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Boozie Movies loses its mind at PFF 2010 with BLACK SWAN

[This is your *SPOILER* Warning folks, there are some details of the film given away below, if you want to go in fresh, come back after Christmas!]There are times in life where you come to question the reality around you... More »
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Make Out With Violence was a film that had a fairly strong festival run over a year ago and although it did garner a single review here at Twitch, it's a picture that largely passed under most people's radars and... More »
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What is Morris County? It's a small congregation of sleepy suburban municipalities in Northern New Jersey spanning a total of 468 miles.  Just a few short miles from the New York borderline, Morris County is the wealthiest in its state... More »
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Boozie Movies! Dead Hooker in a Trunk Review

Who says Punk is dead? For those of you who are sick and tired of youth focused DIY cinema equating to eighty five minutes of twenty something slackers from Williamsburg or Austin mumbling about their feelings in dimly lit kitchens... More »
By Greg Christie   
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