, Santiago de Chile

I live in Chile and I want to make movies. In the meantime, I write about them.

Twitch's Best of 2013 - Best Screenplay

The year that was 2013 has almost run its course, so the time has come for Team Twitch to pool its ever-growing troupe of contributors from the four corners of the planet, gather its collective thoughts and pay special tribute... More »

INEDIT-NESCAFE: Musical Documentaries In Chile. An Overview.

The Inedit Film Festival is a travelling endeavour that goes around the world showing documentaries and films that have the music as their main selling point, any kind of music and any type and genre of film is accepted, and... More »

Valdivia 2013 Review: NAOMI CAMPBEL, An Experience Of Intercultural And Transsexual Life

It's common practice in the Valdivia Film Festival to have at least one Chilean film in the International Film Competition that they have, as opposed to the Chilean Film Competition. But this year it was different, it wasn't only two Chilean... More »

Valdivia 2013 Review: CICHONGA, Classic Grindhouse Imitation Going Slightly Wrong

In the first days of the Valdivia film festival here in Chile, the talk of the town was the world premiere of Cichonga, which is weird for a festival where the main focus is art house cinema from around the... More »

First Trailer For Abortion-Themed Chilean Thriller APIO VERDE Provokes Controversy

The first trailer of the new movie by genre-film Chilean director Francesc Morales (Humanimal), has appeared after months from its first screenings around the world in different festivals and venues, and now is trying to have a Chilean release, but... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: EL ALCALDE (The Mayor) Is The Perfect Portrait Of Fascism

Mauricio Fernández Garza is the mayor of the municipal territory of San Pedro Garza García, one of the richest in Mexico, where the wealthiest people of the country come to live, not only because other people like them live there,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: HIJO DE TRAUCO (Trauco's Son) Is Admirable, Yet Hollow

Chiloé is an island in the territory of Chile, and it's maybe the most interesting place in my country that I've yet to visit for myself. It's plagued with myths and legends, creatures and magicians, stories about ghosts and witches... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: MAKNUM GONZALEZ Plays It Safe And Wins

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza is a beloved figure on Twitch. He even wrote a review here (while extremely drunk) of his own film Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, which was the first of what he labelled LatinXploitation. That... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: KARAOKE GIRL Triumphs As A Fiction, Fails As A Documentary

There are many people out there who may be bigger experts on what is the nightclub culture in Thailand, but I guess that I can still have an opinion on the subject, just from what I've learned in this movie,... More »

Santiago 2013 Review: VER Y ESCUCHAR (SEE AND LISTEN) Makes You Warm On The Inside

José Luis Torres Leiva has managed to make a name for himself in the reflective-contemplative advocates among those who study the new trends of modern cinema. Among his film projects are festival winners like The Sky, the Earth and the... More »

Review: LA MAISON DE LA RADIO Takes A Fun Look At A French Media Conglomerate

The latest film from French master Nicolas Philibert (To Be and To Have, Nénnette) takes a naturalistic and, at the same time, fun look at one of the most important media conglomerates of France, Philibert's camera takes a long and... More »

Feel The Cold And Loneliness of THE QUISPE GIRLS In First Clips

The Chilean film Las niñas Quispe (The Quispe Girls) had its world premiere at the International Critics Week at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. The independent section of the festival groups together seven debut feature films from all over... More »

Review: OLD CATS, The Best Sebastián Silva Film Of The Year

Sebastián Silva is a Chilean director, and maybe in this time and age, the most well-known director born in Chile today -- the best-known Chilean director ever award would go to the masterful Raúl Ruiz -- and it's easy to... More »

Review: LAS COSAS COMO SON (Things The Way They Are), The Best Chilean Film Of The Year So Far

The latest film by Chilean director Fernando Lavanderos, Las cosas como son (Things the way they are), is maybe one of the best fiction films that has come out of Chile in a long time, even better than the Italian... More »

Review: BARRIO UNIVERSITARIO, Not A Good Comedy, But A Nice Try

There are many examples of what we could call a New Chilean Film Comedy in the past few years. It's clear why it's the genre that is creating the most recent 'waves' and changes coming from different directors, as usually... More »

FIDOCS 2013 Review: PENA DE MUERTE (aka DEATH PENALTY) Mixes Experimental And Classic Documentary Styles Perfectly

The latest edition of FIDOCS (Festival Internacional Documentales Santiago Chile) has already passed and yet here we are, reviewing what was maybe the best Chilean film that I saw in the festival. I took this long because it's one of... More »

FIDOCS 2013 Review: FORGET ME NOT Establishes David Sieveking As A Masterful Documentarian

German documentarian David Sieveking's previous film David Wants to Fly played at FIDOCS in 2011, which was the only time I had the opportunity to see what I feel is one of the most impressive and powerful documentaries of the... More »

Films From Chile, Argentina and Cuba Among The Winners of FIDOCS 2013

The week went by and FIDOCS happened, and while there's still some movies that I plan to review, the festival is over and it was a cinema party, as always. With more than 90 films playing for six days, the organizers... More »

FIDOCS 2013 Review: LA MAISON DE LA RADIO Is Audiovisual Fun

After the speeches were done and the Festival of Documentary of Santiago (FIDOCS) in Chile was officially launched, it was time for the opening film to play in front of directors, participants and press alike. The film was one that... More »

Michael Cera Teaches You How To Steal A Cactus In New Trailer For CRYSTAL FAIRY

The second film fruit of the collaboration between Michael Cera and Chilean director Sebastián Silva has a new trailer. After a successful run at Sundance Film Festival this year (where it won the Directing Award in the World Cinema Dramatic... More »
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